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Offline ocram63_uk  
#1 Posted : 24 April 2021 18:31:10(UTC)

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Good evening, hope you are all fairing well. Some of the solenoids
I got at the auction are a bit slow / stiff. They move one way but not the other. Can I blow and wash WD-40 inside it to clean all the muck or is there some other product that leaves less residue?

If I want to remove the coils from the metal chassis how can I do it?


Thank you
Offline twmarklinfan  
#2 Posted : 24 April 2021 19:24:43(UTC)

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Have a look on You tube, Marklin of Sweden - refurbish Märklin 5202. It is a point but it has a similar solenoid which he cleans/restores which may help you. It is in English.
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Offline torle  
#3 Posted : 24 April 2021 23:49:03(UTC)

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The solenoid assembly is held down to the metal base by 2 rectangular lips molded onto the ends of white plastic solenoid frame towards the bottom and on the metal base one small hook on the left under the armature and the chromed tab on the right that acts as the end stop to the armature and also has a rectangular hole toward the bottom to hold down the solenoid assembly. Hope this makes sense!

My solution was to take a small screwdriver and bend that tab on the right side outward a bit until you see the white plastic lip clear the metal tab. Be sure not to break it off as you need it to reassemble the switch. Anyway, at that point you should be able to lift the right end of the solenoid frame up a bit. Then slide it to the right so it clears the hold down hook on the left end and you are done. Reassemble in the reverse order.

There are other ways to get to the hold downs like drilling out the rivet that holds the 2 jacks on the right, removing them and then bend the hold down tab. Others claim that by sliding the left side to either side gets it past the hold down hook. But in my mind that gets too close to the armature and delicate contacts. If your tool slips you may have a bigger problem.
Have fun.

Offline Harvey  
#4 Posted : 25 April 2021 02:35:07(UTC)

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Look here, but under HO scale, there is a thread on how to clean 5202s. Includes how to take apart, clean, etc. I have followed this many times and typically have success. One advice is don't bend parts. Just clean.

Offline ocram63_uk  
#5 Posted : 25 April 2021 08:59:30(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 07/01/2015(UTC)
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Location: England, Suffolk
Hi folks, thank you for pointing me in the correct direction. One thing is dismantilng a 5202 switch another is removing the wholw solenoid assembly from the semaphore assembly. I'll see what I can achieve in regards to this and report back :-)
I have two semaphores to throw away so I can experiment on these before getting to the good ones !!!

Offline ocram63_uk  
#6 Posted : 29 April 2021 23:09:23(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 07/01/2015(UTC)
Posts: 517
Location: England, Suffolk
UPDATE! Found one of the WD-40 Family products. It is part of the 'specialist' family and is called Fast drying contact cleaner. Contact Cleaner is written in green.
There is no residue, it cleaned my 'lazy' solenoids and contacts with a couple of long squirts.
Semaphores work perfectly now. Found it at my local car accesories store at a cheaper price than Amazon / ebay and no shipping costs.
Plus I walked to the shop :-)

WD-40 standard to unblock seized motors and as it is slightly oily is good to keep cogs greased.

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