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Offline Vadim  
#1 Posted : 01 April 2021 11:57:22(UTC)

Russian Federation   
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Marklin 37621
Is it possible to Install sound decoder?
Offline marklinist5999  
#2 Posted : 01 April 2021 13:30:01(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 10/02/2021(UTC)
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Yes. Some decoders accept add on sound decoders with pin connectors for plug on it ribbon cable connection. Some decoders can be changed by a fairly easy unplugging and or re soldering. Otherwise you gut the old decoder and start fresh like a total Digital conversion. It isn't terribly difficult.
Be sure to use a heat sink. Also be cautious if using solder flux. It can erode some plastics. Use heat shrink splice wraps where wires are tied together. Measure the headlight output voltage from the decoder to determine if resistors for flicker free less are needed. Some choose to add a buffer capacitor for track voltage variances for motor speed constant where tracks are dirty or have a weak connection. Roco includes them on AC models, Marklin doesn't. I think it is because 3 rail AC track has better conductivity.
In closing, don't be shocked if you fry a decoder. Most people have. Sometimes all it takes us a pinched wire between the frame and body, causing a short.
If you don't think you can tackle it, have a shop do it. If near St. Petersburg, there is at least one. I know of a young guy who Is very good at thus. He works at one, and the rail museum. His name is Anton.
Offline H0  
#3 Posted : 01 April 2021 14:30:36(UTC)

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Welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by: Vadim Go to Quoted Post
Marklin 37621
Is it possible to Install sound decoder?
Sure it is.
Now the loco has a special decoder with motor drivers for two motors.
New sound decoders only have a single motor output and you'd have to wire both motors in parallel. This won't make performance better.

Space should not be an issue and the motors are already DC motors, so with sufficient soldering skills installing a sound decoder is a simple task.
"In all of the gauges, we particularly emphasize a high level of quality, the best possible fidelity to the prototype, and absolute precision. You will see that in all of our products." (from Märklin New Items Brochure 2015, page 1) ROFLBTCUTS
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