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Offline Iloveblues64  
#1 Posted : 09 November 2020 05:35:16(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 09/11/2020(UTC)
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Location: Texas, Pflugerville
Hi all. I just inherited a bunch of old train stuff from my grandpa. A bunch of it is marklin stuff and I've been told a lot of it is valuable.. trying to get an idea of the rarity or condition of any of this stuff. 20201108_144817.jpg20201108_144657.jpg20201108_113707.jpg20201108_144520.jpg20201108_111344.jpg20201108_144507.jpg20201108_111414.jpg
Offline Henrik Schütz  
#2 Posted : 09 November 2020 08:14:53(UTC)
Henrik Schütz

Joined: 04/08/2015(UTC)
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Location: Stockholms Lan, Stockholm
The most caluable things are in rhe first and last picture.

The blue white TW800, at least 800 dollars.

The red white ST800, around a thousand dollars.

The other locos. Around a hundred dollars each.

Great stuff, but terrible condition on most.


Henrik Schütz
Offline cookee_nz  
#3 Posted : 09 November 2020 10:18:30(UTC)

New Zealand   
Joined: 31/12/2010(UTC)
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Location: Paremata, Wellington
Yes I agree, a 'potential' treasure trove but sadly (no disrespect to your granddad) much of it is in quite a state of disrepair.

They look like many of them were 'projects' in a state of progress, then put aside, possibly waiting for parts to be ordered, or just the 'right moment' to continue working on them.

There may be small parts caught up in the wrapping and I'd take extra special care when opening that nothing drops on the floor, tiny screws, springs etc, and be sure to keep together anything that was wrapped - you may find some larger zip-lok bags useful for this, that way you can tell easily what in the bag but also keep things together, smaller bags within bags is a easy way to manage things.

One of the unfortunate aspects of some of those older models is what is called 'zinkpest' - this is where the material used for die-casting was impure, especially soon after the end of WWII where raw materials were scarce and expensive.

It's not reversible or preventable, but the plague deterioration can sometimes be delayed and managed through careful handling and how they are stored, environment, temperature etc).

With old Märklin (as with any vintage collectible), condition is everything. Rust, corrosion, chipped paint, missing parts, and whether they even run can considerably devalue an otherwise desirable item, to the extent that their remaining value is as a source of parts for others who are restoring similar items.

Not wanting to rain on your parade but they've certainly seen better days. If you want to make something of them in memory of your grandpa, get as many working as you can etc then we can certainly help you there :-)

Happy to see any more photos you might have, all angle, underneath etc, picture paints 1,000 words. And if you have original boxes or leaflets for any, images of those also.

Welcome by the way
NZ image
Offline Iloveblues64  
#4 Posted : 10 November 2020 00:51:44(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 09/11/2020(UTC)
Posts: 5
Location: Texas, Pflugerville
Thank you guys for the response, and the information. To give you a little more info, I created a video
kind of detailing what I have.
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Offline Iloveblues64  
#5 Posted : 10 November 2020 01:20:32(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 09/11/2020(UTC)
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Location: Texas, Pflugerville
Offline 5HorizonsRR  
#6 Posted : 10 November 2020 02:55:40(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 05/12/2004(UTC)
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Location: CA, USA
Simply incredible. Your are sitting on a (relative) fortune- even in the present condition, which as others have noted does ding the value quite a bit

Assuming you are asking as you intend to sell, I'd suggest putting the Marklin on ebay one piece at a time (not in one big lot), thats how you will get the best return on them, and let the market set the price as its hard to put a number on the crumbling stuff.

I'm sure the sharks are swimming here trying to buy some or all for nothing, so be careful- little things that don't look expensive absolutely can be. This forum can be a tremendous help in identifying part numbers or similar for your listings. And we are happy to just for the viewing you are giving us! Some rare treasures...
FS + SBB Era 2-5 and Vintage Marklin
Offline Tiki734  
#7 Posted : 10 November 2020 05:57:25(UTC)

Joined: 13/03/2012(UTC)
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Location: Perth
Hi It's a nice collection. I would list the Marklin engines and rolling stock individually and start at 99 cents. Most the items are suffering from zink pest and it's really difficult to put a price on them. An experienced collector is fully aware of the scarcity of spare parts and incredible high cost of restoration. However there are enough dreamers out there that will pay anything and thus I believe you may get some good prices. If you need any help with the item numbers and individual item values I'm more than happy to assist.
Offline Iloveblues64  
#8 Posted : 11 November 2020 17:54:29(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 09/11/2020(UTC)
Posts: 5
Location: Texas, Pflugerville
Got some of them working!


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Offline Webmaster  
#9 Posted : 11 November 2020 19:13:56(UTC)

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Great to see the kids liking it and also admiring daddy's skills to make it work... Smile ThumpUp
Juhan - "Webmaster", at your service...
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Offline JohnjeanB  
#10 Posted : 11 November 2020 19:34:53(UTC)

Joined: 04/02/2011(UTC)
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Location: Paris, France
I see that in one of your videos you have a very early CCS800 with rectangular handrails that if complete and not damaged by Zinkpest ist really worth a lot.
Here it is for spare parts https://www.ritter-restauratione...il=;usrPwd=;katKey=1.4.1
The other thing very valuable is the Red/Ivory ST800 and you may get the missing parts by Ritter Restaurationen in Germany
Here it is https://www.ritter-restauratione...il=;usrPwd=;katKey=1.5.4
This is my Favorite old Marklin train
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latest vid
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Offline river6109  
#11 Posted : 17 November 2020 02:00:42(UTC)

Joined: 22/01/2009(UTC)
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Location: On 1965 Märklin Boulevard just around from Roco Square
Your value depends on what you intend to do with it, there is a chance you could restore them with love and care but this would cost money and the question is: is it worth it ?., there are rare Märklin locos among your collection and yes there are parts missing but they can be bought as spare parts. the TW800 I would leave as it is unless you can find another body for it and the value would go up considerable., its up to you how much time you like to spend restoring the locos and carriages or on the other hand leave them as they are and sell them on ebay.
although you've managed to run them I wouldn't resume running them you could do more damage than doing good.
your Märklin stuff could have a value up to $ 5000.00 +

5 years in Destruction mode
50 years in Repairing mode
Offline Iloveblues64  
#12 Posted : 27 November 2020 23:40:07(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 09/11/2020(UTC)
Posts: 5
Location: Texas, Pflugerville
Got some details of all the box cars and stuff. The stuff with boxes (or a duplicate) next to it has either 1 or 2 more of that same thing
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