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Offline 5HorizonsRR  
#1 Posted : 19 November 2022 21:58:09(UTC)

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Hi everyone,

Long time no post- I've been flooded with work and other happenings. I hope you are all doing well.

I recently acquired a model I've been wanting for a VERY long time- A HAG #249 RE 4/4I in SBB Green livery, but the TEE variant which took the TEE Rheingold from Germany over into Geneva.

I am going to convert the loco to MFX digital via a Lokpilot, but upon opening the shell I remembered this model did not come from the factory with the capability of swiss headlight changeover - just a single headlight bulb.

So the question- has anyone seen or done a creative LED or similar solution to convert the single bulb to the directional triple bulb setup? Or know of a kit?

It might be more effort that its worth, but I figure it was worth asking around before I pull the soldering iron out :)
FS + SBB Era 2-5 and Vintage Marklin
Offline ktsolias  
#2 Posted : 19 November 2022 23:11:07(UTC)

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I have done that in many locos

Here is the plan of a Märklin Re 4/4ii. If you follow it exactly will works for you.
For the HAG is exactly the same.

I am using 2 WW leds and 1 WW/Red with common anode. Or you can use 3 WW and 1 red.
Usually the main problem is the leaking of the RED light to the other two lenses.
The solution depends of the design of the loco.

You can use through the hole or SMD LEDS
I am using SMD components for the other electronics too.

Circuit Plan Re 4_4ii.docx (332kb) downloaded 10 time(s).

The inside of the loco after the conversion.
Here I used the Märklin LED plate as far as it was available


There are cabin lights as well

Good luck


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Offline Ross  
#3 Posted : 20 November 2022 02:00:37(UTC)

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Hi John,

I have done an early Hag 460 see below for link.

Hag 460 LED Lights

Hope you find it useful
Offline mmervine  
#4 Posted : 20 November 2022 02:57:20(UTC)

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John-this may be an option as well.


Märklin C-track, Marklin Digital & ECoS, multi-era French & Swiss
Offline 5HorizonsRR  
#5 Posted : 20 November 2022 18:29:54(UTC)

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Wow- thank you everyone! This was exactly what I needed.

The Lokpilot will handle the changeover, so its the hardware I need to make a plan for. Or more specifically, the routing/light tech (fiberoptics?) The original hag light transmitter is a single piece unit, so that means converting to 3 LED (and one red) plus cutting the light diffuserand routing the new LEDs.

More to follow as I debate the project! I may just declare a single yellow bulb good enough. Or red/yellow directional...

FS + SBB Era 2-5 and Vintage Marklin
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Offline mike c  
#6 Posted : 21 November 2022 04:39:03(UTC)
mike c

Joined: 28/11/2007(UTC)
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One thing that I can tell you is that you will have to remove the light channel (transmitter) and add individual LEDs for each headlight.
One of the nice things about the Hag Old Generation models was that the light channels were milled, which meant that the light was amplified and focused so that the headlights formed a realistic beam. For this reason, I would recommend a solution where you could keep at least some of the light channel, including the lens for each headlight.

I just found this which appears to be exactly what you are seeking: https://whd-modelleisenb...kl-Fuehrerstand-Re-4-4-I


Mike C
Offline Rajnish  
#7 Posted : 21 November 2022 05:58:00(UTC)

Joined: 31/12/2003(UTC)
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HAG offers light kits to upgrade Re 4/4, Re 6/6, Re 460 and Ae 6/6 locomotives. The light kit provides a full suite of light features and schema. With LokSound decoder, you can also get multiple sound features or if you don't like sound then you can simply use LokPilot decoder. The LokSound / LokPilot decoder has to be programmed specifically to get the various light features including realistic schema for push-pull operation or running your locomotive in a double traction mode.

Please see the Youtube video on how to upgrade HAG Re 4/4 using the light kit available from the factory. There are similar videos for Re 6/6 and Re 460/465 locomtives.

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Offline mike c  
#8 Posted : 21 November 2022 16:57:56(UTC)
mike c

Joined: 28/11/2007(UTC)
Posts: 7,516
Location: Montreal, QC
I did not mention the Hag options because Hag (Stansstad) no longer supports the Old Generation Models. The new PC boards and LEDs are designed for the New Generation Models (post-1985) and would be difficult to retrofit in the older models for several reasons:

1) The Old Generation (OG) models were not built with PC boards and came only with the mechanical or electrical reverse unit. The New Generation (NG) models had a circuit board, which is what is replaced in the new kits. The NG models had lights attached to the PC board. On the OG models, the lights were attached to the chassis, with the live lead attached by wire.

2) Hag does not provide any light channels for conversion of older models


Mike C
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