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Offline artfull dodger  
#1 Posted : 15 January 2021 18:15:28(UTC)
artfull dodger

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Need help with a track plan for my odd table that I have to work with. I plan to use C track since I have a bit of it already. The overall width is 8 foot with a depth of 4 foot. The middle is narrowed out to only 2 foot depth to allow me access to the shelves on the wall. I can use 24130 curves for the outer loop. I have a couple of the curved switches (24672/24671) and one 24711 switch on hand. If someone has decent track planning software that is able to come up with an interesting track plan, I would be of great help. Track planning is one of my weakest abilites, especially when it comes to sectional track like this. I have to order everything, so its nice just to order what I need and not needlessly spend $$ on track I cannot use. Here is sort of a panoramic view of the layout. Dont mind the Lionel stuff on the right side. It will all go away shortly.

I am going to use digital control as the switches already have decoders. Just not sure if I will stay older style with a Uhlenbrock Intellibox that I have or pickup a starter set second hand that has the MS2 handheld. The shelf in the narrow area is set up for the Intellibox and a Marklin 60va power supply. I am in the states, so picking up Marklin isnt as simple as a trip to the local hobby shop, although he can order me most anything I need. I also thought about going with my Minex but the selection is much better with the HO line, especially some of the beautiful steam loks! Thanks in advance. Mike
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Offline IanC  
#2 Posted : 15 January 2021 20:56:02(UTC)

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I think the simple answer is a squashed dog bone unless you want to layer it.

Offline cookee_nz  
#3 Posted : 15 January 2021 23:31:10(UTC)

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When you have plenty of track to play with it's an easy matter to just play around and see what fits. But because you have to pre-order, might I suggest that you get some cardboard or similar and cut out replica "track" which you can lay down and move around at will until you have the basis of something that appeals.

You can use your existing track pieces to trace an outline to copy. Or if you have a scanner/printer, you could scan, print, cut-out. For other Radii you might be able to replicate from the published dimensions.

Just a thought but it would give you some virtual track sections at no cost to play about with for a starting point and proof of concept. Just be sure to pay close attention to the alignment of joins. C track is not as forgiving as M

I'd also suggest looking through the C-track thread, I've seen some really neat ideas introduced in that topic.
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Offline rrf  
#4 Posted : 15 January 2021 23:40:47(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: IanC Go to Quoted Post
I think the simple answer is a squashed dog bone unless you want to layer it.

My modular layout is a pair of parallel squashed dog bones that will eventually become multi-level, parallel ovals. Standard straight and corner units are 48 inch long by 24 inch wide and capable of supporting three track levels. Today I'm running on the bottom level only, hence the dog bones. The end units I'm in the middle of building are 48 inch by 48 inch. They are just large enough to support an outer R4 return loop, with an inner R3 loop. The next step is to go multi-level and build a proto type parallel R3 / R4 helix, that can fit onto one of the two end units.

The point I am probably not not conveying very well is that your layout geometry has a lot of flexibility. On a single level you can support three or even four distinct track loops. If you wish to go multi level, you have just enough room to add a carefully architected helix.

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