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Offline Artologic  
#1 Posted : 19 August 2012 11:41:05(UTC)

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Hello Everyone,

I have 3 Br81s from marklin (3031, 3032, 36320). Since all but the 36320 has full gearing I looked for a way to attach the gears from a 3032 to the 36320. I tought I would share the result with you guys. I know there is a different color in the new gears, but that s something to "fix" later...






Note: Mine has a tendency to sway it s nose when running backwards in turns, this was prior to the change in the gears and the wheels are aligned. Are there more people who have noticed this?


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Offline steventrain  
#2 Posted : 19 August 2012 18:09:47(UTC)

United Kingdom   
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The 36320 new chassic with 'can' motor replace the 30322 old models in 2006.

The BR81 'can' motor was in stater set 29160, 29165 and 29539.
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Offline Artologic  
#3 Posted : 20 August 2012 16:07:08(UTC)

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Hey Steven,

Thanks for the info, but I knew the differences, since I have a few models of it... The new model was delivered with a simplefied gearing set and that s what I changed... Still it s a pity that they changed it.

Offline mvd71  
#4 Posted : 21 August 2012 07:27:06(UTC)

New Zealand   
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In my view the 36320 is the poor cousin of the older models. Not because of the reduction in valve gear, but because of the poor quality design in its chassis/drive system.

I was recently asked to look at a 36320 that had been accidentally dropped. The owner was very upset as he had not been careless, he just had one of those days when something goes wrong. The loco didn't appear to have much external damage, however it would not run.

When I investigated further, I found the chassis had fractured!OhMyGod This was due to the fact that Marklin in their wisdom, have changed the drive mechanism to a worm and wheel type system. The trouble with this is the mechanism goes through the middle of the chassis, and the chassis has been made so thin to accomodate it that it has very little strength and no impact resistance.

In my view this is a very poor design, especially given that it is a loco that will finish up in the hands of kids, who can at times be roughRollEyes

What made the matter even worse is that the chassis is not available from Marklin!!ThumbDown

Anyway, sorry to hijack the thread and have a rant, but your loco modification reminded me of the sorry saga.



P.S. Your mod is a good improvement !ThumpUp
Offline RayF  
#5 Posted : 21 August 2012 10:27:41(UTC)

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Excellent modification, Kristof! ThumpUp

The old 3031/3032/30322 etc, was a very old tooling from the 1950's, and has recently only featured in the "Hobby" range, after having spent a few years in the Primex wilderness!

The new Br81 is also a cheap Hobby model which has very little in common with the old model. As with other hobby models, they are OK for kids and as a cheap addition to a collection, but we can't expect much from them. Now, if only they made a full specification model of the Br81, as they did with the Br38 etc! That would be nice!
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Offline FMS  
#6 Posted : 21 August 2012 14:47:25(UTC)

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Nice Job Kristof!
Offline Artologic  
#7 Posted : 22 August 2012 09:06:57(UTC)

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the replies!

@Mike: It s a shame it s like that, those days are a reminder for ever if you don t get it fixed. A real pity. Isn t it an option to ever get a broken down one (of course one that has broken down in another fashion)? Anyhow if you ever come to fixing it, I wish you a lot of luck :-)

@Ray: Thanks Ray, It indeed is an old model (even in the hobby version it s the same metal hood... But still I like it, altough a new model shouldn t hurt. At that point I don t understand marklin, making the model even more simplyfied by reducing it gears. Since it wasn t an expensive loco I tried to add full gearing, with succes. The limited gearing vs the normal gearing makes the loco a whole lot different to see. Only thing left now it to fix the (by me) in the wrong way bolted gear attachment on the wheel.

@Fms: thanks!
Offline SA-Marklin-Guy  
#8 Posted : 22 August 2012 16:25:14(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: mvd71 Go to Quoted Post
When I investigated further, I found the chassis had fractured!OhMyGod
What made the matter even worse is that the chassis is not available from Marklin!!ThumbDown

Mike, I could be wrong, but if you wait until Marklin releases another new "hobby" BR81 locomotive either on its own or as part of a starter set, then you might be able to order chassis. Because the hobby locomotive of item no. 36320 has been discontinued, the parts pertaining to that item number would get more scarce.

I remember a few months back, someone on this forum lauched a thread regarding the "hobby" BR 185 electric locomotives, and someone else said that the can motor of part no. E408905 is not available. But I think that person was possibly looking at the exploded parts diagrams of a locomotive of a discontinued item number. However, when I looked at the parts diagram of one of the newly-released BR 185s last night, the motor of part no. E408905 is listed as in stock.


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