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Offline civileye  
#1 Posted : 08 July 2014 23:50:58(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 15/01/2014(UTC)
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I'm just getting started into European AC (3 rail) trains and want to know if I can mix different kinds of Marklin track, for instance, M track and K track without some kind of an adapter? Do I need a special transformer for Marklin track or can I use my DC transformer? If so, how do I wire it? Can I solder the wires to the track?
Bill (Civileye)
Offline Irish Rail  
#2 Posted : 09 July 2014 12:22:24(UTC)
Irish Rail

Joined: 04/03/2014(UTC)
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Hi Bill, and welcome to the forum.
I'm not an expert, but you can certainly mix M and K track using an adapter track (part# 2291).

To apply power to M track, there are feeder tracks (straight and curved) with live and earth connections from the supplying transformer.

Marklin transformers for analog operation have three connections - red (live), brown (earth) and yellow (for accessories like lights). Provided the DC voltages were the same, there is no reason another brand of transformer couldn't be used. However, Marklin analog locomotives have a reversing mechanism that requires the application of a specific voltage which is provided by a Marklin transformer. I don't know if other brands of transformer can do the same.

I'm sure someone will expand on the above, soon.

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Offline Dangermouse  
#3 Posted : 09 July 2014 15:11:50(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 01/07/2014(UTC)
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Location: Wales
The DC transformer won't be able to generate a reversing pulse to change direction, you need either a Marklin analog controller or one of their Delta/Digital systems.

Cheapest way is probably to find one of the white-cased 32VA transformers, you might find a cheap starter set including one if you keep your eyes open. Make sure that the transformer is designed for 110v AC rather than the 230v used in Europe, any you buy locally should be fine. These are very easy to wire - just connect the red terminal to the centre studs and the brown terminal next to it to the rails. In order to change direction you turn the knob briefly anticlockwise against the end stop.

Don't be tempted by the old blue transformers as they're not safe for the latest locos, the reversing pulse they produce is too powerful.

You can connect pretty much any Marklin track to any other Marklin track with adapters, I've had 1950s M track (with solid centre rail) connected to 2010s C track via the adapter pieces.
You can never have too many Silberlinge
Offline H0  
#4 Posted : 09 July 2014 15:14:38(UTC)

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Make sure that the transformer is designed for 120 V AC, not 110 V AC, if you intend to use current locomotives.

"In all of the gauges, we particularly emphasize a high level of quality, the best possible fidelity to the prototype, and absolute precision. You will see that in all of our products." (from Märklin New Items Brochure 2015, page 1) ROFLBTCUTS
Offline Dangermouse  
#5 Posted : 09 July 2014 15:33:46(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 01/07/2014(UTC)
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Location: Wales
Oh, are they on 120v now? Oops! I know we standardised on 230v here in Europe but wasn't sure what the USA had done.
You can never have too many Silberlinge
Offline MACER  
#6 Posted : 12 July 2014 19:26:39(UTC)

Joined: 12/07/2014(UTC)
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Sorry for my english i new in the forum, this forum is complety, very nyce, and ask me as up pictures?
Offline Renato  
#7 Posted : 13 July 2014 00:19:27(UTC)

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Location: Gorizia, Italy
Hi macer,

Welcome to the forum and don't worry for your English, you will improve it reading the posts and writing your questions...


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