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Offline amysdad  
#1 Posted : 20 June 2022 06:15:53(UTC)

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I'm looking at purchasing Hack Bruken's Mungsten Bridge. I've seen a few posts about their bridges not having as much detail as plastic bridges as from Faller, which is fine. I want to get a metal one. The detail that some molded plastic bridges have would run a metal bridge easily into the 1000's. I am looking for feedback on stability. How does it handle with two locomotives on it at the same time? Not specfically the Mungsten Bridge, but any double track HO scale bridges from Hack Bruken.

Offline PeFu  
#2 Posted : 24 June 2022 06:35:56(UTC)

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I have this bridge:


In a shop in Stockholm, I’ve seen the Müngstener bridge on display. As their bridges are very stable on vertical strength, they will carry long and heavy trains without any problem. The metal pieces are pretty thin and prototypical, in a way a plastic bridge couldn’t match IMHO. However, this also makes the installation process a bit of a challenge, as the pieces easily can be bent. The good news is that they can be be bent ”back”. As they are using a special mix of paint, I would recommend that you also purchase a small can of paint for repairing, in case. I can’t see it on their home page, but I know they have it (as I ordered it at a later stage after e-mail correspondence).

Inspired by Swiss railways SBB and BLS | C and K track | CS2 | TrainController Gold V10
Andreasburg-Mattiasberg Bahn on the Marklin-Users Forum and on Youtube
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Offline dzug  
#3 Posted : 28 June 2022 00:16:14(UTC)

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I looked at the Hack bridges at a show in Germany back in 2018 they were exhibiting at and have seen the models they co-produced for Vollmer at one point. They are "OK" but in my mind are better suited to background models. You do tend to notice the lack of detail when they are placed near plastic models from Faller etc that have lots of rivet details and a more realistic structure. In some cases the Hack bridges look too 'fine' or thin as they are made of of thinner metal pieces so they don't always represent the heavy iron bridges as well as others. I have also seen examples where the soldering of the metal together is somewhat sloppy and has lumps or balls of solder at each join.
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Online JohnjeanB  
#4 Posted : 28 June 2022 19:29:43(UTC)

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It is all a matter of personal taste. In my opinion these bridges are not at all realistic and some recent plastic bridges are much better in appearance.
Hack-Brücken represent the other extremity of plastic bridges (way too thin when the plastic ones are often a bit too thick).
Hack-Brücken are obviously not designed by bridge engineers (the metal beams are not where they should be and in a realistic size when compared with real European bridges.
A Kibri 39700 (era II or III) or a Faller 222583 (Era V) represents a better combination I think
Of course a proper spray followed by weathering and rusting is better.
Pardon me for my opinion
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