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Offline Hannes Porsche  
#1 Posted : 20 September 2023 20:13:50(UTC)
Hannes Porsche

South Africa   
Joined: 08/12/2015(UTC)
Posts: 64
Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Good day gents.

On this website I have come across a list of all of the Marklin Crocodiles produced. Up to a certain date, but still that is nice.!!!!!BigGrin
Now can that list be adjusted to rate the lokos in popularity.
Alternatively rate them in a list of "investment" values/items.
Yes go to e-Bay or go to Koll's and get some values.!!
Koll's refer to the high end Europe and not the rest of the world as I see prices.

Just to tickle the thoughts on some items mentioned below. And forgive me I do not know all the Marklin numbers or the "Older " crocks.
And some items and values can be very subjective, but can the "Experts" indulge and stir a little.Confused

Red Cross Croc,
Golden Crock,
Black Crock,
Blue Crock,
Silver crock,
Three set 100 Centenary.
Deco set, 150 Years......

So I mention all of this as I want to buy the Deco set 31860.
On the Internet I see prices from ridiculous magnitude to what is probably reasonable.
I also read of the collectability mentioned in many adverts, sellers just out to make big bucks.!!!!!!!!

Let us know.!

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Offline steventrain  
#2 Posted : 20 September 2023 21:35:11(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 21/10/2004(UTC)
Posts: 31,615
Location: United Kingdom
The 31860 - all locos have running number '1859' and limited to 500 pieces.

I have everything such as white, Black, Blue, Green and brown crocodile!

The blue crocodile 37564 is very rare item any very different to find it and price are the nearly same as 31860 value.
Large Marklinist 3- Rails Layout with CS2/MS2/Boosters/C-track/favorites Electric class E03/BR103, E18/E118, E94, Crocodiles/Steam BR01, BR03, BR05, BR23, BR44, BR50, Big Boy.
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Offline AntoinePrt  
#3 Posted : 22 September 2023 16:39:51(UTC)

Joined: 06/01/2017(UTC)
Posts: 146
Location: Ile-de-France, Paris
Originally Posted by: steventrain Go to Quoted Post
The 31860 - all locos have running number '1859' and limited to 500 pieces.

I have everything such as white, Black, Blue, Green and brown crocodile!

The blue crocodile 37564 is very rare item any very different to find it and price are the nearly same as 31860 value.

Be my guest Flapper


Little video (in French) of some of my machines on our layout.

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Offline owidgie  
#4 Posted : 22 September 2023 20:24:43(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 03/06/2007(UTC)
Posts: 151
Millennium Krocodile

'nuff said!

Rick ThumpUp Millennium.jpg
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Offline BenP  
#5 Posted : 22 September 2023 20:46:06(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 04/02/2021(UTC)
Posts: 344
Location: Michigan, Ann Arbor
Sorry, none of the glamour croc versions. Just the humble 3015 of 1960's vintage grinding away (with 60906 decoder).

Digital M (+ some K) track layout with mostly vintage rolling stock and accessories, and small Z scale layout.
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