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Offline obb_taurus  
#1 Posted : 10 May 2019 18:47:15(UTC)

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It's been a long time since I purchased a new locomotive but just got the Marklin 37127 NS 1200 (decoder is not MFX+) and some of the functions aren't working such as the brake squealing. I'm using the first generation Ecos (model 50000) and it's been updated to the latest firmware so I'm wondering if certain function may only be available on the Central station? There are supposed to be additional light functions although I'm not sure what they are because in the manual it says there are cab light functions but in the manual on the Marklin website it says that front and back lights can be turned off and on, either way, that is not working either. Would appreciate any insights on these issues.


Offline RayF  
#2 Posted : 10 May 2019 20:47:22(UTC)

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Hi Mike,

The function labelled "Brake Squealing" is more properly described as "Brake squealing off". Pressing that function does nothing, whether the loco is stopped or moving, but if you have a sudden deceleration then the squealing sound will be suppressed with the function activated. Check that the brake squealing is actually happening by stopping the loco from high speed to zero in a short space of time, using the throttle wheel. Then do the same again with the function activated.

The front and back light functions are also the opposite of what you would expect. With the lights on (F0), try the two light functions and see if the lights at one end or the other turn off. On some locos activating both of these functions with F0 on as well will give you the "Double A" light, which is both front and back lights on.

If these functions don't work as I've described then there is some issue with the decoder or the controller.

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Offline dickinsonj  
#3 Posted : 11 May 2019 17:06:42(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: RayF Go to Quoted Post

If these functions don't work as I've described then there is some issue with the decoder or the controller.

All good advice Ray. Turning on a function to suppress an action is not intuitive and could easily be confusing.

There is one more variable which I have observed. I have a few locos that do not produce any brake squeal regardless of the state of the brake squeal function, how fast the loco is going or how quickly I stop. I assume that something is not configured correctly in the decoder settings but I have never been bothered enough by that to figure out why some locos behave that way. It seems less likely that the controller is the culprit as long as it goes immediately to zero speed steps, so I suspect decoder settings are the cause. All the ones that do that are still mostly at factory defaults, so I am guessing that they were improperly configured in the first place.

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Offline obb_taurus  
#4 Posted : 11 May 2019 17:47:32(UTC)

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Thanks for the tips Ray.

I tried what you suggested for the brake squealing, unfortunately it didn't work at all. I recently got another engine, 37166 - T16.1 KPEV tank engine and just realized it has the same function which also does not work. I'm guess the problem could either be with my controller or as Jim suggested, an issue with the decoder settings.

Perhaps I will connect with the dealer and see what he has to say.

Thanks again.

Online pederbc  
#5 Posted : 11 May 2019 18:33:40(UTC)

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Also check the deceleration setting, cv4. If this is set to zero, or perhaps a very low value, you will not get any brake squeling.

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