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Offline DV  
#1 Posted : 05 January 2019 06:06:24(UTC)

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I have three locos that I want to convert to digital, and being a 'newbie', decided to read up and find as much info as I could before I stuffed up my first conversion totallyConfused Blushing Scared.

Unfortunately the more I read, the more confused and more I wanted to take the path of least resistance........do nothing. BUT, I have to learn.

So the first step I thought I would take is open the locos and see what type of motors they had. I had purchased previously 60944, 60943 and 60941 in preparation for upgrading the motors for conversion.

Two of the locos were the 3324 (in a 3424 box - and it's definitely not digital, although that's what it says on the box) NS 1139 and 3562 1650 Den Haag and upon opening them found these electronic 'bits' and was even more confused.



I searched the Märklin web site and found out that they were 'Vorschaltelektronik (mit kabel)' and upon translation giving me the English meaning 'ballast electronics', even greater confusionConfused Confused Confused Confused Confused

Can someone please explain what that item is and what is it supposed to do?

Also, do I dismantle it for conversion to digital?

Next loco was the 3608, mP 3000, opened it up and found this (circled in red)



I tried to find 3608 on the Märklin site but had no luck, and googling Märklin 3608 I got a lot for sale informationCursing

The box states that it is digital, but I cannot find any evidence that this is true. It runs in analogue format and if placed on the programming track, tries to run away.

Again, can anyone please explain what it is and what it is supposed to do.

And does it have to be removed when converting to digital.

After seeing these 'confusing' items on the locos I totally forgot to look at the motors to see which 60944, 60943 and 60941 should be used to upgrade the motors.....again, any help in the area of motor selection would also be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks
Dusan V
'I find your lack of faith (in Märklin) disturbing'
#2 Posted : 05 January 2019 07:48:46(UTC)

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You are dealing with 2 electronic pre reversing units in your 3324s. They were installed to prevent the locos from jumping when changing direction in analogue mode. These units should be installed by default in most analogue model numbers starting with 33, 34 and 35. These will need removing together with the electromechanical reverser when converting these models to digital.

Your MP3000 is a 3389 and has a full electronic reverser, which basically does everything the pre reversing units and electromechanical reversers do in your 3324s. The electronic reverser will need to be removed for the conversion.

Here are the parts lists:
3324: https://www.maerklin.de/...elnummer=3324&lang=1
3389: https://www.maerklin.de/...elnummer=3389&lang=1

Regarding motor upgrade kit: they are both DCM motors so the upgrade kit required is the 60941.
Offline RayF  
#3 Posted : 05 January 2019 13:27:25(UTC)

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When converting 33xx locos you will find that you also need to change the light bulbs. The bulbs in these locos are low voltage types and will blow up if you feed them with the output of a digital decoder. You will need the E600080 replacements for digital operation, and possibly the appropriate bulb holders.
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Offline Henrik Schütz  
#4 Posted : 05 January 2019 22:32:31(UTC)
Henrik Schütz

Joined: 04/08/2015(UTC)
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With the newer Marklin decoders, there´s no need to replace the bulbs, just to vope with the change in voltage. Just dim the lights, there is a CV for each decoder output, and you save the lightbulbs from "sudden death" caused by overheating.

I replace lamps anyway on older locos, becauser i want them to be flicker free, and then you need to have separate ground to the decoder, but i often do that with low voltage lamps anyway.

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Offline H0  
#5 Posted : 05 January 2019 23:00:53(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Henrik Schütz Go to Quoted Post
With the newer Marklin decoders, there´s no need to replace the bulbs
Hear, hear!
Some of the 33xx locos have low voltage lamps (I think around 1.9 V) and you really have to replace those.
I once tried to retain the 12 V lightbulbs that came in a Trix loco, but had no success dimming the decoder outputs - I assume the inrush current was too high.

Some 33xx locos have the regular 19 V lightbulbs and you should not forget to dim the decoder outputs if you want to retain those lightbulbs in a flickerfree configuration. Using bulbs for 22 V is the better option IMHO.
You do not have to protect the decoder, you have to protect the light channels and other plastic parts from excessive heat of the lightbulbs.
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Offline DV  
#6 Posted : 06 January 2019 07:27:05(UTC)

Joined: 29/11/2009(UTC)
Posts: 838
Location: Mount Barker, South Australia
Thank you all for your sage advice. It is greatly appreciated.ThumpUp ThumpUp ThumpUp ThumpUp

Now all I have to do is pull my finger out OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod and convert the locos.BigGrin BigGrin

By the way don't hold your breaths. It will take a while, I am, after all retiredBigGrin LOL ThumpUp RollEyes BigGrin BigGrin LOL LOL

Once the deed is done I'll post the results (hopefully a resounding successThumpUp ThumpUp ThumpUp )

Again, many thanks
Dusan V
'I find your lack of faith (in Märklin) disturbing'
Offline ktsolias  
#7 Posted : 06 January 2019 12:15:21(UTC)

Joined: 01/05/2016(UTC)
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The mP 3000 when converted to digital has a problem with the lights. The Yellow / Red LEDs on the loco are connected in a way for negative common. With digital we must have a positive common. There is a special matrix on the LEDs board that must be altered...
If you be in this situation ask for the matrix plan


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