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Offline tpedroni  
#1 Posted : 23 March 2002 20:51:54(UTC)

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I now have basic sets in Marklin Z and Marklin HO (Delta and C-Rail). I'm wondering if folks might be iterested in weighing in on their sense of the limitations of Z, which is of course attractive because of the ability to build a tremendous layout in a fairly small space.

So far, of course, Z has none of the digital features available in HO. And the Z 2-rail system may not perform as well at the 3-rail of HO. And the locomotives may (not sure on this one) not be the strong reliable machines that the HO locos are.

Again, I'm at a crossroads where I could go either way in the next month or so. Your thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated on this issue.


Offline Webmaster  
#2 Posted : 24 March 2002 00:42:10(UTC)

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Well, I can only speak for myself... For me Z-scale (1:220) is no alternative due to its tinyness, and my deteriorating eyesight and general clumsiness when it comes to small parts does not make it an option for me... Z-scale is cute, but also lacks details... In N-scale (1:160), which I had for a while, you have working full working valve gear and such on steam locos that you don't get in Z... If I would do Z-scale, it would be of modern prototype as ICE + electric and diesel, and not steamers which are my favorites in model railroading. The H0 scale is very good detailing-wise but is a bit space-consuming indeed. My personal preference would actually be something inbetween H0 an N-scale. There is such a scale called TT (1:120) but unfortunately it is not as widespread as it deserves to be... So for me it will have to be H0 at the moment...
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Offline Sam  
#3 Posted : 24 March 2002 04:21:11(UTC)

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I too find Z a bit lacking in detail and I like the modern electric's. I find HO to truely be the ideal scale in many ways, not the least of which is the balance of deltail and size.


Era I-V / HO & 1 Gauge / C-Track & Mobil Station, with Central Station.
Offline Bill  
#4 Posted : 11 April 2002 06:22:45(UTC)

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If you have both scales now, why not just do both, but only expand one in the future. Maybe do a small Z layout with the equipment you have, but leave it at that. Build the HO layout too, but only buy new stuff for HO in the future. That way you can enjoy both, but expand one scale in the future to grow in the hobby. I personally like a lot of scales...each has their own advantages. Z is certainly a great one that is growing here in the U.S. Marklin HO has more stiff competition in the U.S. from two-rail DC HO, so it is not as widespread.

Offline silurum  
#5 Posted : 14 April 2002 13:13:55(UTC)

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I can only speak from my experience with N gauge. I found that the small sizeof motorsin thelocomotives made servicing difficult for me. Also I washaving to keep the track perfectly clean otherwise I was plagued with problems. I would imagine that Z gauge would have similar limitations. I switched back to Marklin,with C track and delta working,it was like a breath of fresh air, great reliabilty and ease of maintenance. I have thought about having a small Z gauge layout on a shelf asa novelty item, but the cost of Z gauge, even second hand is quite high

Offline Bill  
#6 Posted : 15 April 2002 05:08:47(UTC)

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My Kato N scale locomotive ran like a dream...but I was forced to clean the track daily -- and sometimes a few times a day if I ran trains a lot due to the build-up. Thus ended my N scale experience due to the frustration of the constant maintenance on track cleaning. You are so right -- Marklin HO is a "breath of fresh air" in terms of operating...and I wish more people here in the U.S. would give it a try...they just might love it! I do have clean my C track about once per week -- but nothing like what I did in N scale.

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