This page contains articles of different ways of converting a loco to run in the digital world...  Please note that some of the conversions require a multi-protocol control unit as the IntelliBox (IB) to run together with Märklin Digital locos since Lenz DCC decoders are used..  The articles are illustrated by pictures of the sessions.


Loco conversion with LE900 A down right dirty cheap digital conversion of a SFCM motor using the Lenz LE900 and 2 diodes, works with Märklin controllers..... 
Taking a 3029 to the heights...
A conversion of the 3029, using a LE130 decoder. Made possible by the multi-protocol IntelliBox.... 
Making a small 2-rail DC Liliput work with Märklin Digital A conversion of the small Liliput L109100 2-rail DC steam loco, a model of the T9/BR91, with a Lenz LE900 decoder to work with Märklin controllers...  It was not as easy as it seemed...
3089 goes DCC
The 3089, a loco with the "big" LFCM motor is converted to DCC with the Lenz LE130 decoder. Also made possible by the IntelliBox... 
Decoder upgrade in GS800
Lars Westerlind has converted the old SJ Da electric (review here) to DCC
Decoder upgrade in 34121
Lars Westerlind has changed the special delta decoder in this loco (review here) to a decoder that suits this gem a bit better.
Putting sound in a tank loco A session describing a conversion of a Märklin BR 85 with a 6090-motor and the ESU LokSound decoder.
Get regulated speed control in Märklin MaK Diesels
Temporarily disabled by request from the author.
A session describing on how to improve the running characteristics of the Märklin MaK diesels with the help of the ESU LokPilot

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