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Offline tony_bbc  
#1 Posted : 24 October 2019 20:30:14(UTC)

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Joined: 24/10/2019(UTC)
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I have 4 very old dc marklin z engines that ran well before being stored for more than 5 years.
They need servicing as they light but dont run

How do i clean the wheels

I just purchased marklin 7149 oil which the manual for my dB engine says to use. It also says not to use oil.
So whats the difference

If i used labelle oil years ago was that a mistake.

While 2 engines came with instructions the gg1 and f7 engines did not.
Are there manuals i can access for them. Please send link

Any help would be appreciated

Offline H0  
#2 Posted : 24 October 2019 21:16:05(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: tony_bbc Go to Quoted Post
It also says not to use oil.
So whats the difference
Is it one of those symbols that shows a can of salad oil?
The message is "Do not use salad oil". Machine oil will be fine.

Some batches of 7149 suffer from "hardened oil syndrome" and may glue up your motor.
"In all of the gauges, we particularly emphasize a high level of quality, the best possible fidelity to the prototype, and absolute precision. You will see that in all of our products." (from Märklin New Items Brochure 2015, page 1) ROFLBTCUTS
Offline Carim  
#3 Posted : 24 October 2019 21:49:51(UTC)

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Hello Tony,

Welcome to the forum. Labelle oil will be fine (I use Labelle 108). If you go to https://www.maerklinshop.de/en/SpareParts/index and enter the model number, you should be able to get the user manual for it.

Offline Zme  
#4 Posted : 24 October 2019 22:19:23(UTC)

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Joined: 02/10/2013(UTC)
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Hello, Yours in an interesting post. I hope I might be able to help out.

Tom is correct, don't use any salad oils on your Marklin Z Scale items. Labelle's has been used and recommended by many, a synthetic oil, in a variety of types. It has been the old Markin oils which have caused the HOS, (hardened Oil Syndrome) which you may be experiencing. If the Labelle's was used before, it should not be a problem, but if the light only comes on when power is applied, it may call for an entire cleaning of the loco. I use Labelle's 108 too and it works great.

Wheels can be cleaned in a variety of ways. There are brushes which are available, which clean the surface. I myself use an electric Jewelry cleaner, which are available in a variety of type and costs. I disassemble the loco and then drop the wheels in the tank and turn it on. It vibrates the surfaces clean, and this has worked well. Remember, disassembling is a bit risky because a part can be lost.

If you are not sure you want to invest in one of these, (Even a cheap one would work) you could clean each with a small brush, such as a dental type brush for between the teeth. They are available in a variety of widths, from narrow to wide, but they are very soft and may not completely clean the gears. I use 70% isopropyl alcohol or above. Parts may be soaked in this fluid, but I don't recommend soaking overnight as the surfaces of the gears may lose that polished. gleaming finish they are produced with. These brushes work well with cleaning a variety of parts, and are sold in grocery stores next to the toothpaste. You may be surprised by the amount of old oil, and mixed in dirt they will clean. Just don't use a harsh cleaner of stiff brush, be gentle.

I always go back to the source for missing documents for the Marklin z scale items as Carim has suggested.

In addition to instruction sheets, parts lists and other information can be found here.

With a little careful effort, I am certain you will get your engines working again.

Best wishes
Offline husafreak  
#5 Posted : 25 October 2019 06:07:59(UTC)

United States   
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Cleaning and restoring old Marklin's is a great hobby in and of itself. If you are up to the task and want to you can learn by doing with a few small tools and a 9V battery. Get some magnifying lenses and a bright light, work on a white towel so you can keep track of every part, and take lots of pictures with your cellphone so you can get it all back together again. And no worries, if you just want to pass the job to another modeler, or if you get lost and can't finish the job, there are guys here in the states (shameless plug!) like Frank at Zscalehobo (but a real hobo, just a Z scale fanatic) who offers a repair service for your Marklin loco's.
Offline H0  
#6 Posted : 25 October 2019 08:42:50(UTC)

Joined: 16/02/2004(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: d_landen@yahoo.com Go to Quoted Post
It has been the old Markin oils which have caused the HOS
They had bad batches in the '90s AFAIK. I experienced no hardening with the 7149 oil I used in the '70s.

"In all of the gauges, we particularly emphasize a high level of quality, the best possible fidelity to the prototype, and absolute precision. You will see that in all of our products." (from Märklin New Items Brochure 2015, page 1) ROFLBTCUTS
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