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#1 Posted : 02 May 2006 19:39:05(UTC)

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Judging for the amazing speed by which the quizzed are always solved, you guys inhere know A LOT about prototype trains too so heres my small quiz I hope you can answer for me:

I would like to know which loco would be suitable for the Märklin 42754 set of international luxus train wagons from 1910. ANY suggestion will do.

I have had the set for many years, but not a suitable loco. (It would have been called "orient express" had it not been for some copyright reasons I believe.) I think the model was originally a Trix and then rebranded by Märklin. I have no old Trix-catalogs, but maybe Trix has made a fitting loco?

Although completely plastic the wagons are beautiful to me and has some of the 4228-rheingold-feeling wth interior decoration and lights. It was produced only in 1998, but there is a lot of them around. For some nice pictures see a recently ended ebay.de-auction (requires login, but which modelrailroader hasn't got an ebay-login?)

I hope you can help me out so the nice set can do a few rounds on my layout.


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#2 Posted : 02 May 2006 23:12:04(UTC)

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I believe most era I express steam loco would do. From the Märklin catalog, a S3/6 or a Wurt C would be fine and may actually be the only Märklins that would fit.

The beautiful era I Wurt K would look fantastic too, but would be totally unsuitable, since it's a very slow freight lok.

If you choose other brands (Gutzold, Lilliput, etc), I would feel that the excellent BR 19.0 or BR 18.5 available would be superb too. I just don't remember the correct era I designation of these two, so I used the era II designations instead.

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#3 Posted : 02 May 2006 23:52:51(UTC)

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Wow, what a nice car set! "Compagnie international des wagons lit ..." you can read on some of the cars, and the same in german language on others. Shure it can be used for the orient express.

I would agree to Luis, any era I express steamer is o.k. You may also use italian or austrian versions of the P8 resp. the french 230/231 series (sorry, don't have the catalog numbers here) since the Orient express passed these countries, and Austria also covered Slovenia and Croatia at that time.

Hans Martin
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#4 Posted : 03 May 2006 01:21:53(UTC)

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So basically you are saying that as the Orient Express passed into a new country a new loco was attached to the front? I always assumed the same loco was used for the whole journey...
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#5 Posted : 03 May 2006 01:24:28(UTC)

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The locomotives changed basically at every boarder - and there were many at those times!

There is/was an excellent book from ALBA about the Orient Express, which contains many, many details - also about the cars and locos used to pull this famous train across good old Europe over many decades.

It even lists the cars contained in this Märklin set; i.e. when and by whom they were built.

Besides the ones already mentioned (the K really wasn't used here) another fine locomotive besides the Württ. C is listed in the book; it's the Autrian Rh 310, which was offered some years ago by ROCO.

Personally I prefer to run this train with my marvellous blue-gray C; especially after it has been enhanced with the load regulated decoder from the K, which also allows switching of the installed smoker.

In the later years, the BR03 (#37951) was used too; but that is more suited for the "Golden Twenties" train set #42757.

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#6 Posted : 03 May 2006 03:08:23(UTC)

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[size=1" face="Verdana" id="quote]quote:Originally posted by Hemmerich
<br />; it's the Autrian Rh 310, which was offered some years ago by ROCO.

Ah yes, I have one, in the DRG BR 16 version and it's a absolutely superb model, extremely beautiful, quite silent and powerful.

Evidently it sheds parts along the track (really!), and is pushed around by its tender. Still, I bought it due to its beautiful looks.

In its era I austrian version (which has even more details than the era II DRG BR 16) it would be an awesome sight pulling your extraordinarily beautiful luxuszug (I thought about getting one on ebay, but it's quite expensive!) Congrats on your set!

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#7 Posted : 16 May 2006 15:30:50(UTC)

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Thank you all for the help.

I have now spent some time looking through past and present offerings by Märklin. Especially this site was very very usefull: http://www.hfkern.gmxhome.de/

I prefer the looks of the S3/6 (BR18.4) over the Württ. C (BR18.1) and especially the P8 (BR38) which seems too short compared to the long coaches. Not it is only down to the colors, the Belgian brown version (Märklin 3111) might fit okay, but I guess the orient express didn't pass though Belgium so I have settled on a K.Bay.Sts.B. S6/3 (Märklin 33185/37185) in beautiful "dark yellow" and black. They pop up from time to time on ebay and I just have find a good offer.

I hope I don't offend the more prototypically correct people here with my "it's got to look pretty approach" :)

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#8 Posted : 16 May 2006 15:52:51(UTC)
Sander van Wijk

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Hi all,

Pretty much of the topic is covered already, I only miss one option. The KPEV S10 (or BR 19) is also an interesting loco to go with this wonderful set. Only problem: the "real" era I KPEV version is only produced as a part of the 2681/2881 Wilhelm Zug set. However, it's possible to buy the loco separately. (It's even boxed separately, due to the spread delivery of the complete set a few years ago.) Another not completely prototypical version is the BR 17 version (37192) which has the DRG texts on it but is still in the era I (green) color. This loco might be a great alternative to the S3/6. (Also a nice model by the way.)

Overall, I would go for:
S10 ref. 2681/2881
S10 BR 17 ref. 37192
S3/6 green ref. 37181/33181
S3/6 yellow ref. 37185/33185 (there's some doubt about the prototypically color, there has been a S 3/6 in that color, a special for a demonstration purpose and I'm not sure whether it has really pulled trains or has been recolored before regular operation)
Würt C blue ref. 3511/3611
Würt C black ref. 3514/3614 (it's the era I version.)
Würt C green ref. 37113

Since I own pretty much all models discussed in my reply (including the 42754 set) my personal favourite would be the 2681 (but the 37192 looks almost just as nicely and has improved running characteristics) or the black Württemberger C. I think the yellow S 3/6 would look great to, however, I'm not sure about the prototypicallity of this loco.
Ah... actually they're all great! wink
Era I(b): K.Bay.Sts.B. and K.W.St.E.
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