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Offline Petz  
#1 Posted : 27 October 2018 07:31:10(UTC)

Joined: 01/11/2015(UTC)
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Location: Hovedstaden, Hellebaek
Does anyone know how to export data from old cs2 to new cs3.
I have not data on the USB because it was impossible to export it to the USBAngry but I have saved a file on the cs2 during the buildup. But now it is impossible for me to reach that because the screen is bad working and I can't restart it.
I have a model railway including 15 locos, 100 magnetic articles and a lot of contacts, so I have spent a lot of time in programming and it did work fine. It was possible to run 5 trains simultaneouslyr.

Is is possible via network capel? Is it possible for the Marklin factory to axtract the data?

All the best and I hope someone can help me
Offline clapcott  
#2 Posted : 28 October 2018 22:26:46(UTC)

New Zealand   
Joined: 12/12/2005(UTC)
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Location: Wellington, New_Zealand
If I understand your description you ....
- have a CS2
- it powers up
- but the screen is dead (not sure if this means unreadable or where the touchscreen part does not work)
- do not want to leave the CS2 connected (as slave) to the CS3 in order to continue to use it for its memory capabilities.

If the screen is readable, and it is the Touchscreen that is faulty (or needs calibration), then you would be able to add a USB mouse.
(While you may use the mouse to navigate and start the calibration, do not use the mouse for the actual calibration - use the touchscreen)

If the screen is unreadable only (please confirm that the Stop button works - also if you have a LocoCard, please use that and indicate if the throttles and tactile buttons work).

If you are able to connect to the network (ethernet cable) you will need to ascertain the address of the CS2.
Assuming that the address is either DHCP negotiated or you have specifically set it for the same subnet as your PC, you can use a browser to point directly at the URL and use that to retrieve some information.
Two functions that may be of interest are
- the "ScreenShot" function which will show what is , trying to be displayed , on the CS2 screen
- access to configuration files.
- - specifically http://***.***.***.***/config/fahrstrassen.cs2 which is a text file showing your memory routes.

The files are "structured" but may be read and interpreted with a bit of perseverance.
(I usually parse it to a spreadsheet and run a macro to improve the layout. although it is also possible to do this with an app directly from the CS)

While the memory routes cannot be transferred directly to the CS3 events, at least this file will provide a document from which you can work from to redefine the routes.

Note: there are some things that CS2 memory routes is able to do that CS3 event cannot, or at best have to be done a different way.

Offline Petz  
#3 Posted : 04 November 2018 20:40:28(UTC)

Joined: 01/11/2015(UTC)
Posts: 3
Location: Hovedstaden, Hellebaek
Hello Clapcott.
Your answer helped me a lot as I did not know that it was possible to use a USB mouse in the slot on the back.
My CS2 screen is dead, which means it is not reachable with the "pin" which is a part of the CS2. With the mouse, it was possible to go into the setup at try to touch the 5 points with the "pin" and I thought my problem was solved. But it just last a few minutes, then I had to start all over again with the same procedure.

I made a "net" update just to make sure that I have got the latest version. It seemed to do act I wanted. But now I can't use the mouse anymore as the dot on the screen "moves by itself" around on the screen and I cannot control it. So now it is frustrating.

I have no lococards and the stop button works fine,

The funny thing is that I have an Ipad where the layout still is and is present and it is functioning perfectly.

I have just received the new cS3 and are thinking of starting all over right from the beginning, instead of using a lot of time without any possibilities of reaching the goal.

what do you think?

I'll try now to ascertain the URL address of the CS2 as you described.

So thank you for your help until now

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