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Offline Armando  
#101 Posted : 04 December 2019 20:35:19(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Bigdaddynz Go to Quoted Post
Armando, please don't start that forum war again.....

If it has to have unsightly flaps to get around R1 curves, so be it. Marklin advise that the railcar is more suitable on R2 curves or above but you can use it on R1 if you take into account extra track clearance required.

My understanding is that based on what has transpired from the their Youtube video on this model, Märklin is finally going serious and deviating from their Jurassic constraints. The model will be designed at correct scale and without consideration to sharp curve radii. Quite in keeping with 21st century standards.
Best regards,
Armando García

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Offline xxup  
#102 Posted : 04 December 2019 23:05:40(UTC)

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My great concern is clearing the smaller m-track lanterns.. I had to sell a beautiful ACME CIWL wagon because it was too long (proper 1:87 scale) and too low to clear the lanterns on the curved turnouts.. To date, everything has passed the test - sometimes passing over the turnout slightly.. (Donald duck - comes it mind here - but it has been a few years since either one was on the track.. )
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Offline dominator  
#103 Posted : 05 December 2019 08:36:52(UTC)

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I have just got rid of all my lanterns on the 5117 points Adrian. My mod is a bit Heath Robinson at the moment but for now its ok. I can now run the 3125 and the 37580 without any problems now. i have also got rid of the manual points I had at the front and replaced them with solenoid operated ones. All my uncoplers also now work in conjunction with the points direction. IE one switch operates both points and uncoupler. An idea my father came up with 61 yeast ago.
ps. Now the points work without the racket made by the lantern and work a wee bit more efficiently without the drag of the lantern.BigGrin
Northland. NZ REMEMBER 0228 for ä
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Offline PJMärklin  
#104 Posted : 05 December 2019 10:44:57(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: xxup Go to Quoted Post
(Donald duck - comes it mind here - but it has been a few years since either one was on the track.. )

Hi Adrian,BigGrin

I'd be happy to take Donald Love off your hands if that is a concernThumpUp

Best Wishes for Christmas,

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Offline xxup  
#105 Posted : 05 December 2019 13:55:14(UTC)

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I really need the lanterns, because I have an automated layout.. Sometimes, the points don't switch and the lantern is the easiest way for me to keep an eye on the layout while it is running..

PJ - the Donald Duck is staying - Sneaky - I just used it as an example of a modern railcar set that clears m-track lanterns on R1.. Best Christmas wishes to you too..

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Offline hvc  
#106 Posted : 07 January 2020 13:06:19(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: kiwiAlan Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: AntoinePrt Go to Quoted Post

Haha I already have it. Since the first day she was released. But I was hoping for a new version with the oil tender and a new sound. Maybe another time Laugh



Haha, you will get into trouble like the guys from the club that took our Thomas the Tank Engine layout out to a show. For some reason they had two Harold the Helicopters on it, and the small kids were giving them a right telling off - "You can't have two Harolds!!!".

So you can't have two 4014 Big Boys, yah hear?

As some of you may have deduced, I am on annual leave from my job and so actually getting some time catching up here - sorry for being late replying...

I also bought the Märklin 4014 when it came out - and because it was a weathered model I pretty much assumed that they would later release a model of the restored 4014 once it was finished (and that if they did I would probably buy it :-).

My avatar picture is me standing next to 4014 rusting in Pomona, and last year I was lucky enough to see the restored 4014 thunder across Wyoming. If Märklin produce a model of the restored engine with "Big Boy" suitably scrawled across the front I'll buy one.


So, yes, you can have two 4014s :-) And I often time travel on my layouts anyway.

- Herman
- Herman
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Offline eckstein  
#107 Posted : 23 January 2020 21:49:20(UTC)

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Since I grew up seeing the real thin in Amsterdam, it has a "soft spot" and yes I'll fork out the money and add to my collection of TEE and Northlander units.
What's the harm in supporting "Mother M"??
John M.
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Offline Bigdaddynz  
#108 Posted : 10 February 2020 01:42:41(UTC)

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I have removed some posts from this thread that were asking questions that had already been answered in the other thread about the new 39706 TEE RAm (https://www.marklin-users.net/fo...r-loco-RAm-TEE-train-set)
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