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Offline Puttputtmaru  
#1 Posted : 31 March 2021 01:33:50(UTC)

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I know that there are different ways to connect my PC (actually Mac) to my CS3,this diagram from Fabrice in an other thread is a big help


My question is what advantages will I have connecting my computer to my CS3 through WiFi over connecting it directly to the PC? I am using rocrail by the way.

I know about connectivity to iPhone or for invited guess but since my layout will not be open to others to use but with what I use and I don’t care for iPhone use, what else will I be missing if I connect my PC directly to my CS3?
Offline Kiko  
#2 Posted : 31 March 2021 02:07:33(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Puttputtmaru Go to Quoted Post
My question is what advantages will I have connecting my computer to my CS3 through WiFi over connecting it directly to the PC?

If you can, then I would recommend connecting directly via cable (Ethernet - RJ45). Cable is less susceptible to interference and data transfer rates are faster. If you can't run a wire between your switch/router and your CS3, then you'll have to settle on wireless.


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Offline Minok  
#3 Posted : 31 March 2021 02:13:04(UTC)

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If you connect the CS2/3 to the network via your LAN/Router switch, which presumably does the DHCP assignment of IP addresses and DNS network info to the clients (your PC, your CS, etc), then the CS can fetch updates automatically from Maerklin as the CS2/3 is then connected to the internet and knows how to communicate with other systems on the internet.

If you use the 'simple setup' of a cross-over cable to the PC direct (green diagram 1), then while the PC can communicate to the CS (and you probably need to manually set up the IP addresses, netmask, etc. of the PC and CS in their own network interface settings screens seperately) the CS will not be able to get updates from Maerklin.

Now if you use hard wired (yellow diagram 2) or wifi (peach diagram 3) just changes that leg of the ethernet between the LAN Switch/Router and the CS. The CS should still be able to get all network updates in diagrams 2 and 3. If there is a direct ethernet cable (yellow 2) then the bandwidth between CS and PC is higher and less prone to interference from appliances and motors and having to share the radio spectrum with every other wifi user around your house in range. So direct wired (2 or in a pinch 1) is prefered for that reason. Less chance of a network glitch, especially when tight timings such as controlling the layout with sensing via S88 is involved, as a railroad is to some extent, a real time system.

So of the 3 options I'd prefer first Yellow-2, but if you don't have a wired ethernet port in the room with the CS and/or running one isn't feasibly, then option Peach-3. If your not internet connected or really need super tight timing because of layout size or you see the network lag may be an issue for the control software, only then would I choose Green-1, as it simplifies the communications path between the PC software (Rocrail) and the layout to the simplest and shortest possible.
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Offline PeFu  
#4 Posted : 31 March 2021 07:09:27(UTC)

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I used to have my CS2 and TrainController PC cable connected via a separate router, but since a year, they are connected via the ”house” router. (B.t.w., I believe a router should replace the switch in your initial ”yellow” example, to make things work. A switch is most often included in the router).

My setup is working great, even when testing it running 22 trains simultaneously. I like the possibility to update the CS2 and PC online, and to enable backups. Not to forget, it’s nice to have internet access to e.g. Google and model railroad forums like this, for support... and to be able to follow your favourite icehockey or football team live on an acceptable screen, while performing the greatest hobby in the world!
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Offline JohnjeanB  
#5 Posted : 31 March 2021 14:55:00(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Puttputtmaru Go to Quoted Post
My question is what advantages will I have connecting my computer to my CS3 through WiFi over connecting it directly to the PC? I am using rocrail by the way.

There is another way of seeing things: connect your CS3 using a wifi router to your PC allows you ADDTIONAL to drive your layout from your phone or tablet.
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