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Offline lvfocus  
#1 Posted : 02 February 2021 18:32:15(UTC)

Joined: 06/03/2002(UTC)
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Location: Portugal
Dear group

I have an old Marklin CS1 (60212) that is not running well:
It light up for a brief moment. In that short moment (less than a second) I can see the entire screen (loks, functions) very well, then the image disappears, after a few seconds I can see all the screen for another second. And goes no and on.

It looks that the Central is in loop that goes forever.

I would like to make a hard reset on the Central but I don´t know how.

Have anyone experienced this behaviour on a CS1. What can I do to reset the Central?

All the best.

Luis Valente
Grettings from Portugal
Luis Valente (Trying the new CS3 Plus)
Offline Goofy  
#2 Posted : 02 February 2021 19:57:52(UTC)

Joined: 12/08/2006(UTC)
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Get a new system!
Your CS1 are old and there is no possible to reset this system if your CS1 do have serious problem with the soft program and hardware too.
Offline Bigdaddynz  
#3 Posted : 02 February 2021 23:07:07(UTC)

New Zealand   
Joined: 17/09/2006(UTC)
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Location: New Zealand
Sounds like the screen on your CS1 is failing, which was known to happen on these controllers.

I believe ESU (this is an ESU built device with a Marklin badge on it) stopped replacing screens on the CS1 6 or 7 years ago due to them running out of spare parts.

Resetting of the CS1 is done from an entry on the menu on the device. If you can't see the menu due to the screen being faulty...........

As Goofy suggests, its probably better to look for a new controller - perhaps a CS3 or Ecos. If second hand then a CS2 or older Ecos.
Offline kiwiAlan  
#4 Posted : 02 February 2021 23:45:11(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 23/07/2014(UTC)
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Location: ENGLAND, Didcot
Originally Posted by: Bigdaddynz Go to Quoted Post

Resetting of the CS1 is done from an entry on the menu on the device. If you can't see the menu due to the screen being faulty...........

it is possible to reset it from the web. Connect the cs1 to your home network using an ethernet cable. Now open your PC browser and go into the admin pages of your router and find the IP address that has been assigned to the cs1. Now use your browser to go to that IP address and a web page will open from the cs1. There is a button somewhere on that web page to reset it.

I did this in the early days of the cs1 when the Marklin rep brought some to the UK for a seminar, and some smart alec on the seminar decided to lock the cs1. Using the web page reset it and unlocked it.

In the event that the display is actually failing it may be possible to operate the cs1 from the marklin program that operates the cs2/3. I remember in the early days people saying they could access a cs1 with it - it just ties up a PC to do so.

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Offline Dave Banks  
#5 Posted : 03 February 2021 03:57:48(UTC)
Dave Banks

Joined: 08/03/2006(UTC)
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Location: Gold Coast, Australia.
Luis, did you ever forget to take the batteries out of it & found them leaking after a time? If that is the case then the acid has gotten onto the main board & started to eat it away & that can be an explanation why you are possibly getting this issue. I always say one should remove the batteries & never refit them & just shut the central station down manually by holding the finger down on the shutdown button till it shows you to switch the power off. I do hope this is not the cause of your problem.
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Offline dwptravel  
#6 Posted : 02 May 2021 17:24:22(UTC)

Joined: 13/06/2010(UTC)
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Location: Washington DC
I have a CS1 running software 2.0.3 (and with a MS1 plugged into it) that I have been using for many years, and just recently, after operating for about 15-20 minutes, it just crashes - no screen, nor red or green button, trains stop. No discernible reason. Unplugging it and then plugging it back in restarts it, but then the same thing happens again in another 15-20 minutes. (The batteries are fine.) Is it just old and needs to be replaced? I've been put off by the cost of a CS3. If it does not stop, I may do a hard reset, but hate to lose all the data. Has anyone seen this and been able to fix it?
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