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Offline Mikael  
#1 Posted : 01 January 2005 23:39:19(UTC)

Joined: 10/09/2004(UTC)
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
I've just decided to make the major switch from M to C track. But now I see trouble with my main station. It is the "Karlsbad" station from Vollmer (kit 3546). The standard parallel track separation is 77.5 mm, but the station requires at least 88-90 mm (the station is made for 3 parallel tracks).
With M tracks, I would simply extend the branches at the switchtracks with a 5109, but as far as I can see, C tracks does not have this small straight sections. The smallest one is the 24064 at 64.3 mm. This will bring the separation up to 104 mm. It can go, but I would prefer to get closer to 90 mm.

Is there a way to do this with C tracks?
Offline Timaximus  
#2 Posted : 01 January 2005 23:49:14(UTC)

Joined: 19/06/2004(UTC)
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Location: Home
I have also a station between two tracks (C-rails) but at the both ends I use a crossing plus 4 turnouts.
It can be handy using Wintrack 6 (demo) or equivalent to draw your plan and let the program connect tracks automatically.
Can you show us your track plan with the station you planned to build?
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Offline jorge_vilarrubi  
#3 Posted : 01 January 2005 23:51:08(UTC)

Joined: 15/12/2003(UTC)
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Location: Buenos Aires,
Hi Mikeal, C track is easy to be cut. Just take a piece of it, calculate the exact lenght you need and cut out the central part of the track. Use a couple joiners for the rails and solder a wire to the pukos rail. In this way you keep both ends for contact.
The new piece can be fastened by screws at the adjacent normal tracks.
Try it, is not so difficult.
Best regards,
Jorge Vilarrubí
Buenos Aires
Offline Mikael  
#4 Posted : 02 January 2005 01:14:01(UTC)

Joined: 10/09/2004(UTC)
Posts: 954
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
I have been playing a bit in Raily 2 (very old and not up to todays standards, but it'll let me save my work). Unfortunately it isn't easy to export the results, but with a little post-work in photoshop it can be done.

Here is what I've come up with so far:

The two blue boxes is the station. The distance between the two platforms is fixed and can't be altered (well, by thinking like Jorge, it probably is possible, but.... biggrin)
Note the small extension between the turnouts. These are the 24064. My wish is (if possible) to get the top three tracks a little bit closer together, but not as much as if the extension tracs weren't there at all.

The more I think of it, the more I am convinced that cutting some tracks to the right length, is the only solution (and one I hadn't considered at all). I'm just not ready to do that yet, as the layout isn't final.
Offline oz_train  
#5 Posted : 02 January 2005 11:46:24(UTC)

Joined: 10/03/2003(UTC)
Posts: 265
Location: Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Hi Mikael,

I had a similar problem, and achieved an 88.4mm spacing with the following:

The last 3 tracks on the righthand side top track (before the turnout) are 24206, 24172, 24206. The straight between the 2 turnouts on the RH side is a 24077.

Not sure if this is enough information, or if it is useful, but at least the 88mm spacing can be achieved! Of course, you can replace the lower RH turnout with a 24224, if required. If you'd like the detail on the rest of the tracks, I can send you a traincad file, or possibly a raily2 file...

let me know!

Offline Mikael  
#6 Posted : 02 January 2005 12:18:15(UTC)

Joined: 10/09/2004(UTC)
Posts: 954
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
That is indeed interesting. I think I'll play a bit with something using the 24206's.
On the other hand, the extra space doesn't look all that bad after all. I just tried to build part of the layout on my desk:


I thought it was going to look much worse than that. I just may leave it as it is now.
Offline Nuno  
#7 Posted : 02 January 2005 17:50:28(UTC)

Joined: 27/05/2003(UTC)
Posts: 235
Location: ,
Hi Mikael

I think that if you use two 24215, one to the right and the next to the left you may get what you need. I am not at home these days, I cannot check, but I think that was my solution, as I had the same problem.


Nuno Smile
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