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#1 Posted : 22 May 2021 03:54:41(UTC)

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As I was concerned about the heat generated inside the 3 coaches, I decided to convert them to LED un-switched lighting.
First of all, I made the inquiry about them here. https://www.marklin-user...ndunread-43973-coach-set
I then proceeded to take them apart and work out what to do.
Getting them apart was tricky at first but on the second coach it was easy. Simply remove the diaphragm at one end, carefully push the lug at that end of the coach with a small screw driver [ slightly tricky ]and un-clip the body from the frame.Next carefully ease the lighting arrangement from the body.
Next, use that small screw driver and from the top, push the screw driver through the slot and through the circlip which you have lined up. Pushing it through the circlip opens it up to enable sliding it off the hollow tube. Put the tubes, circlips and springs into a safe place.

Parts needed, fine black red and say green wire. 3 soft white LED's [ i used 2 mm tower LED's as I had plenty. 1 resistor and 1 micro Bridge rectifier. As many capacitors as you can get into your coach. [ the first coach took 5 and the next on took 8 ]. Red and black shrink tubing
Separate the circuit board from the diffuser and use a file to remove the connection between the end sections of the circuit board. [ In this case, the 2 ends have been separated electrically. [ this is because I have powered the LED's through the bridge rectifier so that it doesn't matter what current I am picking up. AC or DC or mixed. ]
I then soldered the resistor to the +ve output on the Bridge and a black wire to the -ve. I solder 2 green wire to the inputs on the bridge.
I removed the 2 bulbs from the circuit board and soldered 2 of the LED's in their place, making sure they were lying in the same way. I soldered the third LED over the gap in the middle of the circuit board, after blackening the underside [ LED ] with a felt pen. :Look at this thread to see why.
All this was done making sure they were correctly oriented +ve to +ve etc. I used the black felt pen to mark the -ve side.
I then soldered the resistor to the +ve side of the Circuit Board and the black wire to the -ve side. then soldered a green wire [ in my case ] to each end of the circuit board.
The most time consuming part of the job was soldering the strings of capacitors together to suit each coach as i could only use tiny 10 uf capacitors which were about 5 mm in diameter.

Dam, Blurry pictures. Maybe unsteady hands. I will have another go

IMG_20210522_120612.jpg shows the disassembled hollow tubes, springs ans circlips

IMG_20210522_141526.jpg Shows the made up bridge rectifier, resistor circuit pre-made and same in all coaches

IMG_20210522_120725.jpg shows the LED's fitted to the circuit board

IMG_20210522_120734.jpg shows where the LED's are soldered to the circuit board opposite side.

Final result Photos shown in the link above

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