Any images taken from official Märklin publications are provided here for your personal use only to assist in the enjoyment of our mutual hobby.

The information given in most of these sheets is now obsolete. Many of them are very old publications and are provided here purely as an archive. All part numbers in the old format are no longer available, but having the means to identify an exact original part number or variation may be invaluable in a restoration project. I would really appreciate your feedback (positive or negative) to help improve this site for others.

If you would like bigger pictures, please email me (see bottom of page). I have kept these images small to manage the total amount of file storage required. The original pages are much better detail than can be displayed here. An early NZ Distributor for Märklin (Hank Edwards) had the foresight to retain all the Parts pages and when he received an update he never disposed of the previous version. He very kindly allowed me to copy them for my archives and I am more than happy to share with others in the same spirit. I have had so many requests for items that I suspect these may be the only copies publicly available but would appreciate being advised of anything similar.

I do have a few missing items, if you have any pages that are missing, particularly prints from the 40's, 50's & 60's please contact me, I would very like to add them to my collection (with acknowledgement to you). Even if the quality is not the best, they are still better than nothing.

Missing sheets that are being sought by others include.....; T800

Old Numbering System (Pre-1957)
New Numbering System (From 1957....) ** Work in progress
Accessories - Turnouts, Signals etc
Misc parts, Screws, Clips etc

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