FALLER A-M-S (Auto Motor Sport)


In 1963, the German model-making company of "FALLER" released the first of their items in this range of HO scale (1:87 approx.) Slot Cars. There were two distinct types of vehicles sharing the same body styles. The main difference was in the Chassis and Motor gearing available in Fast gearing for Racing operation or Slow gearing for the so-called "Traffic" operation.

A full range of interesting accessories were available during production, the Racing accessories included items that might typically be found at the race track including Pit Stops, Lap Counters, Spectator Grandstands, special competition track pieces etc. There were also several special track pieces including Crossover sections, a "Squeeze", Banked curves, "Loops" etc.

Traditional 'Racing' slot cars sets are common, what set Faller apart was their extensive range of Traffic accessories for the slow-geared running and which included operating Traffic Lights, a Petrol Station and Car Wash with automatic doors, Intersection track pieces, an operating Railway Crossing, Turnouts for side-streets, a wide range of Cars and Trucks with Trailer units and Caravans, Street signs and so on.

A further range of accessories was introduced in 1970 for use specifically with model railways. The first was a set with special loading ramps and railway wagons with the slot track built-in to drive the cars on and off the train. These wagons came with couplers for either Märklin or Fleischmann. Before long also came an operating Container Terminal facility that you could actually lift and move containers between trucks and railway wagons.

Production of various items continued through until the early 80’s, but interest in the slot cars was fading and they made their final appearance in the 1985 toy catalogue. The sets from the final years of production continued to use the unique FALLER beige/brown coloured track, but the Racing cars included in the sets were mostly standard AF/X items from a distribution agreement between FALLER AND AURORA.

The FALLER vehicles require regular maintenance to keep running and the difficulty of now finding suitable spare parts has resulted in many sets being packed away or simply no longer used because of worn and broken cars or poorly maintained tracks.

If you have any FALLER A.M.S. that you would like to get running again, or any spare items that need a good home, please contact me. I can help with information and advice, and a few spare parts. I am always looking for further items to add to my collection or to pass on to others sharing the hobby. Any items are welcome, Cars, Track, Kits and in any condition. Broken items are very welcome as a good source of spare parts.

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