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Offline Bill  
#1 Posted : 22 May 2006 06:23:23(UTC)

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How is the future of C-sine? Is Marklin still planning in this drive to be the future? I don't have ( I know -- this is bad!!) the new catalog yet -- but it seems there is an okay amount compared to previous years offerings of 39-series loks -- is this the case?

Do you think we have enough in the C-sine series?
Offline jorge_vilarrubi  
#2 Posted : 22 May 2006 15:22:44(UTC)

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Currently, ESU (mfx) decoders are not compatible with C-Sinus motors. This is a drawback, since ESU provides mfx decoders to Märklin.
They have an incompatibility between motors and decoders that should be resolved before they offer more C-Sinus Loks. IMHO.
Jorge Vilarrubí
Buenos Aires
Offline viragoLDR  
#3 Posted : 22 May 2006 16:30:19(UTC)

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There's several c-sine loco's with mfx decoders, so if ESU can't make them, Marklin seemingly can ;)

Whether there'll be mfx decoders for current non-mfx c-sine loco's, well.. Just gotta wait and see there.
- Martijn
(early planning : H0-scale Era I K.Bay.sts.b)
(active planning : N-scale mixed late Era Japanese)
(possibly something Z-scale as well ;))
Offline laalves  
#4 Posted : 22 May 2006 16:53:59(UTC)

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This has been discussed before. There are both large (older type) c-sine loks and small (newer type) c-sine loks WITH mfx decoders in the current catalog.

As pretty much all mfx loks, these come with 21-pole interface NORMAL decoders. In the c-sine cases, it clips onto a PCB that has the c-sine motor control electronics.

Examples of the large mfx c-sine: 39582, 39834.

Examples of the small mfx c-sine: 26610 (Henschell-Wegmann), 39680, 37900, 39440, 39420, 39120, 39800, 39801, 39080, 39980, 39985, 39010, 39015.

It looks as if Märklin is actually abandoning the large c-sine and going for the smaller one.

Also of interest, is to note that new tooling loks, and some of the refurbished ones come with the smaller c-sine, no more really new items with 5-star, old style c-sine or even Faulhabers or Maxxons (personally, my favourite motors, as in the 34450/37450 and 37050. The 34750/37450 is my all time favourite Märklin large steamer, BTW).

Those who have the opportunity, for our benefit, could make some traction tests between loks with the new and the old c-sine, to see how they fare. Good choices would be the v200 versions, 39800 and 39821.

Offline Hemmerich  
#5 Posted : 22 May 2006 23:34:37(UTC)

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It's still a little bit different, as can be seen at the following pic:


(by the way, I've enhanced two of my V200's (#3681 and #3782) in the same way and they run and pull just great, not even to speak of the fine sound! [:p])

The mfx decoder plugs onto the main wiring pcb which connects to the C-Sine driver pcb; the motor is then connected to this driver. And NO problems at all with the used Märklin (ie. ESU Loksound) mfx decoder!

This allows Märklin now to equip their C-Sine models with any type of decoder - which was an issue for DC operation before (i.e. TRIX models).

As can be seen, there are/will now be (at least) three different versions of V200 models with C-Sine:

- 39821 - V200 150 - one pcb which contains both the decoder and motor control logic).
- 39820 - 221 136-5 IMOTRANS - see pic.
- 39800 - V200 021 - with new compact C-Sine.

The BR151 #39582 still has the large C-Sine, the MWB Taurus #39834 (as well as the new Porsche Taurus #39835) have already been changed largely (inside) for the new Compact C-Sine.

So, we will surely see more of those in new announcements, but Märklin will still offer models with the large C-Sine where it makes sense (to them obviously); likewise the utilization of the other mentioned motors.
Offline steventrain  
#6 Posted : 17 June 2006 10:22:05(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 21/10/2004(UTC)
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The C-shine was still in the future at present.
Large Marklinist 3- Rails Layout with CS2/MS2/Boosters/C-track/favorites Electric class E03/BR103, E18/E118, E94, Crocodiles/Steam BR01, BR03, BR05, BR23, BR44, BR50, Big Boy.
Offline laalves  
#7 Posted : 18 June 2006 04:00:23(UTC)

Joined: 10/02/2004(UTC)
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Location: Portugal
Hi Lutz,

Can you remove the tape a little bit from the motorsteurungleiterplatte (???) to check the wiring and post the corresponding picture?

Thanks in advance, Luis
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