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Offline CBFasi  
#1 Posted : 02 April 2021 12:05:30(UTC)

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Ok this one is a theory on how it might be done, hoping it can be confirmed or denied..

Current layout in question is the Cortina Z scale

Area in concern is the Right lower corner, 'middle track'
(was going to put in picture but have nowhere to upload it as can only link to http)

Tracks in order as stands

8500 8588 8503 8562 8530 8530, with isolator joiner between the two 8530's
So with this a 'block' is present from the 88 to after the first 8530.
There is one light signal alongside the second 8530.

With this from what I can tell a switch controlled light stop/start using the block and an 8945 relay.

Now I think.... and this is where confirmation is required...

8500 (110mm) gets replaced with a 8503(55mm) and Circuit-8589(55mm),
this to control the 'new' signal light, and entry to the 'block'

The two 8530's (220/45) get replaced with 8531(220/30), isolator joiner, 8539(220/30), 8531(220/30)
this to control the old signal light and exit from the 'block'

I think all this can be controlled by one 8945 ?? or is two required???

Next hurdle is to work out what to connect where on the various parts and colours.

Anyone able to confirm the above is the correct way to go ?
Offline Zme  
#2 Posted : 04 April 2021 06:26:55(UTC)

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Hello. I have always admired the Cortina, it is an interesting and potentially exciting layout.

I know the Cortina has come up as a question or topic more than once and there are experts with this but perhaps it is very difficult to follow the changes you are considering.

The posting of a diagram or photo would help. It has everything to do with your “My Dashboard” at the top of the webpage. I have to consult the instructions every time I want to post a photo and still manage to attempt it several times before I succeed.

Here is a link to the instructions posted on the forum.


It may help.

I also searched Cortina on this forum and discovered 11 pages which had this discussion. I think one posted a track layout diagram. Are any past discussions similar to your question? Do you think this might be solved by the general layout wiring and track plan document which is on the web? It covers many Marklin accessories. Here is link to this document.


It will be exciting to get this layout working for you, sorry I can’t offer more help as I have no experience with it.

Best wishes

Offline CBFasi  
#3 Posted : 04 April 2021 10:40:59(UTC)

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Joined: 02/04/2021(UTC)
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Location: England, Devon

Thanks for info on how to get an image up.

See image, the straight bits set aside is what it seems is the minimum for for an automatic train control using signals and block.

On the bit with curve attached/alongside, the red bits are parts currently in place, the green bits, the potential replacements.

So far what I have seen on many response's is...
Here are plans of actuals, very little seems to be explaining how it actually works. This latter part is what allows for understanding rather than just blindly following instructions, with understanding changes can be made to existing designs knowing the principals of how and why.

Btw in this I am helping another put together their layout, my own is of another scale (N) and has total manual dcc operation so this is me finding new depths (never know... I might get hooked to another scale)
One huge tip... second-hand track is NOT a saving... you will spend hours cleaning and fixing...
Offline CBFasi  
#4 Posted : 04 April 2021 14:07:15(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 02/04/2021(UTC)
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Location: England, Devon
After talking to another friend about block signalling, my thoughts above will NOT do as wanted..

Apparently to do a stop/start operation automatically there needs to be 3 blocks.

Once I work it out I will post here !
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