This is the Pfalz ("Palatine") set, which has been produced of Trix for a time, and was available for Märklin in 1998. It consists of the loco, the P2.II, two type CL passenger cars, 1 Nm1 express freight car, and one H low side car with real wood barrels.

The loco has a peculiar wheel arrangement, 1'B2, meaning that the 2nd and 3rd axles of 5 are powered. The model has the same, the power is on the 3rd axle, and transferred via coupling rods to the 2nd axle. To allow for model curves, the 2nd and 4th axles are sliding sideways.

The cars are two axled, except the freight car, which has a sliding 3rd axle in the middle. No interior lights available, but interior details and close coupler guiding mechanism in the cars. The detailing is very good, with a mix of plastic and metal. The wood barrels are very good looking, better than I have seen before.


Derailment sensitivity  Good when running forward, but less good backward. The wheel arrangement with sliding axles cause some problems, and the track must have smooth slope changes 
Speed characteristics  Delta. Very nice slow driving, start and stop, but very poor ability too keep constant speed. "Spinning" sound. 
Detailing and looks   
Model choice factor  The wheel arrangement, and the overall looks of the prototype gives the high rating. 
Features, digital functions   
Playability for children  Plastic cover with metal parts, many details. When I touched it the first time, one lantern dropped to the floor, it's rather loosely attached. 
Fun for children  Not the right choice. 
Overall  Must buy 

Buy this set for esthetical reasons. The loco has this special wheel arrangement, good proportions, and very nice detailing. Starts and stops very nicely. Only really two drawbacks I can think of: The speed is very unstable, very load dependent etc. And the barrel car is a bit to short; when coupled directly after the loco, it easily derails in sharp curves/S-curves.

Motor  DC, flywheel   
Decoder  Delta (for DC)   
Axles  5, 2 powered, 2 traction tires  The traction tires are arranged diagonal on the powered wheels! 
Lights front 

Lights rear 

2 white, direction change 

2 white, direction change 

Very nice, but rather dim. 

Still nice, more bright 

Coupler front 

Coupler rear 

Close coupler in pocket 

Close coupler in pocket 

Could be replaced with prototypical dummy 



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