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Offline AlanB23  
#1 Posted : 03 October 2021 23:17:01(UTC)

United Kingdom   
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Hi All, Firstly apologies for not having introduced myself on the who we are. I'm not terribly techy and struggling a little with navigation so couldnt find the "Who we are".
So I'm Tanya daughter of Alan who has a lovely collection of buildings specifically made in the former west germany with model numbers for use with marklin set ups.

A local antiques dealer has told him that they are worth a bit and so I am.trying to find out on his behalf if there is any interest in them out there or where the appropriate place is to find out more perhaps.

Thank you for reading my postBigGrin
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Offline kimballthurlow  
#2 Posted : 03 October 2021 23:26:41(UTC)

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Hello Tanya
The model buildings are almost a necessity for a model train set up.
However in their ready-built form they generally do not have great value. I am talking less than the original buy price in the packaging.
I regularly see them on eBay at 3 for £20.
Specialist toy Auction houses do not even bother generally to include them in sales.
Of course Alan may have items that are unusual or rare, in which case the value is different.

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Offline xxup  
#3 Posted : 04 October 2021 00:02:23(UTC)

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Photos always help. Smile
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Offline AlanB23  
#4 Posted : 04 October 2021 08:15:07(UTC)

United Kingdom   
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Originally Posted by: xxup Go to Quoted Post
Photos always help. Smile



Sorry I didn't see your message last night
Here is one photo but have to get to work.
I could do more individual ones and model numbers tonight


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Offline Bigdaddynz  
#5 Posted : 04 October 2021 11:47:42(UTC)

New Zealand   
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Originally Posted by: AlanB23 Go to Quoted Post
.......couldnt find the "Who we are".

'Who we are' subforum here

Offline David Dewar  
#6 Posted : 04 October 2021 12:43:58(UTC)
David Dewar

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Unless very old and rare models which have been built have little value. Perhaps the name of the type of model eg Faller and the date made would be good or even when bought.
Take care I like Marklin and will defend the worlds greatest model rail manufacturer.
Offline DaleSchultz  
#7 Posted : 04 October 2021 15:53:23(UTC)

United States   
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some of the pre-built Faller (and other manufactures) model houses do have collector value.
Perhaps check out this Facebook group of Faller friends: https://www.facebook.com/groups/638887552814456
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Offline sidblack  
#8 Posted : 05 October 2021 00:40:59(UTC)

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Hi Tanya,
I think they do have value.
I can only recognise one from the photo - it's the one with the greenhouse attached.
1.png (1,290kb) downloaded 11 time(s).
I paid 60 euro for a similar one two years ago. It's made by Faller and is number 220
Here is one on the German ebay site for 130 euro! It's in mint condition though and has the original box - always the boxes!
Faller 220
Underneath each house there should be a number but sometimes the number is missing due to use over time.

The best place to assess the value of these houses is on the German ebay site: ebay.de and search for "Faller holz" (ie Faller wood").
Also try the ebay.com (the American site) and search for "vintage Faller".

They vary a lot in value according to rarity, desirability, condition and whether they have a box.
I hope this helps,
Offline AlanB23  
#9 Posted : 05 October 2021 21:18:35(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 03/10/2021(UTC)
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Location: England, Gainsborough
Hi John,

That's great info. Really helpful. Thank you.
They all have numbers that I can work with luckily.

Offline AlanB23  
#10 Posted : 05 October 2021 21:20:26(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 03/10/2021(UTC)
Posts: 5
Location: England, Gainsborough
Thank you Dale.
I'm not on Facebook but my other half is so I'll ask him to have a look for me. BigGrin
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