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Offline Martti Mäntylä  
#51 Posted : 18 November 2019 14:00:05(UTC)
Martti Mäntylä

Joined: 15/11/2018(UTC)
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Location: Uusimaa, Helsinki
Now that this topic has been revived, perhaps I also share my first Märklin item. It's the Märklin 3121 set from 1963:


The set is fairly intact, although there probably was something on both sides of the V200 locomotive (3021.5). I used to stuff stoppers and goods cars in the now empty space. Also I suspect that there were not quite as many 5106 tracks in the original set as shown. Anyway, the locomotive runs quite well in spite of the misuse I suspected it to as a child.
- Martti M.
Era III analog & digital (Rocrail, CAN Digital Bahn, Gleisbox/MS2, K83/K84), C & M tracks, some Spur 1
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Offline dominator  
#52 Posted : 22 November 2019 00:17:30(UTC)

New Zealand   
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Location: Kerikeri
Better keep this topic alive or I may never find it again.
I believe my dad got a call from Uncle Vance, in Lower Hutt, asking him if He would like to get a model railway set for me for Christmas 1958. He told dad there was a good used Marklin set going, and that if dad didn't have enough cash to pay for it straight away, Uncle V would buy it for him and he could pay him back. It was a secret kept from me and I was banned from the lounge for a few days.
Christmas came and they blindfolded me and lead me into he lounge. Dad started trains running and asked me to guess what it was. Silly bugger had a bright son, who had heard him playing with the trains beforehand so it was a no brainer.
What I saw, was an 8'x4' green board with a Dexion frame around the outside. There were 2 circuits connected on the front side by 2 sets of 5117 points. It had a diagonal reversing loop with shunting yards attached, similar to my current layout when is still on the 8x4 board but with a 6x4 extension on the end.
the trains included a CM800, a DA800 [ with an F800 tender I worked out later ] and RES800. 3 x 4000 coaches, 4 axle coaches 346/1, 346/2, 346/3 and 346/4. Goods rolling stock 306/2, 361/g, 2 x 391c, 326, 322. 2 of the older versions of the 4423. No boxes though

We used to have fun racing the DA800 and the RES800

The set got added to gradually with the arrival of a nes 3000 then a new 3032. Like others have said, i used to ogle the croc but its price was far beyond our reach. Later, as a teenager, I was able to spend my pocket money on a new 3098, 3022 and 3053. the 3098 and 3022 are still in perfect condition, but the 3053 was a disappointment as it started loosing it paint from day one.

Pictures to follow, although I have none from those earlier years.

here is a link which shows a few of my earlier rolling stock, the original DA800 puls another, and the original train board down on the right.

Northland. NZ REMEMBER 0228 for ä
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Offline sjbartels  
#53 Posted : 22 November 2019 17:45:41(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 11/08/2015(UTC)
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For me I was a 7 or 8 year old kid, back home in Australia I always had a train set, typical tyco one, one locomotive and a couple of cars. My grandfather when I was that age bought the original Marklin SET system, with a 3085 locomotive and TEE tin plate cars, all analogue. I remember running it one time with him when it was set up at their house, I think it was the only time he ever ran it as he had a heart attack soon after. My grandparents then packed and moved to another city and the trains were packed away. He passed away when I was 11 and hadn't been able to set them at their new house. I remember his brother and cousins helping me move the base onto a table so I could set them back up, which I did, and ran them for many years, until I packed then away when I moved to Canberra for University. Then I came to the US for what was supposed to be a year, that was 2001 (and yes, I know, I'm still here, getting married it was did it btw). I flew home with my wife and daughter in 2014, and whilst I was there unpacked all of the trains at my grandmothers house and, with a little oil, the 3000 and the 3085 ran beautifully. With my Grandmothers blessing, I bought them back to the US with me and have them set up, with of course everything else I have since purchased, having a paycheck now unlike being a High school kid. That being said, our of everything that I have now, that little 3000 and the 3085 will always be my favorites.

ON a side note, my daughter, whose 8 now, loves to come into the train room and run my trains with me, she even has her own now, so hopefully we'll build some memories there together as well
American by Geography, Australian by Birth. I am an original Ameristraylian
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Offline Jimmy Thompson  
#54 Posted : 22 November 2019 19:25:21(UTC)
Jimmy Thompson

United States   
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Such wonderful stories! Viva Märklin!

Jimmy T
Analogue; M-track; KLVM; Sarrasani Zirkuswelt
There is a Prototype For Everything
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Offline jerdenberg  
#55 Posted : 23 November 2019 13:11:37(UTC)

Joined: 10/01/2005(UTC)
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Location: Den Helder, Noord-Holland
My first Märklin was a gift from Sinterklaas in 1957 or 1958. Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas, bringer of gifts) as celebrated in the Netherlands delivered his gifts either on the evening of December 5 [My wife's parents had somebody bang on the front door and leave a basket with gifts on the front step.] or in the night of December 5 to December 6 [On the evening of December 5 the dinner table was cleared and each family member put a plate with his/her wishlist on it. Before going to bed we sang Sinterklaas (Sint) songs. Sint then magically delivered his gifts during the night. In the morning we would be up early, but the door to the living room was closed and we had breakfast in the kitchen first. Then, finally, we would go into the living room to see what gifts we had received.]

The Märklin set waiting for me on the table was the one including 3029, a flat car and a kipper car. In the following years I gradually expanded the layout and rolling stock, until the moment, more than 15 years later, when I wanted to buy an expensive photo camera and sold off almost everything except the 3029 and the first loc I had bought myself, a 3034.

The battered 3029 is shown here dwarfed by a cousin of the loc that rekindled my Märklin interest (the first Insider Big Boy, 4013; in the picture is converted Trix Big Boy 22598). The front buffers of 3029 are different, as one had broken off in the past, and I recently replaced it by one from E761070. The red paint also dates from way back; I can't even remember when I did that.

[Click pic for high-res]

3029 and Big Boy

Figomima division, UP; mostly figment of my imagination yet.
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Offline rrf  
#56 Posted : 28 November 2019 21:00:41(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 15/11/2009(UTC)
Posts: 300
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland USA

My first Märklin train dates to 1973. I was 10 years old and my Mom, Dad and I lived in Germany that year. The first time I saw one, I fell in love with the beige and red InterCity trains. When I got a hold of a catalog, I immediately started to select the components that would make up my "custom" starter set. Dad had a friend order everything from his dealer and a few weeks later everything arrived. Along with an M-Track oval, a solenoid switch extension set and a "Big Blue Metal" transformer, were the following:

3054 BR 103
4087 IC Dining Car
4088 IC Club Car
4089 IC Compartment Car with Tail Lights
4090 IC Observation Car

It was only many years later that I realized how generous Mom and Dad were with my belated birthday gift. Whenever I play with this train, it always reminds me of them and the special year we spent together in Deutschland. I think of all of the lifelong friends I made that year. I think of the things I learned, the amazing places we visited and how that 12 months changed my life.

Thank you Mom and Dad. I love you and miss you both!
Mackenrode Wende Bahn
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