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Offline Sir Timbo  
#1 Posted : 03 April 2019 06:20:39(UTC)
Sir Timbo

Joined: 11/11/2012(UTC)
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Location: Gold Coast QLD
Having recently set up a new c-track starter set and have been having fun over the last few weeks testing and running digital loco's for the first time, I ran into a problem of no power!
The layout is just set up on a table, and I leave the mobile station (60657) and the digital control box (60116) connected together to the c-track. I always unplug the power supply(66360) from the control box.....but I do leave the power suppy box connected at the power point.

So I had visitors on the weekend, and one of the littled kids is really interested in the train set, but when I went to connect the power supply to the digital control box.......nothing at all... I have tried different outlets. No power getting through.

My initial thoughts is that it is only a problem with the power supply unit (66360) as it is the only thing that had power to it, and was isolated from the MS2 and the digital control box.

Does this sound correct?
Are these items I have known to fail?
Is there an alternative way to power the set and use the MS2? I have old analog transformers. I also have an Intellibox, and power supply for it (I have never used it yet) other items I got from someone selling their digital trains.
Any suggestions please?
Or is it send it back to Marklin?
Just seems a waste to post from Australia, when maybe I should be purchasing a secondary power supply and control and MS2 just for these occasions?

Thoughts please.
Regards Tim
Offline hxmiesa  
#2 Posted : 03 April 2019 08:50:09(UTC)

Joined: 15/12/2005(UTC)
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Location: Spain
If you want to send it back to Märklin, then I suppose that it is still in warranty¿? -Otherwise I wouldnt bother...
I dont YOU should deal with the troubles of sending everything back to Germany. Your dealer should do that. -So that depends on where you got it from.

The powersupply/trafo/adapter/whatever is a pretty basic and cheap part. It can be easily substituted by something else. -Including your old analog trafos and a bridge rectifier. So you need to check if that is the problem. Preferrably with a multimeter. If you dont have any, you can try to -carefully- connect a 24V bulb to the connector with some loose wires. As long as you dont make a short-cicuit, you wont damage anything, and the 24V wont electrocute you.

If there is power, and the connector is ok, then it must be your MS. (In any event your Intellibox equipment should be able to drive your trains...)
Best regards
Henrik Hoexbroe ("The Dane In Spain")
Offline applor  
#3 Posted : 03 April 2019 23:11:34(UTC)

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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I am up in Brisbane if you want a spare MS2 control box / PSU unit to test with. If it works for you I would also be happy to sell it to you as I don't really need it anymore.
modelling 1954 Germany (era IIIa)
Offline fstrobel  
#4 Posted : 04 April 2019 06:51:10(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 28/01/2019(UTC)
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Location: Seattle, Washington
Do you have a Marklin Digital Club in Australia? If yes, you can join them (I did join the US version just a few days ago online). Here they have a couple of guys that are officially affiliated with Marklin and who answer questions. I had a power related question I sent today via email and got a reply within an hour. Might be worthwhile checking in with them.
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Offline H0  
#5 Posted : 04 April 2019 08:11:37(UTC)

Joined: 16/02/2004(UTC)
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Location: DE-NW
Originally Posted by: hxmiesa Go to Quoted Post
[...] Including your old analog trafos and a bridge rectifier.
The rectifier is optional as there is a rectifier in the control box.

Many universal power supplies (2 A or better) include a suitable plug.
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