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Offline sharples  
#1 Posted : 26 July 2022 05:52:20(UTC)

New Zealand   
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My 3000 loco was running very noisily on the track (M track) so I decided to fit new tyres, as one was missing.

I fitted new tyres to the rear wheels of the loco.

While this seems to have reduced the noise somewhat, it is still quite noisey.

I am wondering if I need to fit tyres to some of the other wheels?

Any advice will be appreciated.Confused

Offline H0  
#2 Posted : 26 July 2022 07:46:47(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: sharples Go to Quoted Post
I am wondering if I need to fit tyres to some of the other wheels?
Bad idea: you need some blank wheels to get electric contact.

Maybe the motor needs some lubrication. See manual for instructions.

Is the M track fastened with screws? Maybe the noise comes from there.
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Offline cookee_nz  
#3 Posted : 31 July 2022 06:49:21(UTC)

New Zealand   
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Also, you can only fit tyres to wheels which are already grooved for them.

On the 3000 it's typically the rear axle-set only that has them. If you can post a short video showing the noise it might help.

One thing to isolate is whether the noise is coming from the track, or the engine. Easiest way to isolate that is to lay the loco upside down on a foam cradle or similar support, then temporarily run wires directly from the controller to the Loco.

You can easily touch or wrap the brown wire around one of the end buffers for the wheels, and then just touch the red wire to the pickup shoe. The Loco should run easily. Do you get the same noise? If so, then you are looking at lubrication of the motor and/or gear train.

If you get no abnormal noise at all but do when it's back on the track, your pickup shoe slider may be the culprit. You can put the absolute tiniest bit of oil on the pickup to confirm. And I mean the tiniest, a drop on a rag then wiped onto the pickup will be ample.
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Offline David Dewar  
#4 Posted : 31 July 2022 13:10:29(UTC)
David Dewar

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My 3000 has always been noisy and probably just the motor. My one is however very old and perhaps the newer versions have a different motor. Is this not Marklins basic loco at a price to bring folk into the hobby.
Take care I like Marklin and will defend the worlds greatest model rail manufacturer.
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Offline Bryan  
#5 Posted : 31 July 2022 19:34:18(UTC)

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There are two areas that noise can come from in a 3000. The first are the motor bearing journals. This is usually fixed by oiling them. The other area is the gear train. Once again a finely applied oil usually fixes this noise. If the loco has done many years of work, then it is usually a worn gear train. In this case all the gears need to be replaced. Some of the gears are now made of nylon and far quieter than the original steel types. Early Marklin like the 3000 was designed so that anything that wore could be replaced and backed up by available spares, not so much with current production. The only major spare not available from Marklin is the rotor SFCM for the 3000.
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