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Offline Harvey  
#1 Posted : 23 August 2021 23:56:08(UTC)

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Hopefully the large file I have tried to attach appears.

I have started to use Rocrail and have (successfully) added switches and turnouts - that is placed onto a Rocrail track diagram and able to cause items on my layout to change as desired. Now, I am trying to build a block and assign a signal to a sensor. Not having success. My screenshots show several Rocrail drop downs where I define the signal, block and sensor. I hope someone can see what my error is.

I have a CS2 with a Link S88, with 2 buses with 2 S88s on each bus. The Link S88 is defined in myCS2 as TypeName 2951 and Device ID 115. Besides having the above challenge, I may be misunderstanding the block concept. On the attached, my station block has a signal at the entrance (left side) and at the exit (right side). I have added (so far) one sensor on the left side. That sensor instructs the enterance signal to turn red and and the signal at the beginning of the prior block to turn green. The signal at the right side of the station would be activated by the (yet to be added) sensor on the right - that sensor would instruct the entrance signal to turn green and the exit signal to turn red.


Main Station setup of signals and sensors.docx (215kb) downloaded 19 time(s).
Offline applor  
#2 Posted : 24 August 2021 07:22:23(UTC)

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You don't assign signals to sensors. Signals and sensors are both assigned to blocks.

You can trigger signals directly with sensors but its far easier and better to just assign the signal to the block.
They then also operate correctly for dual aspect such as go and go/slow automatically.
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Offline JohnjeanB  
#3 Posted : 24 August 2021 13:38:13(UTC)

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Yes like Applor said one solution is to configure blocks (using the signal tab in block/properties), one signal per block and per direction.
This is OK for simple signalling (red green or semaphores)
For more complex combinations (5 or 6 position signals, combination of semaphores and advanced signals) one possibility is to use actions on itineraries (when the train uses a deviate itinerary) then signal should be orange or orange green.
Also when you use virtual and slave blocks then you need to add some actions. I use this arrangement in places where a whole train occupies the virtual (overall) block, while the loco is located on a slave block (allowing to uncouple or decouple at will).
Offline PMPeter  
#4 Posted : 24 August 2021 16:36:52(UTC)

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As both applor and JohnjeanB have stated you are trying to have sensors trigger signals which will not work. As I pointed out several posts ago, I would leave controlling signals for a later time once you have blocks, sensors and routes working satisfactorily. In my case I waited approx. 2 years until I had all of my routes, speeds, BBT, etc. working properly before I tackled signals. Remember in Rocrail the signals do not control the train operation, they are only for show.

When I started with signals, I very quickly found out that the simple signal control using the signal tab in block/properties was very limiting and did not work well for multi-aspect signals and distant signals. I had to pretty well change them all over using Rocrail Actions, some scripts, etc. with considerable support from one of the Rocrail forum signal experts. If you read the Rocrail forum regarding signals you will see that everyone agrees that there is quite a learning curve in understanding how to set up the signals.
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