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#1 Posted : 30 October 2020 07:50:21(UTC)

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A 1920s/30s German passenger train

I have this engine Märklin 37117, which is a recent addition.
And it is also a recent departure from the typical Märklin Württemberger C class in that it no longer has the coasting drive.

I figured it would be rather fitting that I have some typically ordinary early 1930s passenger stock for D trains.
D trains in German is D-zügen, which is a shortened form of the word Durchgangzügen which means "through passage trains" or in plain English "corridor trains".

Typical of coaches for this time were some clerestory (oberlichtwagen) types produced by the Prussian railways from about 1910.
From the early 1920s Hecht type coaches with some variations were produced until 1926.
Then 1928 brought newer styles with different entry door arrangement.
Märklin models the Hecht coaches (eg. 42229 and 42252) and the 1928 style 42751 very well, but not the Prussian 1910 styles.

Here is a photo and plan of a Prussian coach from before 1920 with swan-neck (or Pennsylvania) style bogies..

Here is a scene typical of the early DRG with a train of clerestory coaches.

These clerestory Pr10 (Prussian 1910) styles were modelled by Trix (pre Märklin merger), Fleischmann, Schicht (Dresden DDR), and Kleinbahn (Austria), so I set about finding some of each.
I had the Trix version only, so I searched retailers and ebay for the others.
It was very difficult getting stuff from Germany.
I found a few Schicht cars in Australia and USA, and Kleinbahn in the UK.
Fleischmann cars purchased in the UK have arrived early December 2020, but I have not yet reviewed them.

All cars I have received model the clear glass in the clerestory very well.
The Trix and Kleinbahn versions represents gas lit cars before they were converted to electricity.
The Schicht cars are modelled after conversion, and Fleischmann does models for both.
The Trix car shows the swan-neck type bogies as in the photo above.
The other cars have leaf springs above each axle box.

I was surprised by the quality of the Schicht 22cm cars.
They come with a fully fitted interior and lighting (if running on 2 rail) and are quite heavy like typical Märklin stock.
While the windows panes are not semi-flush with the carsides like modern issue, they look good.
I think this might be explained by the use of full length solid sheet glass behind the car sides, which also contribute to the weight.
They run perectly with original DC wheelsets on my Märklin C track layout.
The Schicht represents cars after a 1920s refurbishment to electric lighting, new side sheets and upgraded window frames.
A 2nd class car (model #426/17 or 426/935) and a Speisewagen (model #426/873) are available.

Here are the two available Schicht cars.

The Kleinbahn Model #384 (gas-lit) is more toyish than what we are used to, but it has an appealing charm.
While the other cars are 22cm long, the Kleinbahn is only 20cm.
It is an ABC car, meaning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class compartments.
It also comes with a fitted interior, and plastic wheels.
I changed the wheels to Märklin and also added extra weight inside the chassis.
The interior is very visible, and I repainted this appropriately to show red seating in 1st class, green in 2nd, and beige in 3rd.
It runs really well on the layout.
I suspect the Kleinbahn may actually be a model of a Bavarian coach very similar to the Pr10.

Picture of Kleinbahn #384

The Trix 22 cm car model #23771 (gas-lit) is also Märklin quality with a DC wheelset.
It represents a 2nd class car as it may have run before 1930, while the other cars in this train have received some upgrading in window styles and resheeted sides.
The Trix is the only model that correctly represents the stairs for the entrance doors.
I guess for the Schicht and Kleinbahn versions these breakable parts can be dispensed with when aiming for playability.

Picture of Trix #23771

I am very pleased with this train set with cars made in the 1970s and 80s.
Adding Märklin cars (eg. 42751) to this train as needed will enhance its typical and representative variations.

I will report on the Fleischmann cars (which are longer at 23.5cm) when I have time.
I also purchased a Lima set of 3 cars (built 1926) which represent a variation on the Hecht style with a roof overhang for the entrance doors.


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HO Scale - Märklin (ep III and VI, C Track, digital) - 2 rail (USA and Australia) - 3 rail (English Hornby Dublo) - a few old O gauge.
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