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Offline applor  
#1 Posted : 14 August 2017 00:48:11(UTC)

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Hi Gents,

I have been fitting my wide radius K track turnouts with servos and have found one in particular giving me all sorts of grief.

The problem is where the tab piece slots into the turnout and locks into the mechanism - it doesn't stay locked in place unless I apply pressure to the area above the mechanism.
So what happens is when the turnout changes and the tab piece moves outwards, it loses connection with the mechanism and no longer operates.

I have spent too much time trying to get this one working, without success. I understand the mechanism is meant to come uncoupled when it is at a raised angle so that you can remove the tab piece.
However regardless of the tab alignment, it seems to uncouple after dozen or so operations (unless I apply pressure to the top)

I am wondering, has anyone disassembled the K track switches and can tell me what the mechanism looks like inside?
I am reluctant to disassemble one of my switches as it looks like removing the lower cover would essentially write it off.

It is always easier to understand with pictures, so here is what I mean by the 'tab piece' and then a red box showing the mechanism and a dot where I need to apply pressure for it to work without problems.

modelling 1954 Germany (era IIIa)
Offline river6109  
#2 Posted : 14 August 2017 08:21:04(UTC)

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There is most probably one reason for it: see if you can press the upper (track) and lower part of the turnout together (red rectangle) , it could be the turnout has sightly come apart and therefor has left a gap within the mechanism. it is also vital to push the tab slot into the turnout horizontal as possible, if it doesn't work try the other side and see what happens.

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Offline applor  
#3 Posted : 14 August 2017 23:45:29(UTC)

Joined: 21/05/2004(UTC)
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I currently have the turnout lantern connected on the straight side and it so far works without issue.

I have tried connecting the tab without any of the surround pieces in place to ensure that the tab is connecting flat/straight as well as by trying the hand lever connected - but find in both cases that after a dozen or so operations it is still coming apart.
I will have to try your suggestion and do further testing.
modelling 1954 Germany (era IIIa)
Offline applor  
#4 Posted : 17 August 2017 03:03:10(UTC)

Joined: 21/05/2004(UTC)
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Well I got sick of getting nowhere with this and realised I'd need to take drastic action. I found even though the main mechanism was moving, the plastic lever that links to the tongue would not move with it, so the tongue was stationary.

So I removed the turnout. Wasn't easy when it had been soldered etc.


After removing it I tested it thoroughly and could not fault it. Worked great. Good news in that I can still use the turnout, bad news the time spent trying to fix the issue.
I proceeded to fit the lever mechanism and tested at every stage of re-installation.

Now with it back in, still working flawlessly. I don't know why it wasn't working before but I suspect that the turnout may have been pressed into the merkur roadbed too firmly or something similar that was caused the mechanism to jam.

modelling 1954 Germany (era IIIa)
Offline DaleSchultz  
#5 Posted : 18 August 2017 23:37:13(UTC)

United States   
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I have often found that making a model train layout brings many real life engineering problems and this is a good example of one.
When it works, ask not why.
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