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Offline marklin61  
#1 Posted : 19 January 2023 12:15:58(UTC)

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Hi all, and a belated happy new year to all!

As some background, I am operating my layout with cs3 and 764xx signals with installed 72442 signal modules. The track diagram I am using consists of a double track parade route, broken up into blocks with a switch connection into a 8 platform terminus station.
Everything works as it should, except I need to overcome the issue of passenger trains lights turning off while travelling over the dead section when the pickup shoe is located on the last wagon.
If I start the train leaving the terminus the first passenger coach has the pick up shoe, so there is never a problem, as the loco and the first wagon have passed the dead section on turning a signal to red. Once the train arrives back at the terminus the loco is decoupled from its wagons and a new loco arrives and re-couples from the opposite end and off we go. Now, of course the first wagon is now the last wagon and some of the consists are between 5-6 wagons. This represents around 1.5 metre length train. So on a second journey the last wagon will always enter the dead section once the signals have change to red. The result is no lighting in the entire train (as I am using conducting couplers to power between wagons). Doing some research the idea of using a 60973 with an mLD3 decoder is potentially one way of overcome the problem. But this means putting a pickup shoe in both the first and last wagons and installing a decoder as well as a shoe crossover (item 60973)which now becomes very expensive just to have lights on for a small stop section of track!
I was wondering if any of the forum members could recommend a more simpler solution(if there is one) . As a question to the 60973 ( I have never installed one) do I have to run additional wires between the first and last coach shoes .? Or will the decoder sort this out.? Any help or recommended advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Life with Pinot Noir, Chocolate and Marklin trains..........
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Offline marklinist5999  
#2 Posted : 19 January 2023 12:42:33(UTC)

United States   
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It's a common dilemma when blocks are close together. The easiest fix is current conducting couplers.Of course only one of the cars in the train can have a slider. Then only when the first car is on the signal block will lighting go out. The other is to install a large capacitor to help keep power to the lights by storage. ESU led kits include a stay on feature. I don't know how well it will work with conventional bulbs.
Offline cintrans  
#3 Posted : 19 January 2023 17:35:10(UTC)

Joined: 11/07/2018(UTC)
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Not that i have the problem that you are describing, but several of my lok's have been equipped with current conducting short couplers and a small relay inside the lok that is operated via one of the outputs on the decoder.
So current for the lighting inside the coaches is supplied via the coupler on the lok instead of the slider on the coach...
Maybe that's a way to overcome the issue?


Offline Mikael  
#4 Posted : 21 January 2023 21:36:47(UTC)

Joined: 10/09/2004(UTC)
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
I have solved this problem by having a separate decoder address for the 72442 module. So when the signal aspect shifts to red, the track power remains on. The power only turns off when the entire train has left the block.
Of course this require a more complex setup, with (at least) two addresses per signal and more feedback sections.
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Offline marklin61  
#5 Posted : 27 January 2023 09:56:31(UTC)

Joined: 05/01/2007(UTC)
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Location: Tuki Tuki Valley
Hi all.
For those of you that are interested I have managed to solve this problem as follows.
Installed a separate decoder (The older and less expensive FX decoder 60960) in both the first and last couch, each with a different address. Connect up a "homemade keep alive circuit to each decoder." (For flicker free lighting) Both decoders are now in parallel with each other.
Install a full wave rectifier between the decoder and the F1 output, which converts to full DC to the AC connection on the LED lighting boards. This also prevents the current from flowing back through second decoders output connection via the deactivated decoder pickup shoe.
I have done some extensive testing and it works well without a hitch. Just be careful to not have both decoders F1 outputs active at the same time. Now I am going to install red taillights using the F2 output.


Life with Pinot Noir, Chocolate and Marklin trains..........
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