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Offline Bortolo63  
#1 Posted : 08 January 2022 19:29:14(UTC)

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I have just recently gotten my childhood train collection out of storage where it has been since 1981. My first Marklin HO locomotive is a 3021 that was given to me as a gift when I was 7 in 1970. I don't know if the locomotive is from that year or if it was a bargain purchase of an older model, my father passed away in 1986 so I can't ask him. The picture shows a blue Krauss Maffei builder plate that appears of the front left of both sides of the locomotive. I have looked all over EBay and Google images and can't seem to find one. Does anyone know when this version was built and if it has any collector value. I doubt I will ever sell it because of what it means to me personally, but I am curious. I am also considering a digital conversion and may not do it if it is collectable (I can always get another one for digital running later). Anticipated thanks for any help figuring this out! Davide IMG-6914.jpg
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Offline Bigdaddynz  
#2 Posted : 08 January 2022 20:46:03(UTC)

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Kolls is the definitive publication for identifying and valuing Marklin items.

Looking at the 3021 pictures in the 2017 edition of Kolls there aren't any with a blue Krauss Maffei builder plate on them. The variants all seem to be around the lettering and numbering in the middle of the loco so it would be good if you could post some pictures of that area of your loco. Variants up to 3021.6 had the Marklin name stamped on one end of the loco and '3021' on the other end like your loco has, so that narrows it down a bit.

I think someone has stuck the blue Krauss Maffei builder plate on your loco at some stage.

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Offline ccranium  
#3 Posted : 08 January 2022 23:04:05(UTC)

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Neither of my Dutch 1959 or German 1972 catalogs show the blue plate on their 3021's.
Offline JohnjeanB  
#4 Posted : 10 January 2022 13:14:11(UTC)

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Hi Davide
Welcome to this great forum.
The 3021 was very very popular and was produced during a very long period.
I agree, the Kraus Maffei signs are most probably add-ons.
Here is my 3021 of 1963, with light conduits (appeared in 1960) and 3 lights each side (previous models has 2 lights each side with 2 bulbs each side)
3021 V200R.jpg
Your model marked DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN seems older with 4 lamps inside (1957 I think, one of the early 3021 models)
The box was likely a "Rautenkarton" Red/grey (losanges with Märklin signet / Bicycle)
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Offline Janne75  
#5 Posted : 11 January 2022 07:24:11(UTC)

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Hi Davide

As your 3021 doesn’t have open side air vents, has ”two row silver lining” and it has three lamps per side it seems like it’s Koll’s version 6 from the years 1961-1962 if it has numbers ”V200 027” or Koll’s version 7 from the year 1962 if it has numbers ”V200 056”. I can see that it still has those ”3021” model numbers and ”DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN” text on the sides like these early 1960`s versions had.

I’m a big fan of 3021’s. I have more than 20 of them. Many two lamp per side 3021.1 first versions from the year 1957 and also many two lamp per side 3021.2 and 3021.3 versions. Also these newer three lamp per side 3021 versions.

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