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Offline ocram63_uk  
#1 Posted : 30 May 2019 14:38:42(UTC)

United Kingdom   
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Hi everyone,
sorry if I ask these questions but I have seen on ebay a 39223, digital with c-sine model, and went on to stummi's website to read about it. I now do this in order to avoid wrong acquisitions.
Contributors were not very kind towards this model. They say that the tooling is old and digital functions are poor and better fit it with an ESU Loksound.

The old vintage and analog version, 3722, needs retrofitting which I can do, but I have problems doing precision close up jobs.
I'm not 60 yet but my eyes struggle when I have to do these things.

I've never seen the two models 'live' in a shop, not that there are many shops left anyway, only seen ebay photos and internet sourced ones.

So I ask the owners of these models, hopefully someone has both, to give a brief description so that I can make up my mind and eventually buy one of the two.

Thank you
Offline ocram63_uk  
#2 Posted : 30 May 2019 16:40:21(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 07/01/2015(UTC)
Posts: 356
Location: England, Suffolk
Sorry, I made a mistake, the 3722 is already digital and not analog.
Online TEEWolf  
#3 Posted : 31 May 2019 03:08:15(UTC)

Joined: 01/06/2016(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: ocram63_uk Go to Quoted Post
Sorry, I made a mistake, the 3722 is already digital and not analog.

Does not matter, it is quite an old decoder anyway. The 39223 has a fx decoder on board. But buy the loco which you like and you are thinking it is a good price for you. If you are not satisfied with the driving quality, then change motor and/or the decoder. I would recommend the new 60977 msD/3 decoder from Märklin, which comes with the sound for an E-loco already.

Myself I got a 3022, a 194 in green and really still analogue. I thought already for a longer time to change it to digital, but I got the same problem with my eyes as you know. And I bought a 194 from the digital info days menawhile. This diminish the pressure to change the 194 to digital.


(the only picture I found at Märklin. Although this loco has the article number 39226 I cannot find it in Märklin's database.)

The big surprise to me and my old eyes: I do not see very tremendous differences in the outside design of both locos (except the colour). Inside the white German Croc has a mfx+ decoder (the basic for the mfx+ is a mSD/3 decoder from Märklin and the only difference today between the mfx mSD/3 and the mfx+ is the consumption of sand, electricity, coal, etc. of a loco).

My friend Jim is updating his old locos (actually these are locos over 20 years old and have only technically superseded decoders on board) by new mSD/3 ones and he is delighted by the new driving qualities and also the new functions. The mSD/3 can get up to 32 functions as well.

Since Märklin offeres its new decoder mSD/3, I changed my mind only buying mfx locos, because I see now an excellent way changing the decoders old against new to achieve for all locos the mfx function. So I started to look for good used offers as well and never mind about the inside motor and decoder.
Offline franciscohg  
#4 Posted : 01 June 2019 08:36:21(UTC)

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I don't have 39223, but it seems to be the same tooling of 39221. That means that the driver board of the motor and decoder are integrated in the same PCB, so, it is not just a thing of changing the decoder, you need also get a driver board for the C sinus motor. I have done it using the board of Mr. Iten ( www.rail4you.ch ) and the results are great.
UserPostedImage German trains era I-II and selected III, era depends on the mood, mostly Maerklin but i can be heretic if needed XD, heresy is no longer an issue.. LOL
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Offline vilithejou  
#5 Posted : 01 June 2019 10:08:05(UTC)

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The 6090 decoder of 3722 is the best ones Marklin calibrate... is so majestic!!! The model is a little old but good

The 39223 is with one of the better engine inside that Marklin made... and with this loco run's look

Buy the two models, is the only solution possible


For 39223 is best option

39223 EP IV
3722 EP III
Be careful!
Joan Vilarrúbia
Fan of Märklín, Kroko lover
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Offline ocram63_uk  
#6 Posted : 01 June 2019 11:37:15(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 07/01/2015(UTC)
Posts: 356
Location: England, Suffolk
Joan, Francisco thank you for your input.
On ebay there is only one 3722 but looking at the pictures it does not look in great conditions. On one of the sides there is a big black fingerprint covering the road number.
39223 there are a few and am watching one that has everything in place, but as Joan points out it is Epoch IV
I have also noted the latest 39227 which is great looking and although a bit more expensive than the 39223 is the latest model made by M in 2018 and is Epoch III which I prefer
So lets see what happens this week end
Offline ocram63_uk  
#7 Posted : 10 June 2019 20:48:22(UTC)

United Kingdom   
Joined: 07/01/2015(UTC)
Posts: 356
Location: England, Suffolk
I bought the 39223 !!
It is in perfect conditions, it runs on the roller stand very silently and the decoder behaves well. It also has the shunting speed mode, as on DCC decoders. The only sound on the loco is poor and not so great but I can live with it :-)
I'm waiting to see it running on the new layout I have designed !
Have a nice evening / morning (if you are in a land 'down uder')
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