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Offline mmervine  
#1 Posted : 09 May 2020 16:00:05(UTC)

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Originally released in 2018, Marklin has produced a number of these cars in various paint schemes and with a variety of containers. The cars are made mostly of metal with some plastic parts and the containers are plastic. These cars are not as detailed as similar container cars from other manufacturers, but come fully assembled and ready to use on your layout. I think they strike a good balance between detail and functionality as I am constantly having to reattach small detail parts from my container cars from other manufacturers. These cars do have one flaw that can be easily corrected. The plastic overlapping walkway parts between the halves of the cars have a tendency to fall off when handling the cars. I have added a drop of clear silicon glue to the underneath side of the upper half of these walkways to glue them to the metal body. As long as you leave this part at a slight upwards angle, it will not detract from the function of the cars and these parts won't go missing.

These cars use the same mounting system as the Marklin/Trix Sgns and Sgnss cars, so you can exchange containers between them. Also, a number of other manufacturers containers can be used with these such as AWM, Roco, & Walthers. For the AWM and Roco containers, you will have to add posts, but the Walthers containers from current production runs will work without modification. It should also be noted that the cars are not identical. In addition to several paint schemes, the brake wheel detail varies by road name.

I had originally only purchased a couple of these cars, but now have more than ten. They run well and take up less space on the layout than my longer cars that hold 45' or multiple 20'/24' containers. Thus, you can run what appears to be a longer train that is really shorter and a better fit for smaller layouts. They have no problems negotiating R1 curves.

I can honestly highly recommend these cars and here is a short video that I made showing a few of them:

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Märklin C-track, Marklin Digital & ECoS, multi-era French & Swiss
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Offline mike c  
#2 Posted : 09 May 2020 21:49:02(UTC)
mike c

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I have a few of these. I have the DB one (47800), the AAE/Locon (47802) and a pair of the Wascosa ones (47805).
I swapped out a few of the containers. The 47800 now has an Evergreen container (original) and a CMA one.
The 47802 has the gray containers from the 47097. This way, my 47097s have a little variety in their loads.
One of the 47805s has the original load of Giezendanner containers. The second has a pair of Bertschi (Xantar) containers (from 47700).

The 80 foot cars are not common on routes through Switzerland, but for lack of the longer variants, they still fit the bill.

I recently bought one of the prototype 90 foot cars from B-Models. I find the Maerklin version is better designed for operation.
For 45 foot containers, I can only use the Sgns (4705X) or transfer those containers to Kombimodell or other cars.

Among the others I have found to be as reliable are the new Piko T-3000 and the Rocky Rail Twin car.
I need to add a few of these with Hupac markings to my collection.

For the moment, additional B-Models cars are on hold to see if they make the models live up to what they had announced (Adjustable container mounts) instead of what they delivered on the first (MSC) batch.


Mike C
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Offline mike c  
#3 Posted : 14 May 2020 16:09:54(UTC)
mike c

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I received an email from Rocky-Rail. They are the distributor for Igra and for Portuguese company PT Trains.
The email mentions that as of next week, a new accessory from PT Trains will be available, which will allow for the use of containers with sockets on Maerklin and other container cars that also have sockets. These adapters (with or without base) are inserted into the socket of the container car and then fit into the socket of the container underside.


PT210000 : Set with 24 pins for Märklin cars.
Suggested retail price : 4,99 euro

PT210001 : Set with 24 pins + basis for Märklin cars.
Suggested retail price : 4,99 euro


With these pins the magnificent PT Trains containers can now also be loaded and fixed on Märklin cars.
These pins fit also on Roco, Brawa, ACME, Igra Model and Rocky-Rail containers.


I am definitely looking forward to this. It is going to make my container trains much more interesting.
Note: For some containers, only the mounts used for that load are required. Not all containers can be used if all pins are in place on the car surface.


Mike C
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Offline mike c  
#4 Posted : 25 July 2020 16:01:58(UTC)
mike c

Joined: 28/11/2007(UTC)
Posts: 7,947
Location: Montreal, QC
I received my first two sets of these PT Trains pins. At first look, they appear to have been manufactured using a 3-D printer. The yellow is a little more translucent than expected.
Handing of these pins requires a few things. You will need a pair of modeller's tweezers, a magnifying glass (fixed) and a modeller's knife (X-Acto/Box Cutter).

I would recommend separating the pins from the strip to which they were attached (molding) and to place the pins in a small plastic bins, like the ones used by Sommerfeldt to store their pantographs. Once done, you can simply pick the required number and insert into the car's sockets.

I plan on only using the necessary number per car. Each container requires a minimum of 2 (diagonal) and maximum of 4 pins. Installing pins in all of the sockets would be necessary for 2 x 20 foot containers on a 60 foot car, but if using with 40' + 20', 30' + 30' or single 40' or 45', I would opt for not filling the remaining sockets. Fleischmann containers and some others (B Models) have additional sockets or are designed for use on models with pins, but most containers (Herpa, AWM, Kombimodell, PT Trains, etc) can not be seated if there are multiple pins under the container.

I will post more details once I get around to my first installation.

In the meantime, check out this video (German):


Mike C
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Offline LeoArietis  
#5 Posted : 15 February 2023 20:55:27(UTC)

Joined: 07/02/2008(UTC)
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I also have a bunch of these wagons from Märklin and Trix.

As mentioned you can opt to use containers from other Mä-Trix wagons.

The very close spacing between the two halves and the Jacob-boogie with the metal frame makes for good running and considerably shorter length compared to using two regular 40-foot container wagons. The running is also better with boogies compared to the two single axles on a regular 40-foot wagon and even more so compared with the longer 45-foot 2-axles.

This type of wagon is great for whole trains or combined with Sgnss or L-wagons or other modern types of container wagons.

One suggestion to fit other brands of containers is either to drill holes and add a short metal pin in the underside of the container or simply use two small balls of javascript:__doPostBack('forum$ctl03$PostReply','')blue-tac to secure the container to a wagon.
Current layout:
The former project:
With Pictures and trackplans, but in Swedish
Transitation-curves in C-track:
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Offline marklinist5999  
#6 Posted : 15 February 2023 22:54:20(UTC)

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They do tend to fall off quite easily.
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