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Offline ocram63_uk  
#1 Posted : 12 August 2019 18:57:12(UTC)

United Kingdom   
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Good evening, I bought on ebay the following coaches: 44741 + 44740 + 44744.
They are all very nice, to exact scale, not used to such niceties.

I had to remove the end buffers to have them rolling without derailing on my switches. I use C track R1 and R2 for the curves.

If I pulled hem with an electric loco derailments were more frequent. Trial and error allowed me to discover why this was happening.
The loco's coupler was too short and the bogie was blocked by the underside streamlining bits which I had to remove. Great improvement.

I then used a steam engine to pull the coaches and all went well.

Although I like the Roco close coupler I'm not really keen on this and would like to use normal Marklin couplers, which article number are these ?

Do I need the 72060 to have a bit more distance between the coaches and between loco and first coach or there is something different ?

The Marklin shop has no pictures of these items and the catalogue numbers do not match anything on ebay.

Thank you
Offline midwestbls  
#2 Posted : 12 August 2019 19:28:55(UTC)

United States   
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In my experience the 303mm 1:87 Roco coaches with close coupling are very problematic on R1, and likely won't work at all without some surgery underneath and/or couplings that expand the space between coaches. I've "downsized" most of my Roco !:87, 303mm coaches to the Marklin 1:97 or 1:100 lengths. While I love the look of the true prototypical-length Roco coaches, they are just too long except for exhibition layouts, in my opinion, and then there are the very problems you report with the tightest Marklin radii. I'm not a "rivet-counter" and recognize that all modeling involves some visual "compression" for effect. The newest Marklin 1:97 or so scale lengths are a great compromise, I think. I'd rather run a train with 5 compressed coaches vs. 4 true 1:87.

(Many Roco true 1:87 Swiss coaches are naturally shorter in the prototype than DB and other lines, so may do better.) My 1:87 303mm Roco coaches with Roco close couplers can usually handle R2, but don't like "S" curves (common with turnout + R2 reverse curve to parallel track). SOME locomotives, maybe some of the cars (?), have adjustable buffers where you can "shorten" them to help with tighter radius and close-coupling.

Good luck.

- Bill
ETE - Swiss Era III - BLS - Brig Station
Offline mike c  
#3 Posted : 12 August 2019 19:39:23(UTC)
mike c

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Here are a few solutions:

1) You can try the 40395 Roco Universal Coupler. It is Roco's version of the Maerklin close coupling and is compatible with normal Maerklin couplings as well as with Maerklin's 7203.
The shaft of this coupling is about 1mm longer than that of the 7203 and the result is that this coupling has solved a lot of issues with cars/coaches where the coupling shaft does not sufficiently extend past the buffer beam and for situations where the 7203 was impacting on the buffers themselves.

2) You can try equipping coaches with alternating couplers, so that one coach has close couplers and the adjacent coach has normal Maerklin couplers. This will extend the spacing by about 2-3mm per coach pair and is a good solution if #1 does not solve the issue.

3) The other possibility is to file away a mm from the underside of the buffers, to allow for clearance of the coupling in use.

I don't know why Roco does not sell buffer parts that are slightly offset, so that they can be swapped for the originals for use on tighter radii where this may become an issue.


Mike C
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