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Offline Coppas  
#1 Posted : 20 November 2022 15:56:06(UTC)

Joined: 18/11/2022(UTC)
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Hello all!

I’ve stumbled upon a Märklin model with item no. 4722. This particular model was made only during 1987-1988 and came with markings for the Swedish national railways - SJ (Statens järnvägar). The wagon has never existed in real life since the model is just a rebadged/repainted version of a German class Kbs 442 wagon from DB. Unfortunately, Märklin were also quite slow in introducing coupler pockets according to NEM 362, and this model still had an older solution but that is usually relatively easy to remedy.


Nevertheless, since I got it and want to use it, I better get it into shape. However, some things require a bit of adjustment. Switching to isolated wheelsets was no problem, while replacing the couplers proved to be more of a challenge. The original replacement couplers back in the day had part no. 32540, but I couldn't trace those any further to find any newer coupler shafts corresponding to a version with NEM 362-pockets. If possible, I will try to avoid using devices from e.g. Symoba or Roco. Mostly since it feels both impractical and unnecessary to rebuild anything if there are any ready-made versions available.

I then took a chance and ordered a pair of 363950 and they did fit in a way. Or rather, they did fit in the brackets, but were otherwise too short even though they are claimed to be a longer version. They are 18 mm. (0,7 in.) in total, but I need some that are about 5 mm. (0,2 in) longer, but to navigate the Märklin coupler jungle is a challenge. I did find some information when I searched this site, but nothing that I could really use. Does any of the experts here know of any couplers that are similar to the “long” 363950, but is even a tad longer still?


// Nic
»Quia ursus pusilli ingenii sum verba difficilia fastidio«

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Offline marklinist5999  
#2 Posted : 20 November 2022 16:40:19(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 10/02/2021(UTC)
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Welcome! Perhaps the Relex coupler with the plastic mount can fit? It has a springy centering action.
Offline mike c  
#3 Posted : 20 November 2022 17:44:53(UTC)
mike c

Joined: 28/11/2007(UTC)
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I suppose that you could trim off some elements and replace the coupling mechanism with Roco's 40343.
I do not know if anybody makes a longer shaft for the Maerklin model which has a NEM socket, but here would be a good place to try:

You could also try this: https://www.ebay.de/itm/285021403838? or this: https://www.ebay.de/itm/285021403838?

One other possibility might be the Hag NEM socket adapter:
https://www.amiba-shop.c...19-mm-m.Schraube-Buechse (longer)
https://www.amiba-shop.c...apter-21-mm-mit-Schraube (longest)

I can't guarantee that any of these solutions will fit in the slot which assures coupler height on the Donnerbuechsen coach models, so you may have to do some trimming, which brings us back to the Roco solution proposed.

The other solution would be to just couple the coach to a locomotive with close coupling mechanism, which would reduce the spacing compared to coupling it to a model with standard hook and loop coupler


Mike C
Offline Coppas  
#4 Posted : 21 November 2022 23:23:13(UTC)

Joined: 18/11/2022(UTC)
Posts: 4
Location: Stockholm
Well, thank you both for your suggestions. I suppose that perhaps the “mobadapter” from eBay might suffice. It all comes down to the length, which isn’t specified, but they're not expensive so I’ll give them a try. It looks easy enough to trim them a bit and is also the one coupler that most closely resembles the # 363950.

If this won’t work, I will continue to look around, but in a slower pace since this specific model isn’t something that I’m going to invest too much time and effort in. I was merely looking for a quick solution, and to swap the original couplers for some that has NEM-pockets. My reason for the latter is because I mostly use Fleischmann’s Profikupplung, and to a lesser extent the Roco short couplers, on my rolling stock.

I some cases the real fun, at least from my point of view, lies in the quest for different parts and the gratification one feels when the mission is accomplished. Even if it takes a couple of years or so to achieve that…

// Nic
»Quia ursus pusilli ingenii sum verba difficilia fastidio«

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Online bph  
#5 Posted : 21 November 2022 23:53:04(UTC)

Joined: 04/08/2018(UTC)
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A possible solution might be in file/attachment no3 in this post:https://www.marklin-users.net/forum/posts/t25663-Coupling-conversions-and-other-useful-info
other attachments there might also have some useful information
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