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Online clapcott  
#1 Posted : 20 December 2016 10:17:31(UTC)

New Zealand   
Joined: 12/12/2005(UTC)
Posts: 2,430
Location: Wellington, New_Zealand

01Dec2023 v2.5.1(0)

xxOct2023 v2.4.1a (incramental for MS-WLAN)

03Mar2022 v2.4.0(5)

27May2021 v2.3.1(8)

17Nov2020 v2.2.0(5)

07May2020 v2.1.0(0)

13Dec2019 v2.0.0(1)

06Dec2019 v2.0.0(0) ? Beta

15May2019 v1.4.1

11Feb2019 v1.4.0(0)

30Jul2018 v1.3.3(1)

12Jul2018 v1.3.3(0)

22Dec2017 v1.3.2(1)

21Sep2017 v1.3.1(0)

21Apr2017 v1.3.0(0)

19Jan17 v1.2.0(5) - BETA - Captured after 2017 New Item images available


19Dec16 v1.2.0 - available for download


A Beta excerpt! Ref http://stummiforum.de/viewtopic.php?t=142974



20 debian .......xx.xx.xx......xx.xx.xx......xx.xx.xx.... 1. 2. 0 ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1. 3. 2
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....24.12.2016.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....11.10.2017

30 cleanup ....xx.xx.xx...... 1. 0. 0(0)... 1. 1. 0...... 1. 2. 0. .... <.--.--- ....1. 3. 0(0)....1. 3. 1(0).... 1. 3. 2
...............xx.xx.xxxx....22.08.2016....16.11.2016....13.12.2016.... <.--.--- ....23.03.2017....14.07.2017....22.12.2017

40 system .....xx.xx.xx...... 1. 0. 0(0)....xx.xx.xx..... 1. 2. 0 ..... <.--.--- ....1. 3. 0(0)....1. 3. 1(0).... 1. 3. 2
...............xx.xx.xxxx....23.08.2016....xx.xx.xxxx....12.12.2016.... <.--.--- ....23.03.2017....29.05.2017....08.12.2017

41 kernel ......4.5.0 #50.... <.--.--- .....4.5.0 #60.... <.--.--- .... <.--.---......<.--.---......<.--.---......<.--.---
...............15.08.2016.... <.--.--- ....15.11.2016.... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---

42 webserver ...xx.xx.xx..... 1. 0. 0(0)... 1. 1. 0...... 1. 2. 0...... <.--.--- ....1. 3. 0(0)....1. 3. 1(0).... 1. 3. 2
...............xx.xx.xxxx....22.08.2016....15.11.016.... 07.12.2016.... <.--.--- ....23.03.2017....07.08.2017....08.12.2017

50 cs3-gui .....xx.xx.xx..... 1. 0. 0(0)... 1. 1. 0 ..... 1. 2. 0 .... 1. 2. 0(5)....1. 3. 0(0)....1. 3. 0(0).... 1. 3. 2

51 lokicons ....xx.xx.xx..... 1. 0. 0(0)... 1. 1. 0...... 1. 2. 0...... 1. 2. 1 ..... <.--.--- ..... 1. 3. 1 ..... 1. 3. 2
...............xx.xx.xxxx....23.08.2016....19.11.2016....18.12.2016....19.01.2017.... <.--.--- ....31.05.2017....27.11.2017

60 spielwelt ... 1. 0. 0..... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---......1. 3. 0(0)... <.--.---......1. 3. 2
...............15.08.2016.... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....23.03.2017.... <.--.--- ....22.12.2017

70 GFP V2......xx.xx.xx......xx.xx.xx...... 3.53.__...... 3.54.__ ..... <.--.--- .... 3.62.__ ..... 3.68.__ ..... <.--.---
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....15.11.2016....12.12.2016.... <.--.--- ....11.04.2017....24.05.2017.... <.--.---

71 gleisbox2 .. <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... 1. 0.___

72 Adapter 6012.xx.xx.xx..... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... 1. 0.__ ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....29.11.2016.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

73 ms2 .........xx.xx.xx..... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... 2. 7.__ ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx.... 7.12.2016.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

74 linkS88 .....xx.xx.xx..... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... 1. 0.___ .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....29.11.2016.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

75 GFP V3 ......xx.xx.xx..... <.--.--- ....11.89.___ ....11.91.___ .... <.--.--- ....12.22.___ ....12.28.___ .... <.--.---
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....15.11.2016....15.12.2016.... <.--.--- ....11.04.2017....10.07.2017.... <.--.---

77 decoder .... <.--.--- ..... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- ...Pkg. 03/17.... <.--.--- .... <.--.---
...............xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx....xx.xx.xxxx......xx.xx.xx......xx.xx.xx....03.03.2017.... <.--.--- .... <.--.---

................1.3.3(0)......1.3.3(1)......1.4.0(?)..... 1. 4. 1...... 2.0.0(0)......2.1.0(0)......2.2.0(5)

20 debian ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1. 4. 1...... <.--.---...... <.--.---...... 2. 2. 0
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 5.02.2019..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....06.05.2020

30 cleanup .... 1.3.3(0)..... <.--.---..... 1.4.0(0)..... 1. 4. 1.......2.0.0(0)......2.1.0(0)......2.2.0(0)
...............22.06.2018.... <.--.---.....30.09.2018.... 5.02.2019....04.12.2019....04.12.2019....11.11.2020

40 system ..... 1.3.3(0)..... <.--.---..... 1.4.0(0)..... 1. 4. 1.......2.0.0(0)...... <.--.---...... <.--.---
...............22.06.2018.... <.--.---.....30.09.2018.... <.--.---.....04.12.2019..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

41 kernel ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....4.5.0 #60......4.5.0 #60..... <.--.---
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....16/05/2019....17/03/2020..... <.--.---

42 webserver .. 1.3.3(0)..... 1.3.3(1)..... 2.0.0(0)..... <.--.---......2.0.0(0)......2.1.0(0)......2.2.0(0)
...............22.06.2018....30.07.2018....30.09.2018.... <.--.---.....04.12.2019.....20.02.2020.....11.11.2020

50 cs3-gui .... 1.3.3(0)..... 1.3.3(1)..... 1.4.0(0)..... 1. 4. 1.......2.0.0(0).......2.1.0(2).......2.2.0(5)
...............22.06.2018....22.07.2018....22.01.2019.... 5.02.2019....04.12.2019....21.04.2020....11.11.2020

51 lokicons ... 1.3.3(0)..... <.--.---..... 1.4.0(0)..... 1. 4. 1.......2.0.0(0).......2.1.0(0).......2.2.0(5)
...............22.06.2018.... <.--.---.....30.09.2018.... 8.03.2019....04.12.2019....20.01.2020....11.11.2020

60 spielwelt .. 1.3.3(0)..... <.--.---..... 1.4.0(0)..... 1. 4. 1.......2.0.0(0).......2.1.0(0).......2.2.0(5)
...............22.06.2018.... <.--.---.....30.09.2018.... 6.03.2019....04.12.2019....20.01.2020....11.1.2020

70 GFP V2...... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 3.81.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....21.01.2019.... 5.02.2019.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

71 gleisbox2 .. 1.00.00 ..... <.--.---..... 1.4.1(0)..... 1. 41 ....... 1. 47 . ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
...............28.07.2016.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....04/11/2019.... <.--.---..... <.--.---

72 Adapter 6012 <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

73 ms2 ........ <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---...... 3.55......... 3.112........ <.--.---..... <.--.---
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....22.02.2019....28.11.2019.... <.--.---..... <.--.---

74 linkS88 .... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

75 GFP V3 ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 12.57........ 12.62........ <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 12.113
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....30.09.2018....15.02.2019.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....17.07.2020

77 decoder .... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---......
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1.12.2018....17.11.2019....18.12.2019....19.08.2020

8x Bilder...... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1.0.0(0)
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....28.4.2020

8x Ansagen..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1.0.0(0)
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....28.4.2020

xx supervisor . 2.05.02 ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---
...............20.04.2017.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---

................2.3.1(8)......2.4.0(5)......2.4.1(0)......2.4.1(0)a..... 2.5.1(0)a.....

20 debian ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....

30 cleanup .... 2.3.1(8)..... 2.3.0........ <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 2.5.0(0).....
...............25.05.2021....07.08.2020.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....31.10.2023....

40 system ..... 2.3.0(0)..... 2.4.0(1)..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 2.5.0(2).....
...............25.05.2021....03.05.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....05.09.2023....

41 kernel ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....
............... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....

42 webserver .. 2.3.1(8)..... 2.4.0(1)..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 2.5.0(3).....
...............25.05.2021....18.08.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....31.10.2023....

50 cs3-gui .... 2.3.1(8)..... 2.4.0(5)..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 2.5.1(0).....
...............25.05.2021....29.11.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....31.10.2023....

51 lokicons ... 2.3.0(2)..... 2.4.1........ 2.4.0(1)..... <.--.---..... 2.5.0........

60 spielwelt .. 2.2.0(0)..... 2.4.0(0)..... 2.4.0(1)..... <.--.---..... 2.5.0(1).....
...............11.11.2020....25.11.2021....08.06.2022.... <.--.---.....26.10.2023....

7x CanDevice... 2.1.1(8)..... 2.4.0........ <.--.---..... 2.4.1a....... <.--.---.....
...............17.03.2021....15.11.2021.... <.--.---.....20.06.2023.... <.--.---.....

70 GFP V2...... 3.82......... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 3.85......... <.--.---.....
...............17.03.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....26.06.2023.... <.--.---....

71 gleisbox2 .. <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....
............... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....

72 Adapter 6021 <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....
............... <.--.--- .... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....

73 ms2 ........ 3.121---..... 3.148---..... <.--.---..... 4.1 ......... <.--.---.....
...............17.03.2021....15.11.2021.... <.--.---.....20.06.2023.... <.--.---.....

74 linkS88 .... 1. 1.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....
...............17.03.2021.... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....

75 GFP V3 ..... 12.113....... <.--.--- .... <.--.---..... 12.113....... <.--.---.....
...............17.03.2021.... <.--.--- .... <.--.---.....20.06.2023.... <.--.---.....

77 decoder .... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....
...............10.12.2020.....31.05.2021... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....19.09.2023.....

8x Bilder...... 1. 0. 1...... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1.1.0(1).....
...............23.02.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....15.12.2022.....

8x Ansagen..... <.--.---..... 1.1.(0)-..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... 1.1.0(0).....
............... <.--.---.....14.09.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....15.12.2021....

xx supervisor . 2.05.03 ..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....
...............25.01.2021.... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---..... <.--.---.....

Edited by user 07 January 2024 01:17:48(UTC)  | Reason: 2.5.1(0)

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Online clapcott  
#2 Posted : 21 April 2017 22:05:35(UTC)

New Zealand   
Joined: 12/12/2005(UTC)
Posts: 2,430
Location: Wellington, New_Zealand
Change Log

Delivery version

track plan coordination of representation with future applications allows replacement of individual programs

Error corrections
Switching problem Accessories decoder
Switching problems with accessory decoders. Switching commands were transmitted too quickly one after the other, and the switch-off command was sent shortly after the switch-on command.
Mfx Application 60174 Booster
An updated GFP for CS2 and booster improves the mfx login in the booster circuit.
Blocked GFP3 when mfx is switched off
An mfx request with the mfx-track protocol switched off could lead to a blockage of the GFP3. This has been fixed.
Switching conditions Accessories
Fixed a bug that caused them to lose their state after power up.
Manual release S88 contacts
A manual assignment of an S88 contact is forwarded correctly to other control panels.
Mfx-re-registration after configuration restores
An mfx-new registration is enforced for all mfx-subscribers after a configuration restore. Otherwise, it could happen that mfx-loks were not controllable or did not log in again.
Creation of track plans
The creation of track plans has been simplified, catching connections improved.
Sorting locomotives and magnetic articles
The unrealized sorting options for the article list and the locomotive list have been deactivated.
Articel list can be sorted by address, type and name.
The locomotive list can be sorted by Name, Type, History and V / max.
Display locomotive list
The grid of the locomotive list has been corrected, and intermediate settings have been fixed.
Faulty master - slave setting leads to unaffected surface
If the setting Master / Slave is activated and the field for the master IP address is empty, the surface is hung up. This error has been fixed.
New languages: Japanese and Greek
The translation of the texts in Japanese and Greek has been added.

Programer extensions
S88 contacts
S88 contacts are docked on a route (analogous to the signals). Existing tracks with S88 contacts are automatically adjusted.
Speed ​​control locomotives
An option in the settings of the CS3 allows fast control of the locomotives. This is switched off at the time of delivery so that the speed control does not collide with the assistants.
Configuring a locomotive
The menus for setting up a locomotive have been modified. The arrangement of the input fields is now in a more meaningful order.
Keyboard Fullscreen
A full-screen representation of the keyboard was realized.
Darkening background at menus
The inactive background is darkened when an input menu is opened.

Other locomotives have been added. The total number is now 1584 locomotives. Some prematurely released locomons were removed.
Non-operable interface according to CS2 data import
This bug has already been fixed in Hotfix V1.0.1 and is still part of the update.
The wizard shows the point for pressing.
Representation of the track plan
The representation of the track plan was coordinated and slightly modified. This can lead to the need to rework the track sketches.

track plan coordination of representation with future applications allows replacement of individual programs

Error Corrections
Write locomotives
An error occurred while handling locomotive with 32 function and writing locomotive cards.
Bugfix MS2 Update
The MS2 update now works - Updated files were included in the delivery scope.
Data import CS2
A hotfix for the CS2 import has been implemented. The cause is a deleted directory, which means that the access rights are no longer correct. Why the directory is deleted could not be determined, but the effect was fixed.
Adapter 6021 - List of locomotives
The locomotive list for adapter 6021 is sent to the device every time it is started. So far, it was sent only after editing.
Switch uncoupler
Decouplers, or momentary items, now switch correctly. Switching repeats were not sent correctly.
DCC locomotive address
Decouplers, or momentary items, now switch correctly. Switching repeats were not sent correctly.
Program extensions
Keyboard - New sorting function: Area
In the keyboard, the articles can be sorted according to the defined areas.
Security query for mfx article search
Before the start of the mfx article search, a security query was installed. This prevents an accidental interruption of the set configuration.
Interface to PC controls
The interface to PC controls has been brought to the CS2 stand. The connection can be restored analogously to CS2.

Changeover procedure for web servers
The start procedure of the web server was changed to standard Linux. The memory consumption of the process manager "PM2" can thus be consumed by the application. Triggers were customers whose extensive configurations caused a memory overflow.
Copyright rights for all applications
A note on legal use was included in each program.

1.3 Beta
extensions in the automation area

S88 Status after reboot
The status after restarting is first updated from the database and the status of the system is read.
Time function for locomotive functions
This feature has been re-programmed analogously to the CS2.
Interface PC control programs
The broadcast interface was simulated analogously to the CS2. This should restore the PC control programs
Double dialog caused crashes
Through various actions, dialogs could be opened twice, resulting in a GUI crash
Magent articulation on a connected MS2
The current magnetic article position is now displayed on a MS2.
Double-tap on loco function
Double-tap on loco function permanently changed the status.
Locals with special characters
Locals can now contain a small selection of urgently needed special characters.
Number of DCC locomotives
The number of DCC locomotives is now adjustable and is also used during control.

1.3 : 1.3.0(0)
Content of the update V 1.3
Error corrections of known and localized errors
Some necessary extensions, so that reported errors could be repaired
New Leaders
Supports the decoder tool

Display of the console at stop
- In the Stop state, the directional arrows are also displayed in red.
Adapter 6021-60128
- Fixed an error while sending the inital configuration. The data is now sent correctly every time you restart.
S88 Status after reboot
- The status after restarting is first updated from the database and the status of the system is read. The execution of events up to the end of the process is prevented. Contacts with status "unknown" (red) are marked until the end of the reading. The process is indicated by a progress indicator.
Link-S88 Config after restart
- An error which prevented the link S88 from getting the required setting values ​​at system start has been fixed. The settings are now sent to the device and subsequently the current status of the contacts is read.
- The same happens when a Link-S88 is subsequently started.
Execution stop of automatics during the S88 status read-in
- As long as the status of the S88 contacts is read, the execution of automatic functions is inhibited. This is indicated in the automatic menu. If an attempt is made to activate the automatics in this state, a corresponding message is output.
Automatic start-up of locomotives
- Automatic start-up of locomotives is now also indicated by a progress indicator. A termination of the start-up is no longer indicated by a message.
Canceling an event using an S88 contact
- The designation of whether an event was aborted or continued was incompatible with the realization of the CS2. Now this is uniform to CS2.
Identification action of an S88 contact
- An indication of whether an S88 contact is waiting or aborted has been added.
Time function for locomotive functions
- This feature has been re-programmed analogously to the CS2.
Interface PC control programs
- The broadcast interface was simulated analogously to the CS2. This should restore the PC control programs.
Crash by double dialog
- Through various actions, dialogs could be opened twice, resulting in a GUI crash.
Crash when inserting track building articles
- Repeated insertion of track construction articles could lead to a crash. As a result, this crash could lead to an empty track. The error has been cleared.
Crash SLAVE GUI through game world locomotives in the ad
- A slave GUI could have problems starting when both left and right the same locomotive with activated game world was in the controller. This error has been fixed.
Crash GUI at mfx logon while active game leader
- The GUI crashed when an mfx application was terminated and you were at the same time in the game world leader. This bug has been fixed.
Magnetic article position on a connected MS2
- The current magnetic article position is now displayed correctly on a MS2.
Double-tap on loco function
- Double-tap on loco function permanently changed the status.
Locals with special characters
- Locals can now contain a small selection of urgently needed special characters. "", "", "", "", "", "", "" .
Magnetic articles with special characters
- Magnetic articles may now also contain a small selection of urgently needed special characters. They are the same as the locomotives.
Delete articles / locomotives with special characters
- The deletion of articles / locomotives with special characters was not completely possible. Elements with question marks were inserted on the layout and could not be deleted. This has been fixed in the course of introducing special characters.
Creating articles
- When creating articles, the selection window remains open and had to be closed separately. This will now be closed correctly.
New mfx articles m83 (60832) and m84 (60842)
- The support for the new mfx-compatible accessories has been added. The DCC CVs in the template for m83 and m84 have been extended.
Editing mfx accessories
- The CV descriptions for the entries have been revised and expanded.
Specification of entries when creating articles
- When prescribing addresses and names of articles, reasonable assumptions are now proposed, if this is recognizable. This makes the creation of articles faster and easier.
Number of DCC locomotives
- The number of digits of DCC locomotives is now adjustable and is used during control.
Move windows
- Moving windows is now more fluid. The package updater has also been revised. The side effect that the windows are now partially unfavorable will be fixed in V1.4.
CS2 data import
- When importing the memory configuration of the CS2, the CS2 contacts are no longer imported as control contacts. These are now assigned to the device with the acknowledgment 1.
Setting up mfx functions.
-When setting up mfx functions, the wrong values ​​were written to the decoder. That was corrected.
Setting and sorting by type of locomotive
-When locomotives are created manually, the type of locomotive can be assigned. This allows the locomotives to be sorted by type.
Circuit repetition
- For torque and duration articles, a circuit repeat is now sent correctly.
- The texts are now translated in the mfx configuration. Some translations have yet to be submitted.
Disappear entries from events
- A cause was localized: deleting duplicates immediately deletes the entry in the events. A change that causes the event item to be automatically deleted after deleting the last item with this address will trigger the accidental disappearance of items.
New game world championship
- New worlds of games have been added:
- - Tower truck with stage control
- - Railbus
- - Re 4/4 I
- - Modern Diesellok
- - Old building Diesel locomotive eg V140 / V16, V188
- - Ae 8/14
- - Diesel quick-action trains VT08, VT11
- - F7
- - BR 628
- - BR 103
Display gameslokloks consumption menu on the right
- If the consumption value menu of a game worldlok was called up on the right-hand control, this has been displayed outside the screen. This has been corrected and is now visible.
Operation Game-world brake by means of rotary knob
- The operation of the brake in the world of the game world is more sensitive.
Zoom track image
- The zooming of the track image was accelerated.
Address display adapter 6021
- When displaying the assigned locomotives to an adapter 6021, the address that is to be entered on the 6021 is now displayed in the address field. There are things
Mfx - editing with active game world locomotives
- An error that has interrupted the reading of mfx-CVs in the event of a failed read-out of consumption values ​​has been fixed.
Create Motorola locomotives from the database
- When creating locomotives from the database, locomotives could be created with a time function. The active times, however, were incorrectly deflected in the locomotive - which in part led to quite confusing phenomena. In part, the appearance is that functions are deactivated again by themselves - since the times could also be quite large.

Support decoder tool
- Added support for Märklin Decoder Tool.
Decoderupdate with the CS3
- A decoder update with the CS3 was implemented.
Restart Web Server after package update
-After a package update, the web server is restarted.
New locomotives
-The locomotives of the new 2017 and other LGB icons have been added.

Alphatest phase
Extensions Events
In the test are extensions to events. These are preliminary and will not be included in the release.

This includes:
Setting the status of S88 contacts.
Accessories and locomotive control as conditions for waiting or canceling.

1.3.1 : 1.3.1(0)

Content of the update V 1.3.1(0)
Miscellaneous and Troubleshooting

Bug fixes
S88 devices
- If the S88 devices are missing, the name of the devices that are still open is output.
Status display Stop button at system start / restart
- For the illumination of the stop button only the feedback of the master GFP is used. Thus, the status is consistent with the track.
- Further texts were translated during mfx-CV processing.
Performance bottle neck
- A message flow could cause steps in an event to fail. This flood of messages has been removed.
Displays the pause time for items in events
- The rest periods were always shown in seconds. Entering times less than 1 second did not display them. Break times are now displayed correctly.
Animations of ads
- Animated ads were temporarily suspended due to high CPU load.
Events on locomotive functions / truncation functions
- An error has been fixed which causes locomotives with special characters in the name to not execute events on the locomotive functions. The handling of the special characters at this point was missing - the locomotive could not be assigned.
Events Edit
- In the Edit Events mode, a long press has always been active. This allows you to delete multiple elements or move elements within the event. For this to be operable, the long press time was set to 500 ms.

Program enhancements
Turntable treatment revised
- The illustration of the turntable in the CS3 has been extended and revised. It now has 2 operating modes: position-controlled (without programming of the turntable decoder) and connection controlled (by means of a programmed turntable decoder).
New turntable mode: position-controlled.
- In this mode, an unrecorded turntable decoder is required. The turntable is drawn in the track and the tracks connected there are approached. The step button activates the next connected track. Operation of the turntable by means of position selection of the stage is directly possible. When direct operation of the stage, the direction of rotation is adjusted to the operation.
Existing turntable mode: connection controlled
- In this mode, a turntable decoder is required. In order to be able to set this up, the "programming" tab of the turntable has been adapted to this requirement. The turntable decoder is responsible only for the desired positions. The user has the task of setting up the turntable to match the design and layout in the layout and to match the three areas.
Setting up the turntable
- The "Programming" tab of the request has been adapted to set up the turntable. In this tab, two tasks were resolved: Position 1 Correction and setup of the turntable decoder. By selecting the appropriate functionality, the turntable decoder is set to the appropriate mode and the user can manually complete the process.
Setting up the turntable: Determine the connections
- The connections to the turntable are determined by the track layout. When drawing the connecting lines, the active connections are determined. Connections without connecting rails are not approached in position-controlled mode. In the terminal controlled mode, the connections shown determine which tracks are approached and which position they have.
Help the turntable
- A new help function and help pages were created for the turntable.
Warehouse locomotives
- One possibility was to keep Lokicons in subdirectories and to nest exactly one level deep. This extension is also valid for the SD card.
Search in the locomotives
- The output field for displaying the search mask can now also be used for input.
- Sections in CV processing can now be expanded / expanded. The list becomes much clearer.
MFX-CV processing: Function symbol assignment
- A function icon can also be assigned to the function during the processing of the functions. You do not have to leave the dialog for this task anymore and do this when setting up.
New feedback types
- S88-type pressure switches and rotary switches have been added. This allows the functions of the S88 contacts to be displayed better.
Pictures for events
- Added new images for events. For this purpose a separate directory was added: pics. In the course of this, the presentation of the events was also slightly changed.
Sort events
- Events can now be sorted by the assigned image. The image can thus become a sorting criterion.
Sorting locomotives
- new mfx locomotives now appear first in the locomotive list - regardless of the selected sort.
Help pages
- Numerous help topics have been added to various topics. These are listed in the "System" area and can be called up there.
Webserver Collaboration with Firefox
- Fixed a bug when working with Firefox when viewing the locomotives.
Number joystick box
- The input limits for the numbering console have been corrected.

1.3.2 : 1.3.2(1)

Content of the update V 1.3.2(1)
- Lighter operation of the CS3 (Optimised)
- Bug fixes

Bug fixes
Central ABV
- The calculation of the central ABV is ended when the direction changes
Initial query of CS2 contacts after CS2 system restart
- The S88 contact query of a CS2 may fail on the first try. If this happens, the process is reported and repeated.
Current events cause slow operation
- The cause was the animation of the process. This has been optimized.
Value range for MM2 variables
- The value range for MM2 variables was limited to 79. There was no reason for that. The restriction has been removed.
CV editing
- Fixed some errors and blockages in CV editing.
Start query S88 contacts
-If there are no real S88.contacts in the keyboard, the red line in the keyboard will not be drawn anymore. The cause was a missing database information about the progress of the query.
MS2: Takeover of Loks from the CS3
- An error has been fixed which resulted in an incompatible locomotive list to the MS2. Background was a missing status info to the affected locomotives. Once this was not present, the locomotive was missing in the MS2 list.
Lok function editor: Moment property of a function
- When setting the torque function, this property is also written in the decoder
Format conversion of track image files
- Track image files in old formats were not converted during loading. This bug is now fixed and old formats are changed into current ones.
Initial S88 status query of contacts to CS2
- When starting the CS2, it may happen that this ignores the reading of the S88 contacts. If this happens, the CS3 tries again.
mfx processing of functions greater than F16
- An error has been fixed that prevented the execution of functions greater than 16 in mfx CV editing.
Assignment of articles to multiple decoders
- An error has been fixed where an erroneous assignment to a multiple decoder resulted in a crash.

Program enhancements
Lighter operation (Optimised)
- The internal structure has been changed to allow a smoother operation. In this course, some display errors were corrected. Screen-filling dialogues are no longer movable.
Faster presentation of articles
- For faster drawing of articles are now drawn not by SVG image but by code contained in the program. This brings an increase in presentation speed.
Synchronization Article address for mfx articles
- If the address of mfx articles is changed, it will now be synchronized with the device (if possible).
Creation of decouplers
- The creation of uncouplers has been simplified and is now possible on both outlets of one connection.
Reporting error conditions on the Märklin bus
- If too many communication errors are reported by the CAN bus, the user is informed.
Report errors of internal memory
- If problems occur during operation of the FLASH memory, the user is informed.
Report memory problems
- If a file can no longer be saved (for example due to memory becoming too full), the user will be informed.
User error logging
- User logging has been implemented to support users and search for errors. The result of the logging helps the development to locate errors.
Locked track logs
- Locked track logs are now being considered in the CS3. If the user executes a function for a blocked track protocol (mm2, mfx or dcc), this will be reported and will not block the CS3. If the functionality is to be carried out, the user must first change the track protocol setting in the system settings and repeat the procedure.
Article list: redraw
- The article list is only redrawn if the changed element is visible.
CV processing with blocked track logs
- If CV processing is not possible due to a blocked track protocol, this will be reported to the user. Furthermore, this was one of the causes of blockage in CV processing.
- When creating the backup, the additionally loaded Lokicons are now also saved.
New function icons for locomotive functions
- The number of locomotive functions has been expanded. 54 new locomotives were added for many different purposes. Respect for compatibility with CS2 and MS2, this will be communicated with a compatible one.
Article number search when assigning locomotives manually
- In the file dialog for searching for locomotives, you can now search for an article number by entering the corresponding Märklin article number in the search field. The resolution follows the same system as when logging on mfx locomotives.
Current locomotives
- The current locomotives have been added.
Approach locomotives automatically
- The execution speed of the function "Locomotive automatic start" has been increased and adapted to the speed of the S88 contacts.

1.3.3 : 1.3.3(0)

Content of the update V 1.3.3(0)
- Extensions Events
- Miscellaneous and Bugfixing
- WEB application to control the CS3

Bug fixes
Due to older configurations, turntables could cause a crash during configuration. This is fixed (cause was that the turntable in the configuration was wrongly assigned to a multiple decoder).
Some unmarked digits in the track configuration area will now be translated correctly.
Bug fix in events
If a variable was set at the end of an event, an immediately following evaluation of the variable failed. This has been corrected.
Missing update connoisseur
The update ID for a pending update for the CS3 may not be displayed under certain circumstances. This bug has been fixed, pending updates of stick or network will be displayed.
Wrong representation of the light signal HP02
The display of the light signal HP02 in the article list and the track image has been corrected. When switching to faster display, the wrong signal image was drawn.
If a locomotive was changed, its affiliation to traction could be lost. This is fixed.

Program enhancements
events view
When viewing the events, you can now display the content of called events. This gives you a much better overview of the interrelations of nested events and helps you to find fault conditions faster.
Grouping of events
An event can be assigned an "automation group", after which the view of the events can be filtered. Thus, groups of events that control a contiguous flow can be summarized and collected.
Cancellation of events
For events, starting new events has been blocked until now. Now it is also possible to stop current events or to stop the flow of events.
Locally related events
If another event with locomotive commands is called in an event with locomotive commands, this locomotive reference is passed on to the called event and executed to obtain the current locomotive.
New triggers and actions in events
In events, additional system-relevant actions can be triggered and thus respond to unexpected events of the system. Actions are: Stop and stop events. Triggers are: CS3 Startup, Go and Events Go.
Control of the extended capabilities of the events
The extended possibilities of the events can be released in the control panel. These can now be used in a manageable version with limited possibilities or in the extended version. The possibilities of the extended variant can lead to quite complex configurations. Since this can also complicate the operation of the CS3 considerably this way was chosen. The easy operation of the CS3 for the beginner must be ensured.
New S88 Magnetic Icons
new S88 representations have been added for the Extended Abilities of events.
Loco list: new sorting
The locomotive list can now also be sorted according to the addresses of the locomotives. The order of the control protocols is fixed MM2, mfx and DCC

1.4.0 : 1.4.0(0)

Content of the update
Extensions Events
Miscellaneous and Bugfix

Bug fixes
Representation number 7 in the numbering console
The number 7 had a white border. The presentation has been corrected and adapted to the other figures.
Correct sequence of switching sequences
It could happen that circuits are sent overlapping to the GFP. Switching sequences are now sequenced and sent correctly to the GFP.
DCC Read the address of a decoder
The reading out of the address of a decoder has again been made functional. Changes in the mfx logon prevented the automatic readout of DCC locos.
Demand when writing DCC CV templates
When writing the CV template values, a demand ensures that this is also desired. The background is that users have searched for a CV Write button and used the template values ​​write button. The settings made were reset to standard and canceled settings made.
Delete input field for alphanumeric entries
The tedious deletion of individual letters by Backspace is now supported by a deletion function of the entire input field.
Change Software ABV: Reduction on Motorola locos
A software ABV takes place only for Motorola locomotives. DCC locomotives and mfx locomotives are controlled without software ABV. mfx locomotives have been controlled for a long time without ABV, now also with DCC locomotives a direct control.
Display errors were corrected in the speed display.

Program enhancements
Events: Introduce macros to execute events.
The events have been extended to include macro functions. AND, OR, IF, LOOP, BRAKE and RANDOM
Events: Extension of a locomotive display function in the track diagram.
For the elements of an event, you can specify in the action whether the article should be displayed or the tracked image should be displayed in the controlled locomotive. This can be a position indicator of a locomotive realize.
Events: Resume operation after a reboot.
When the vehicle is stopped, the system is shut down in a controlled manner and the status of the events is saved. When the CS3 is switched on, the status is restored and the driving continues.
System: Brightness of stop button at stop
The brightness of the stop button is set with the brightness of the screen.
Encoder: Dynamization
The evaluation of the encoders has been extended in such a way that all speed steps can be achieved and the encoders dynamized.
Speed ​​display: Switch between km / h, percentage and gear.
The display of the speed can now be changed.
- Percentage
display : To enter a percentage value, enter the value 10 in the maximum value of the tachometer.
This is indicated by a following percent sign after the set value.
- Speed ​​step
display To indicate the speed step, enter the speed step number of the decoder in the Tcho.
For mfx locomotives this equals 126, for Motorola the value 14
For DCC locomotives, the set value must be set under Speed ​​levels.
- Km Display
All other values in the speedometer display the kilometer value.

Game world guide for all locomotives
The game world guide can now be used for non game world locomotives. Since the decoders of these locomotives do not carry out a consumption calculation, this is deactivated.
track layouts
When creating the track images, a grid can be set to facilitate placement. Useful values ​​for the grid may be:
Horizontal 12, Vertical 7
Horizontal 60, Vertical 35
Horizontal 120, Vertical 70

Horizontal 19, Vertical 11
Horizontal 33, Vertical 19
Horizontal 53, Vertical 30
Horizontal 97, Vertical 56
Horizontal 104, Vertical 60
Horizontal 118 , Vertical 68
The grid is calculated on the basis of the used turnout angle of 30 °. The turn of the turnouts should be done in this grid. And also depends on the desired parallel spacing in the track layout.

Edit a track layout configuration
Editing a configuration of different devices is now prohibited.
Support for MS2 with 32 functions
Support for the MS2 with 32 functions has been extended.
Additional speedometer: Round speedometer
Another possibility for displaying a round speedometer was realized. After the presentation with 4 function columns and before the representation of the game world driving stand the round speedometer can be raised. The display of 2 round tachos is possible.
New game world guide booths
New game world rides have been added:
Update Lokicons
The novelties were supplemented. 2018 locomotives

Changes CFP 3 - V12.50 / V12.53
Error correction DCC Bit Write
DCC Bit Write is now correctly confirmed to the GUI.
New functionality: readout mfx NAZ
A set NAZ can now be read out of the master GFP.
Improved CAN buffer
The CAN message buffer has been revised. CAN messages should not be lost anymore.
MM2 address recognition
The detection of MM2 addresses has been improved. This is now looking more closely for the reaction of a locomotive
Revision of the Lok Halt command
The Lok Halt command has been extended. Lok Halt now transmits speed 0 to all locomotives without destroying the stored speed levels. With a GO, the stored gear levels are sent back to the locomotives.
Changes WEB application
Browsing the help
In the web application it is possible to browse the help of the CS3. Due to the much larger display area, a more comfortable reading of the help is possible.
Video surveillance of the system
The CS3 is able to realize a livestream monitoring of the train operation by means of USB cameras or IP cameras. The presentation takes place on the WEB-Browser. Due to the high computing load of the CS3, the number of USB cameras is limited to one active, several cameras can be connected. IP cameras can be used more than one, because they do not burden the CS3 to the same extent.
Changes MS2
32 functions
The MS2 and GB2 can now switch 32 functions under mfx
mfx CV processing
The most important mfx CVs can now be edited with the MS2.
Multi-device operation
Multi-device operation with the MS2 terminal has been stabilized.
Update track box 2
Switching of 32 functions was realized.

1.4.1 : 1.4.1(0)

Content of the update
Buffer management mfx CV processing
Decoder update and current decoder software
MS2 with 32 functions
Miscellaneous and error correction

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Clarification in case of error Master slave connection establishment
The error message in slave mode for the unsuccessful connection to the master has been extended to include information on the possible cause of the error.
Corrections mapping mfx decoder for locomotives
When mfx mapping now 20 Susi functions can be mapped.
Update Lokicons
Some other locomotives and locomotives have been reduced in size to save space.
Optimized gaming resources
All game world resources have been compressed to save space and increase speed.
Corrections switching operations
Too fast successive shifts could lead to a stoppage. This is detected and the blockade resolved.

Program enhancements
Reorganization of CS3 processes - decoder update
The number of CS3 processes has been reduced. The remoteupdate process has been migrated to an existing process and resources are being saved.
Decoderupate for Märklin Sound and Lokdecoder
The CS3 can update Märklin decoder. This applies both to the update with the control panel (SW update in configuration mode) and in conjunction with the decoder tool (remote-controlled software update).
Adjustments to mDT tool
For the setup and programming of decoders with the Märklin Decoder Tool, extensions were implemented in the CS3. The remote control capability to the decoder has been extended and adapted to the new capabilities of the decoder.
mfx CV buffer - control of storage
In the CV processing of an mfx locomotive, a buffer file has already been stored, which offers a high-performance access to the locomotive's settings. What is new is that this memory file is generally saved when leaving the configuration mode with OK and is now generally deleted with Cancel. This one has an influence on the memory behavior of the buffer file.
Status values ​​in mfx-CV
An mfx decoder has CV values ​​which are changed by the decoder. These CV values ​​are now read out of the decoder when entering the configuration and tapping the CV variables.
CV buffer for magnetic articles
For magnetic articles, this memory has now been introduced as well.
Changelog at the package updater
The package updater can now display the update information for the current update. For the update, the updater must be up to date - so the changes can only be displayed with further updates.
Data backup and restore
Data backup and restore are now performed by the CS3 control process. This increases the reliability of backup and restore.
Corrections Output configuration with mfx accessory decoder
For mfx accessory decoder, the output menu is adapted to the capabilities of the decoder. The different characteristics of the decoder are now offered in the output menu.
Numbering of similar function icons
Similar locomotive functions with the same representation are now numbered in the representation.

Changes MS2 and GB2
32 functions
The MS2 and GB2 can now switch 32 functions under mfx
mfx CV processing
The most important mfx CVs can now be edited with the MS2.
Multi-device operation
Multi-device operation with the MS2 terminal has been stabilized.
Update track box 2
Switching of 32 functions was realized.

Changes CFP 3 - V12.61
Bugfix Decoderupdate
The decoder update process of the GFP has been investigated and stabilized.

Version 2.0.0

Content of the update
Simplification when setting up locomotive functions
Simplification when creating and setting up articles
Extensions of the track layout with panels
Extension of the WEB application with a track picture editor for creating panels
Extension of the WEB application with system view for device management
Missing font Japanese
Miscellaneous and error correction

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Events with locomotives
If a locomotive is deleted from the locomotive list, this is also considered in the events.

When zooming the track image, the position of the plates remains constant to each other. Increasing the distance of the plates when zooming in to the track image has been fixed.

Correction of the location of plates
Due to the displacement of plates, it could happen that these have been placed far apart. This is detected and the plates are placed back to each other.

Inactive display of switches and signals
If switches and signals are hidden by the view filter, then the appearance of the icons in the track image has not changed. These are now displayed correctly grayed out.

Lost S88 device settings
In conjunction with an MS2 it could occur when starting the CS3 application that the device settings of the devices with S88 connection were overwritten. This error is now corrected.

Resumption of operation on reboot
An option to continue operations after CS3 failure has been added.

Consumption setting game world
The setting of the consumption factors of the gaming world with active consumption calculation by the decoder has been corrected. Changing the settings will now be transferred correctly to the decoder.

Driving turntable through PC programs
One possible cause of event crash when switching the turntable has been fixed.

mfx processing Switch-on delay of functions
The switch-on and switch-off delays were reversed. This has been corrected.

Program enhancements
Reading decoder CVs
Reading under mfx of connected SUSI decoder CVs has been realized.

Setting up the Lok function icons
The procedure for setting up the locomotive functions has been simplified. With Drag & Drop or by selecting the functions and icons, all locomotive functions can now be provided with icons.

Set up articles
The dialog for setting up articles has been revised and the process for setting up articles has been made more efficient. By expanding the "unoccupied addresses" the article list can be set up quickly and easily.

"Free" or "Unused" addresses
Customers criticize the now required creation of articles on the article list in order to be able to use these services. The second point of criticism is that the necessary data can be entered in a complicated way and then can be switched. By displaying free addresses, articles can now be served without having to create them beforehand.

The database has been extended and adapted to the requirements of WEB app and GUI.

Introduction of control desks
The track layouts can now include panels as well as panels. Plates are an illustration of the plant, Stellplte an abstract representation of the route.

Track diagram editor
The track image editor has been revised and optimized. The internal operation has been improved. The insertion of track-specific elements has been simplified and new elements can now be inserted by drag and drop from the editor dialog.

Renaming of plates and consoles
Plates and consoles can be renamed. To do this, select the name of the disk and change the name in the dialog box.

Description texts in the track diagram
It is now possible to insert free text for labeling a track layout.

Placement of events in the track image
Events can now be inserted in a track image. This means that routes can be called directly from the track layout.

Tunnels and bridges
Tunnel portals and bridgeheads are now with route connectors and can be permanently inserted into routes. The following route is drawn as a bridge or tunnel. For control desks, this system is not realized, bridges and tunnels are placed as decorative elements.

New article types in the article list and the track image.
New types of parts have been introduced for the control desk and new accessories.
The double track change joint (suspenders track connection) has a special figure in trades
The new turntable introduces sounds in the article list.
New track components were introduced for the desks. Console bridge, console tunnel and console underpass are for consoles to symbolically represent the route. The bridge driveway and tunnel are drawn in trays as track bases.
To display a train name, the special contact "train indication" has been introduced for control desks. A control panel displays a field for displaying the train name. The train name must be displayed by self-created events.
The turntable is represented in control desks by the outlets. Each placed outlet in a control desk and a connected outlet in a plate can be approached by the turntable.

System overview CS3
The interconnected CS3s appear in the system overview of the CS3. For the own CS3 all settings can be operated, for remote CS3en and the master only certain settings can be changed. The change makes it possible to create a backup from any CS3 GUI. A slave center in this case performs a backup on the master. Slaves do not have their own settings in this operating mode.

Track Picture Editor Undo / Redo / Discard
In the track editor, the changes can now be undone and restored step by step. Also a rejection of all changes and new beginnings is possible.

New driver's cabs
Added a cab for V320 and Köfferli. The cab of the Unimog has been improved.

Update Lokicons
Lokicon's novelties 2019

Extensions of the WEB application
Initial configuration options in the WEB app
Track pictures can be edited in the WEB application.

CS3 system control in the WEB interface
CS3 Control Panel features are now available on the WEB interface. Settings of the CS3 can also be made in the WEB interface.

Fixed a bug in the WEB camera handling
An error in the installation routine of the web application poses a problem when using USB cameras.

Linux system extensions
Bug Fix Japanese font
In the course of uninstalling the package "Imagemagik" the font needed for Japan was unintentionally uninstalled. This font will now be installed individually.

Linux fixes
Bootloader 2019
A new boot loader with a modified HW update improves the stability of the CS3. Impact could be an unstable operation as well as write errors in the file system. This is resolved by the new boot loader.

MS2 stability
Fixed a crash of the MS2
The cause of a crash in MS2 was found and fixed.

Intensification Motorola locomotive search
For sensitive decoders, the process has been improved and the transmission of information has been quadrupled.

Version 2.1.0

Content of the update
Lokicons novelties 2020
game world driver's cab novelties 2020
traction with direction-dependent locomotives
other and error correction

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Save docking of items
The bug that prevented the docking of the docked elements has been fixed.

CV synchronization for locomotive settings
The synchronization of the CV settings and the writing of the values ​​to the decoder has been corrected and corrected. Long DCC addresses are correctly transferred to the decoder.

Display of the address using a DIP switch
The display of the switch position of the DIP switches has been corrected. DCC switch positions are hidden for Motorola decoders.

Lokicon at mfx registration
The locicon when registering an mfx locomotive was determined with an incorrect path name. This has been corrected and the correct icon is now being drawn.

Set up locomotive functions
An error that led to a high CPU load was corrected in the Lokicon dialog. Using the dialog is now more fluid.

Crash on switchboard configuration
A crash could occur when inserting an S88 contact and subsequent configuration. That is fixed.

Missing icons for controls
Some system icons were deleted too much when cleaning up. These are now available again.

CS2 and events of the CS3
A CS2 in the system network with the CS3 could prevent the locomotives from starting and the release of the events. That is fixed.

Set up S88 contacts
An S88 contact of a Link-S88 could be moved to a device that did not support the bus and module number and therefore the contact could not work. This has been remedied.

Bug fix VNC server of the CS3
An error in the settings for the VNC server of the CS3 has been corrected.

Upload size files via web server
The limit for files has been adapted to the requirements when programming decoders. Transfer of decoder projects to the CS3 is now possible.

Bootloader 2020
A new boot loader with a modified hardware update improves the stability and start behavior of the CS3. The consequences could be unstable operation and starting problems.

Program extensions
GO function in events
In the events it is now possible to send a "Go" command. This means that a booster can be put back into operation after a short-circuit detection without having to stop the entire system operation. In connection with the HALT command, operation can be safely stopped on large systems in the event of a fault, the short circuit can be eliminated and the operation can then be continued again.
If you insert an S88 contact in the events as a trigger, you can implement buttons on the system that trigger the HALT and GO functionality.

Extension of traction by the direction of the locomotive
The direction of travel of a locomotive is taken into account when assembling a traction and sent accordingly when controlling. It is now possible to have locomotives with forward and backward direction of travel in a traction.

Setup locomotive functions
Useful icons have been added to the "Frequent icons" of the locomotive function facility.

Lokicon's innovations 2020
The locicons of the 2020 fair novelties have been added.

New driver's cabs
The driver's cabs for ICE4, SBB RAm TEE and BR 648 Lint have been added.

Version 2.2.0(5)

Content of the update
- C Track turntable 74861
- Updates for SD cards
- New macros in events
- Export of track diagrams to the CS2

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Moment functions in events
Momentary functions do not have to be switched off in events. Momentary functions are automatically switched off in events.

Loop macro extension start pause
A loop macro that only evaluates states runs through unchecked and consumes the entire computing time of the processor. The loop macro has an additional setting of a pause that must pass before a restart.

System start trigger.
The event trigger "System start" was deactivated by an internal modification.

Brake macro
A bug in the brake macro has been fixed.

System start
The timing of the S88 requests to a CS2 has been adapted to the start behavior of the CS2. S88 contacts are now correctly timed by the CS2 when starting.

Partitions on SD cards
An SD card with multiple partitions is now correctly supported in the CS3.

Customer-specific locomotive icons
Lokicons could be much larger than those displayed on the CS3. These could be copied to the CS3. These icons, which are too large, lead to a high computing load and slow down the CS3. Lokicons are scaled to a suitable size when copied.

Restore view on startup
Views with opened article or locomotive lists are restored after the start.

Events - sorting group list
The group list in events is now sorted alphabetically when the list is opened.

Eject USB media
USB media in the master-slave network can now only be ejected on their own device.

Update procedure
The update procedure of the package update was revised and unnecessary expenses corrected.

mfx new identifier
The labeling of new mfx articles was managed separately by each GUI. Deleting the IDs did not work consistently with several control panels. The procedure has been changed and the deletion of the IDs is now implemented centrally.

Status file size limit
Due to events, the status file of the CS3 could grow enormously and fill the available memory. The status file is now prevented from growing and the memory can no longer be filled

Changed procedure for locomotive decoder reset
When a locomotive decoder is reset, the locomotive is not removed from the locomotive list. After logging in, the locomotive should be able to be controlled again with the now updated parameters.

mfx login problems
mfx login problems with restore and mfx locomotive search has been improved. The handling of the mfx network ID is now handled more correctly and IDs are set during a restore so that fewer problems arise. During a restore, the GFP's management list is reset.

Program extensions
Pendulum macro
The macros of the CS3 were extended by a special pendulum macro to make it easier to create pendulum locomotives. This macro can be assigned to a locomotive directly as a sequence function when setting up the function keys and thus allows different locomotives to be used on a commuting route. It is sufficient to set up one pendulum macro for each established commute. To start the pendulum function, drive the locomotive into the pendulum section and then activate the function key with the pendulum function. In the pendulum macro, all necessary entries are summarized in order to let a locomotive commute with an intermediate stop. The logic of the macro handles starting, pausing, ending and restarting a pendulum.

Export control panels to CS2
Control desks of the CS3 can now be used on a slave CS2. To do this, the synchronization of the layout must be activated in the settings of the CS2. Plates are converted as best as possible, but due to the different systematics, the result is heavily dependent on the CS3's plate.

New mfx turntable
The new turntable 74861 with 30 connections is supported.

SD card update
An update of data on SD cards was introduced. An SD card in the CS3 is played with sounds to background the system operation and images to identify events. The update is only offered with an inserted SD card.

Selection menus of the CS3
The selection menus of the CS3 have been converted to a uniform structure. If there are too many selection items, the menu will have 2 columns. If it should be displayed at the bottom, it will now open up.

New function icons for locomotives
The function icons have been expanded to make it easier to see which action is triggered by a function in a locomotive. The noises of a locomotive were divided into two groups during mapping for better clarity.

Central shutdown
A network of several CS3 central units can now be shut down together on the main device. This must be activated under main device and extension device.

New solenoid items
Magnetic article icons for the signals "Ra 11 - waiting", "Bü 100/101 - flashing light monitoring signal" and "Zp 9 - shutdown" have been added.

Pre-signals from 76495, 76496 and 76497
The advance signals on the mast of items 76495, 76496 and 76497 can now be set up under DCC. The professional distant signal is to be used for this. The address of the distant signal can be programmed by specifying the main signal. The signals are now registered under MFX with main and pre-signals and the address of both articles can be edited. The position of the distant signal is determined on the basis of the linked signal and the main signal on the mast.

New systematic approach signals and main signals.
A system for coupling a distant signal to a main signal was created. With a distant signal it is now possible to set the associated main signal. If the main signal is set, the distant signal is also set. When coupling, it is only possible to select suitable signals. A Form VR01 can only be coupled with a Form HP01. Likewise with a Form VR012 with a Form HP012. In the case of light signals, coupling is offered regardless of the signal type.

Lokicons - summer novelties 2020
Lokicons from the 2020 novelty catalog have been added.

Changes GFP 3 - V12.113
Bug fix mfx format
An error in sending mfx commands could lead to an incorrect mfx track format. This bug has been fixed.

Version 2.3.1(8)

Content of the update
- A much simplified alternative way of operating the CS3
- Miscellaneous and bug fixes
- Various optimizations
- Configuration capabilities in the WEB app
- New software for Link-S88 and MS2

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Correction of motor parameters for mfx CVs
When selecting the mfx motor parameters for digital controller, analog controller and motor, the wrong number of selection parameters was displayed. This has been corrected.

Speed ​​transmissions of the locomotive speed bar
The transmission rate of the locomotive speed bar of the CS3 was limited. Massive shipments could lead to the CAN bus and GFP being run over.

Delete the mfx buffer file at login
When an mfx decoder is registered again, any existing CV buffer file will be deleted. When entering the mfx CV processing, the current data is now used.

Optimization of the display speed
The drawing operations of the item list and the track diagram have been revised. Drawing operations are now performed faster.
When switching an article, only this one article is redrawn in the article list.
When switching an article in the track diagram, only those drawing surfaces (plate or desk) that have installed the article are redrawn.
With 100% zoom (double click) the drawing area is now aligned to fill the image. Before that, the edge was not properly considered.

Sorting locomotives
The system for sorting locomotives has been uniformly solved in the CS3 and the web app.

Improvement of the touch operation: double tap
The gesture for zooming the current track diagram, the double tap, has been improved. The radius of the gesture has been set correctly. Switching items that are close together no longer triggers the gesture accidentally.

Improvement of the mouse operation: zooming with the scroll wheel
When zooming with the scroll wheel of the mouse, the current cursor point is now taken as the fixed point. Scaling now takes place with this fixed point.

Improvement of the touch operation: zoom gesture
The zoom gesture using 2 fingers has been improved. The gesture is active as long as at least one finger is on the screen. The center point when enlarging is taken into account and the track diagram is positioned accordingly.

Change pages in lists
The pager below the list display has been made easier to use. It is now possible to change pages by moving back and forth on the pager.

Change notifications for the CS2 when the address of an article changes
If the address of an article changes, the article list of the CS2 is corrected accordingly.

More robust startup process
When starting the CS3 it could happen that the CAN send buffer overflowed. It was fixed by limiting the send rate and increasing the send buffer.

Adding S88 contacts
When adding S88 contacts directly using the menu dialog, a feedback device is now used as the default. The control contacts are only used as an emergency level.

Solenoid item edit dialog
Saving and exiting the solenoid edit dialog is now shown with an OK symbol instead of a wrench and an identifier for editing.

Initialization of the main device GFP
mfx setting parameters and selection of digital protocols are now forced before the first GO. "Lost" and therefore not controllable mfx locomotives after the system start should therefore occur less frequently.

Drag & drop from the switchboard into an event
Drag & drop of elements from the switchboard into events works again. After changing the coordinate calculation, it was overlooked that the change must also be made with drag & drop.

Crash when dragging and dropping locomotives
A crash of the GUI when setting up the events in connection with inserting locomotives from the locomotive list has been fixed.

Setting up functions in the mfx configuration dialog
If the icons of the locomotive functions were changed in the mfx programming dialog, these were only written to the decoder. The representation of the locomotive in the CS3 has not been updated. This is now synchronized.

Settings for solenoid items lost
A reason for lost settings for solenoid accessories has been fixed in the database. If both the address and the name of a solenoid were changed, this change could not be processed by the database and crashed. As a result, all changes during the configuration of solenoid accessories have been undone and have been lost. This fact has been corrected.

Program extensions
Setting options for mfx turnout decoders
For the mfx turnout decoders track 1-59080 and the C-track turnout decoders, setting options have been implemented on the setup page:
The control / setting of the turnout lantern for the C-track turnout decoder.
The switching direction reversal for the Spur1 decoder 59080.

Signaling of the CV write / read processes
The CV writing and reading processes are displayed on the surface. A closed lock on an MFX decoder means that it has not responded and cannot be edited. A DCC or MM decoder cannot be checked and is always closed at this point. An open lock means that the mfx decoder has answered and can be processed. An arrow from the locomotive means that the decoder is reading. As long as reading is being carried out, the reading progress messages also appear. After reading, the open lock is displayed again. An arrow on a locomotive means that it is being written. After finishing writing, the open lock is displayed and thus the end of writing is signaled.

Menu for controlling the CV write / read operations
All option items have been summarized in a menu. This menu is - based on current WEB functions - combined in one menu item. If the menu is closed, 3 bars are displayed. If it is open, a close cross is displayed.

Support for Lokicons from third-party manufacturers
Lokicons from third-party manufacturers are supported in the automatic search for a suitable Lokicon when logging on to the mfx.
The Lokicons must contain the required information in the metadata of the image and be available on an SD card in the directory / cs3 / lokicons / provided in the CS3.
At the start a database is built up from all locomotive icons provided with correct information.
When searching for a Lokicon, these Lokicons are also taken into account.

Lokicons - reorganization into subdirectories.
When selecting a locomotive icon, the manufacturer of the model is also evaluated. This made it possible to move all LGB locomotive icons to their own directory. This makes it easier to select an LGB locomotive icon. The search for an article number is not affected.

Revision of the decoder mapping
The new features of the mfx decoders have been implemented in the software. The mapping is now based on the decoder's reported properties. The number of outputs, inputs, sounds, logical links etc. is read from the decoder and can be used correctly in the mapping.

Traction support for the MS2 in central mode.
An MS2 is now offered tractions for selection in the locomotive list. These can be controlled by the MS2 in the central mode. The CS3 takes over the necessary translation of the traction commands.

Changed plate representation of the track diagram
The display of the panels and consoles in the CS3 has been changed. The border around the drawing area has been removed and the name of the drawing area has been added as a flag.

Rescue of a CS3 with full file storage.
By copying data from a removable storage device (SD card or USB stick), the user can completely fill the file memory of the CS3 and thus prevent the CS3 from operating correctly. Until now, the central units had to be sent in and the service had to manually clear the central unit and send it back to the user.
If, when starting the control center, it is determined that there is not enough file memory available for operating the CS3, a rescue program is started to manage the internal memory. This puts the CS3 in a kind of service mode and only the memory can be managed.
In this operating mode, the user only sees the files he has uploaded himself. Files can be deleted or moved to another existing storage. When moving the files, the correct storage location on the removable storage device is observed and the file ends up in the correct directory.
When there is enough free memory available again, you can exit the file manager and start the CS3 application.

New supervisor software
A change in the supervisor software allows the CS3 to be operated at lower voltages. This eliminates a malfunction of the CS3 with the new SNT 60041.

Stop / Go button in the locomotive configuration
Due to a user suggestion, a STOP button was implemented in the locomotive configuration. The stop status can now be changed within the locomotive configuration and the dialog does not have to be exited.

Event logging improvement
Event logging can be accessed by long-pressing the title bar of the event overview. That has been revised and expanded in the capabilities. The entries can be filtered and the messages have been completed and expanded.

Changed system reset / factory reset
A factory reset is implemented by loading the configuration "Startconfig.zip". This has been extended so that the language setting and the operating mode are now also reset.

Update process
The program for the package update has been expanded to include additional information. The installation source is now displayed. The start button for starting the installation has been enlarged and appropriately labeled. Attention: The new package installation program will only be called in subsequent updates.

Change to expansion device mode
The change to EG mode when connecting CS3s has been given more time. A change is now easier. The setting options for the main unit are now arranged more sensibly.

Web application extensions
Setting up solenoid accessories
Creating, setting up and configuring accessories is now just as possible in the WEB application as in the CS3 application.

Setting up locomotives
The creation, setup and configuration of locomotives has been introduced in the WEB app.

Current software for Märklin bus devices
Version 1.1 for the Link-S88
Version 1.1 has been created for the Link-S88. Errors that have arisen due to the program running too long are eliminated by the activated optimization when creating the software. The phenomenon that contact groups are reported temporarily shifted by one position no longer occurs.

Version 3.121 for the MS2
- The MS2 can now control centrally controlled tractions. If these are made available by the control center, the MS2 can use them and send commands to the control center. The control center translates the traction control commands into the appropriate locomotive commands and thus takes on the translation function. An MS2 cannot create or control tractions.
- If the locomotive list is scrolled through quickly, the mfx commands cannot be executed quickly enough. Therefore the message "Mfx locomotive did not answer" was suppressed when scrolling through the list.
- An MS2 only has simple options for mfx CV processing. Since the MM2 address CV is not at an address that can be easily determined and incorrect values ​​have been written, there is no possibility of MM2 address programming at mfx.
- With 32 locomotive functions, 8 functions are always offered for control by level. The old system always wanted to switch to one level. If you operated a function you always landed on the first level. The levels are now permanently set during operation. A change to the higher level can take place with Shift, a change to the lower level with Escape. As long as a level is active, the functions of the level can be switched. There is no automatic change to the first level. If a locomotive is changed, you end up on the first level.
- When editing locomotives, the STOP status was not correctly observed. Stop is now correctly observed and programming is blocked.
- If a DCC locomotive is recognized, the functions are now made operable and marked with an F symbol. Before, the functions were empty and inoperable.
- An error when switching articles at the control center only allowed the first 256 magnetic articles to be switched and displayed correctly. The CS info is now also correct for articles from address 256.
- The main device extension device designations have been adapted according to the control center.
- After plugging in or restarting the MS2, it could happen that the MS2 entered the wrong operating mode and entered the MS2 expansion device mode at a control center. That has been fixed. The environment is now correctly recognized.
- The speed step setting has been changed so that speed step 1 can now be safely set.
- Option points were activated in the menu of the MS2, although they are not possible in central operation. With mfx locomotives it was offered to change the address. During programming, a "protocol not active" message could appear, although the protocol setting is managed by the central unit.

Summary of all CAN bus device updates
All Can-Bus device updates have been combined in one package. This is used to provide a clear overview of the available update packages.
The following update statuses are included:
- GFP (for CS2 and Booster) version 3.81
- 6021 adapter version 1.0
- MS2 version 3.121
- Link S88 version 1.1
- GFP3 (for CS3) version 12.113

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#3 Posted : 21 September 2017 08:06:51(UTC)

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v1.3.0(0) - see top post - Sub module summary and v1.3 Change Log

The 03/03/17 reference to decoder updates has been validated to mean up to v3.0.1.6
i.e. not the v3.0.1.8 level available via a recent CS2 update and the mDT

v1.3.1(0) - see top post

no accompaning ChangeLog

GFP2 catching up with CS2
LokIcons still back to May.

The Marklin update site has the 265MB file to download but there is no sign of the link to the document that appeared last week.
The document itself still exists without the link and can be found at ...

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#4 Posted : 22 September 2017 09:00:05(UTC)

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Hi Everyone,

Not sure to understand fully but the update v1.3.1 is only available via the website->download on computer-> copy to usb key?

I checked yesterday on my CS3+ and there was no update available ?!

here is the link to the document : https://www.maerklin.de/fileadmin/media/produkte/Neuheiten/pdfs/update_1_3_1_info-de.pdf

Have a nice day

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#5 Posted : 22 September 2017 13:27:39(UTC)

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Update is now online throught the CS3, so no need to use the USB.

Enjoy your weekend.

Online clapcott  
#6 Posted : 15 October 2017 12:13:43(UTC)

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FYI : Belated update to ChangeLog for 1.3.1(0) added to the end of the first post
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#7 Posted : 30 December 2017 10:24:52(UTC)

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For the record,
- Post#1 updated with sub-module versions associated with CS3 v1.3.2(1) package update
- ChangeLog is a googly translation
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#8 Posted : 11 February 2019 12:22:32(UTC)

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For the record,
- Post#1 updated with sub-module versions associated with CS3 v1.4.0(0) package update
- ChangeLog is a googly translation

NOTE: while ther is a reference to the MS2 having an update, this is not evident with this release (still 2.7)
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#9 Posted : 16 May 2019 10:54:31(UTC)

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For the record,
- Post#1 updated with sub-module versions associated with CS3 v1.4.1(0) package update
- ChangeLog is a googly translation
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#10 Posted : 17 May 2019 13:06:28(UTC)

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I did the update on the CS3 and it was ok. After I updated the MS2 and it was ok.
After that I tried to update the track box I got the message that the track box is in v1.39 and the available version is 1.39, so there was not an update available for it.

Did I do something wrong or are there more than 1 version of track box? I ask this because somewhere in the change log appears "track box 2".

I didn't test yet if with the track box in v1.39 the 32 functions are available for control with the MS2. I will test later today or tomorrow with the BR44 39880.

Best regards,
Mostly Märklin H0.

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#11 Posted : 17 May 2019 13:36:57(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: mbarreto Go to Quoted Post
I did the update on the CS3 and it was ok. After I updated the MS2 and it was ok.
After that I tried to update the track box I got the message that the track box is in v1.39 and the available version is 1.39, so there was not an update available for it.

Did I do something wrong or are there more than 1 version of track box? I ask this because somewhere in the change log appears "track box 2".

I didn't test yet if with the track box in v1.39 the 32 functions are available for control with the MS2. I will test later today or tomorrow with the BR44 39880.


Yes, the track box software hasn't changed, it was already capable to work with 32 functions. Only the MS2 software was updated. The MS2 works fine with 32 functions with the MS2 track box, see: https://www.marklin-user...-for-32-Function-support

Offline mbarreto  
#12 Posted : 17 May 2019 15:05:35(UTC)

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Hi Moritz,
Thanks for your input.
I just saw in other thread (https://www.marklin-users.net/forum/posts/t42890findunread-CS3-v1-4-1-Update) that TEEwolf has track box with V1.41, so I will ask the question there too.
Best regards,
Mostly Märklin H0.

Offline mbarreto  
#13 Posted : 17 May 2019 18:49:02(UTC)

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Hi again,
I have now the trackbox in SW V1.41 and the 32 functions working in MS2.
Please see other thread where I explain how I achieved it:

Best regards,
Mostly Märklin H0.

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#14 Posted : 06 December 2019 20:37:35(UTC)

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message that apperas after v2.0.0(0) update

Security Alert

Please read the safety instructions for the construction and operation of different plant sizes in the model railroad area and confirm that you have read the safety instructions.

Security Alert (link)

I have read the notice and agree with it

The link takes you to 6 pages of info, however you can read it beter with a browser pointed at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\licence\secrity.

Extract of the forward posted so you can see what they are getting at
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#15 Posted : 06 December 2019 20:49:01(UTC)

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FWIW Changelog reproduced at end of post #1
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#16 Posted : 07 December 2019 02:54:31(UTC)

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I find it very confusing using a thread from December 2016 for a post about a complete different update from December 2019.

To the admins:
please, can you put together the various threads into one thread about the same update versions?

The safty instructions you have to read and confirm while updating a CS 3 to version 2.0.0 are the same safty instructions as Maerklin published about a year ago already. Now they are added to the help function inside the CS 3 as well. They are listed on Maerklins website too.


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#17 Posted : 20 December 2019 04:34:26(UTC)

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CS3 package v2.0.0(1) has appeared. No specific Change log at this stage
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#18 Posted : 07 May 2020 10:52:28(UTC)

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CS3 package v2.1.0(0) has appeared. See first post
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#19 Posted : 05 June 2020 12:58:48(UTC)

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I've moved some posts from this thread to https://www.marklin-user...ing-CS3-to-software-v2-0 because they were sidetracking Peter's thread and I know he prefers to keep things on topic.

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#20 Posted : 17 November 2020 04:04:32(UTC)

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2.2.0(5) info appended to first post.

reference to two new items with the comments

Zusaetzliche Bilder auf SD-karte fuer Ereignisse (Stand 04/2020)
Installation benoetigt eine zusaetzliche SD-Karte in der CS3

Additional images on SD card for events (as of 04/2020)
Installation requires an additional SD card in the CS3

Zusaetzliche ansaen auf SD-karte fuer Ereignisse (Stand 04/2020)
Installation benoetigt eine zusaetzliche SD-Karte in der CS3

Additional messages on SD card for events (status 04/2020)
Installation requires an additional SD card in the CS3

These are a couple of dirctories full of svg images that a re copied to the SD-card.
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#21 Posted : 17 November 2020 18:34:23(UTC)

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Pendulum macro
The macros of the CS3 were extended by a special pendulum macro to make it easier to create pendulum locomotives. This macro can be assigned to a locomotive directly as a sequence function when setting up the function keys and thus allows different locomotives to be used on a commuting route. It is sufficient to set up one pendulum macro for each established commute. To start the pendulum function, drive the locomotive into the pendulum section and then activate the function key with the pendulum function. In the pendulum macro, all necessary entries are summarized in order to let a locomotive commute with an intermediate stop. The logic of the macro handles starting, pausing, ending and restarting a pendulum.

I'm assuming this 'pendulum macro' is what we would call the shuttle macro?

If it is capable of be swapped between other locos, then it is indeed very interesting.

Anyone got this working yet?
Online clapcott  
#22 Posted : 04 March 2022 02:55:47(UTC)

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Version 2.4.0(5)

Content of the update
- Miscellaneous and error correction
- program extensions

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Article configuration Switching when selecting the article
If an article was selected in the article configuration, then this article was activated, if possible. This has been removed.

Article configuration Accessibility of the delete cross
The sensitive area of ​​the delete cross in the item configuration has been enlarged. This makes it easier to delete articles directly.

Restart the database
Should it happen that the database has to be restarted, the S88 contacts will then be read in again and the status will be displayed correctly.

Disabled distant signal is not displayed in the control panel
The distant signal on the mast is blanked by the main signal. This position of the advance signal was missing in the control desks and was added.

Switching distant signal / main signal combinations
If advance and main signals were coupled using the same address, the main signal could not be switched if the advance signal was blanked. This has been fixed.

Creation of areas
An area could only be created from top left to bottom right. Other areas were not created correctly and were only temporarily visible. This error with the cause in the lasso selection has now been fixed.

Display for moment items
The display of the current items is correct again.

Changeover of the DCC speed steps to 14 or 126 speed steps
The speed step changeover for DCC locomotives was not taken into account when controlling and the GFP was not set correctly. This has been corrected.

Display of active display and filter options
The display of active display filters in the item list toolbar has been corrected. When an option is active, the red dot is drawn. If display filters are active, the number of filters is listed in the red dot.

Decoder affiliation of mfx items
In the database, the article number of multiple decoders was determined incorrectly. This led to errors in mfx articles relating to multiple decoders. If such an article was changed, this could not be carried out due to the error message "The selected article does not (any longer) fit in the decoder". This has been corrected. The database now saves the correct number. Existing configurations are checked and an attempt is made to determine the correct number of items in the multiple decoder.

Locomotive cards in the simplified interface
In the simplified interface, locomotive cards are now handled and locomotives can be created with locomotive cards and placed on a controller.

Plate names and references
If disks are renamed, all associated references are now also permanently renamed and saved. Previously, the change in the link was only visible during editing and was not saved when you exited the editor and was therefore discarded. The old reference was still included. If old references are contained in configurations, they can be corrected by renaming them to the name of the reference and back to the original name.

Saving comments on CV templates
In the case of CV templates, a comment can be entered in the mask for saving. This is now also saved in the template file.

GFP start and mfx new registration counter
After a restart of the CS or just the GFP, the new registration counter must be set before the system can be powered up. Otherwise, mfx locomotives see a changed system environment and take part in the registration process and can no longer be controlled until registration. In cases where a GFP reports again and the mfx system environment has not yet been restored, no Go can be triggered. The GFP must first be set up before a GO can be made.

mfx cv editing
An error in the handling of the buffer files meant that an old buffer file for the decoder mapping was not deleted. In order to update the mapping, the decoder must register again or the decoder must be read out again in CV editing with the option Read decoder . In this context, the parameter input of the random trigger has also been corrected. All 3 setting options for the trigger must now be set.

mfx CV mapping for Märklin locomotive decoder mLD
An error that could occur in the mapping of an mLD retrofit decoder and caused the GUI to crash has been fixed.

Web server call
The WEB server of the CS3 could not be accessed in some network environments. The cause of this was found and rectified thanks to the active support of an affected customer.

program extensions
Fixing the track diagrams.
Track diagrams can now be fixed. When the track diagram view is fixed, the visible section cannot be moved. Zoom is still possible. If a track diagram is changed using the track diagram selection, the new track diagram is displayed in a 90% screen-filling display.

Track Diagram Editor: Extension of the lasso selection
If you switch from one selection method to another in the track diagram editor, all elements are deselected again and are therefore free. That was changed in the lasso selection. If you switch from the lasso display to another selection method, the selected elements of the lasso are retained and can now be expanded or reduced.

Resources - main unit and expansion unit
There are resources in the network of central units that are used both on the main device and on an extension device. These include, for example, the user locomotive icons for displaying the locomotives. An expansion device first searches for these files locally and, if necessary, requests them from the main device. The main device then transfers the file to the expansion device and the locomotive can be displayed correctly. This means that user icons no longer have to be manually transferred to all devices. It is sufficient to store them on the main device, the distribution is carried out by an extension device the first time they are used. If files are used from an SD card on the main device, the extension device no longer needs to be equipped with an SD card.
Other resources that will be distributed are images to mark an event, sound files and CV templates. When using these resources in the network, the display is thus uniform.
If an expansion device loses the connection to the main device, this is detected and displayed to the user.

Playing sounds - playback target.
Based on keeping data central, it is now possible to specify the playback device when playing sounds in events. Several CS can thus play back sounds at the same time and underline the process. Playing sounds on a CS2 is not possible.

Locomotives Full Screen: All functions in the function popup
In the full-screen view of the locomotive control, the entire number of functions is now visible and can be operated immediately without switching.

New filter options for locomotives
Locomotives can also be filtered by moving or standing . The display of the locomotive list remains constant until the filtering or the scope of the locomotive list is changed.

Loco configuration of locomotives on controller
Getting started with configuring locomotives on a controller has been made easier and the operation has changed. So far, the configuration of the locomotive could be called up in the operating mode as well as in the configuration mode by long pressing on the locomotive icon in the controller. A simple click on the locomotive icon has closed the controller. This has now been changed: In the operating mode of the locomotives, the operation of the controller is unchanged, a click on the locomotive icon closes the controller. In the locomotive configuration mode, the controller remains open and the configuration of this locomotive is called up. So it should be easier and more obvious to get into the configuration mode of locos.

Create item from unused address
If an item is created from a free address, a set designation scheme is now used. This makes it easier to create articles.

Handling of the locomotive cards in the main device and expansion device
The handling of locomotive cards has been improved. A new loco from the loco card now gets into the controller the first time it is called up. Locomotive cards on the expansion devices are now also used correctly on the expansion devices. A locomotive card on the main device now only occupies the controllers on the main device and not also those on the expansion device. Locomotive cards can also be written on the expansion device. If there are new locomotive icons on the locomotive card, they are sent to the main device and saved there in the user folder.

Network settings of expansion units
Network settings of extension units had to be made before the connection to the main unit was set up. A subsequent change may also affect the main device. This has been corrected, the network setting is now local for the respective operator panel. The setting system for the static IP address is now implemented as an additional option. For a secure function, an attempt is always made to get a dynamic IP address. A static setting made is placed on the Ethernet connection as an additional address.

System resources from expansion units
The current consumption of system resources such as memory occupancy or CPU utilization are recorded by each device and can now be displayed in the GUI.

Eject removable media
Removable media on the expansion device can now be ejected there correctly.

Representation of the labels in plates and control panels
The display system has been extended for the position, rotation and display of the labels in track diagrams. Labels are now rotated, placed and displayed with a limited length depending on the article. In control panels, the labels are placed in text boxes. Some elements of the control panel have been changed to enable the display.

help function
The Central Station help function has been revised. If instruction videos are available on the WEB for a topic, a QR code will refer to them on the help page. You can film this QR code with the camera function of a tablet or cell phone and you have the opportunity to watch this film on the mobile device and at the same time to imitate the steps at the Central Station.

Sorting CS3 Help
The CS3 help pages have been sorted by topic and put in a meaningful order.

Spontaneous control of a locomotive in the locomotive list
If a pop-up controller of a locomotive is opened, all functions are now visible. It is not necessary to open the toolbar separately.

DCC CV programming
The system of DCC CV programming has been revised.
- The list of CVs is no longer automatically read when entering the menu. If this is desired, this must be triggered with the "Read decoder" menu item.
- If a line with a CV is selected and the value has not yet been read, then the CV value is read.
- If the CV value is to be changed, it is always read again before it is changed and the current value can be changed.
- If the number of the CV is changed, this change is accepted immediately and the new CV value is processed.
- Reading of the complete CV list and writing of the template values ​​can be interrupted. The space in the menu is replaced by pausing the process.
- If a CV value is changed, then this is written. An additional trigger to write the new value is not necessary.
- Operation with an optionally connected keyboard has been expanded. Tab can be used to jump between CV number and CV value. A new CV line can be added with the spacebar. Changed values ​​in a CV line are accepted immediately. Programming is thus possible using the sequence: CV number input - Tab - display of the current value - Tab - writing of the new value - input of the next CV.
- CV templates are kept in the resource network of main device and extension device. An extension device stores and fetches the templates on the main device. This means that each expansion device has access to the same network settings.
- The synchronization of the address and writing a changed address to the decoder is no longer done. Since DCC does not have a standard for setting the address for accessory decoders or has been complied with by the manufacturer, this programming cannot be carried out correctly.

New driver's cabs
The driver's cab for VT 92.5 and series 1189 have been added.

CAN bus devices
Fixed MS2 display bugs and optimizations.
Error correction of the display representation. Display artifacts, especially with newer MS2s, have been reduced to a minimum. The description of the display has been changed so that this should no longer occur.
New MS2 hardware variant: Due to the general situation on the market for electronic components, the MS2 has been revised so that it can continue to be produced. To support this new hardware platform, the variants have been adapted and provided with the respective update capability.
Extension for setting the background brightness of the display. This makes it easier to set up the MS2 for use in buildings or outdoors.
Shows the version number of a resource file. The update and language files in the MS2 file system are now displayed with the version number. This allows you to check whether they are outdated or up-to-date.
Optimizing the program size: removing unused code parts, relocating memory areas.
Display of the direction of travel when calling up a locomotive. The display of the direction of travel of a locomotive could be wrong as long as this was not yet driven. This bug has been fixed.
Display of the STOP status. In some operating situations, the STOP status was not displayed correctly. Spots found have been corrected.
With the SW update, the files required for the MS2 to work correctly are now fetched and saved in the MS2 as far as possible automatically.

Update Lokicons
Lokicons summer novelties and autumn novelties 2021 extended and missing icons added.
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Online clapcott  
#23 Posted : 25 January 2023 08:45:32(UTC)

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Lokicons Version 2.4.0(1) (Note similar numbering to usual cs3-package, but just the icons sub-package

Content of the update
- Miscellaneous and bug fixes

Miscellaneous and bug fixes
Update Lokicons
Lokicons have been added.

New driver's cabs
New cabs were created for the following locomotives:
- SBB Ae 3/6
- SJ RC6
- NS series 1600/1700, SNCF BB7200 BB22000
- SBB Giruno RABe 501
- DB ET 85
- DB E71.1
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#24 Posted : 25 January 2023 13:42:59(UTC)

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Was this just released?
Offline bph  
#25 Posted : 26 January 2023 11:10:53(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: marklinist5999 Go to Quoted Post
Was this just released?

yes :)

but it's just some minor things, and not a "full" update.

a general software update is in the works, and is promised to come "soon".
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#26 Posted : 19 April 2023 07:49:41(UTC)

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cs-gui Version 2.4.1(0)
just for the record
refer discussion

Content of the update
- (no associated changelog)
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#27 Posted : 19 April 2023 18:17:56(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: clapcott Go to Quoted Post
cs-gui Version 2.4.1(0)
just for the record
refer discussion

Content of the update
- (no associated changelog)

There has just been an update issued to dealers ...

For a correct mfx registration of the turntable 74862 at the CS3 and the CS2 we had to make a modification at the software of these central units. These software versions are available under the version numbers CS3: 2.4.1 (0) resp. CS2: 4.3.0 (11).

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