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Official Märklin company sites (9 links)
Märklin Digital The digital system from Märklin
Märklin Austria The Austrian Märklin subsidiary
Märklin Switzerland The Swiss Märklin subsidiary
Märklin Germany The Märklin headquarters in Göppingen, Germany
Märklin Spain The Spanish Märklin subsidiary
Märklin Belgium The Belgium/Luxemburg Märklin subsidiary
Märklin USA The US Märklin subsidiary, rather good information on Digital too
Märklin France The French Märklin subsidiary
Märklin Netherlands The Netherlands Märklin subsidiary
Other model railroad manufacturers (41 links)
Vollmer Model houses and more
Auhagen Model houses and more
Bemo H0m and H0e narrow gauge, mostly Swiss models.
Brawa H0 and N-scale, also many H0 digital "AC" locos for Märklin...
Brekina Model vehicles for HO
Brelec Low-cost and compact electronics for model railroad.
Brimalm Engineering Swedish manufacturer of the finest brass models, mostly nordic prototypes. Also roller stands, gearboxes, clutches and such for locos. Top notch quality.
Busch Railroad scenery,cars and accessories
Digitaltrain German manufacturer of Märklin compatible digital decoders and such
ESU Digital decoders with sound, universal for Märklin and DCC. Command stations. Digital Accessories.
Modeltog Danish manufacturing company. Danish and Norwegian HO scale trains and cars and houses.etc.
Faller & Pola Model houses, scenery, the Faller Car system and more. Select the USA flag to see the English edition.
Fleischmann H0 and N-scale, also some H0 AC locos
Frateschi Brazilian Manufacturer of model trains and accesories. Interesting models of southamerican trains, mostly from Brazil and Argentina
HAG H0, Swiss models (also AC)
Heathcote Electronics A British manufacturer of electronic control equipment for model railways.
Herkat Modelleisenbahn Zubehör Cleaning wagens for Märklin track,uncouplers,lighting kits,turnout motors,etc
Electrotren Spanish manufacturer of H0 and N. Now part of Hornby
Lima HO and N-scale, also some H0 AC locos Now part of Hornby.
Rivarossi H0 DC Now part of the Hornby empire.
Arnold N-scale (1:160), but also digital units for Märklin digital. Arnold is now part of the Hornby Group.
Littfinski DatenTechnik Electronics for the model railroad, decoders for both Märklin and DCC
Liliput H0 and H0e, Nowadays made in China by Bachmann. Nice models, though...
LUX-Modellbau Accessories like track cleaner, vacuum cleaner and more.
Mehano A Slovenian toy & model railroad maker. Some models also for AC. Their "Thalys" and "Blue Tiger" diesel with Loksound decoder are their most famous models along with some US prototypes
Mini-Things Scale Models Providing custom-built model railroad layouts in all sizes and scales, scale military vehicles & figures, dioramas & displays & resin model railroad castings.
Musket Minatures Epoche I figures,animals and vehicles.
Noch Scenery and more
Ostmodell Relettering for locos, waggons and also other signs available. Also detailed catenary and signals.
PerlModell Brass kits, also high-quality superdetailing accessories and such
Piko H0, mostly DR prototype
Roco H0, H0m, N-scale. Some models also for M-digital. All new models also available for M-digital.
Sommerfeldt The finest catenary for a layout, pantographs for E-locs and more
Tams Elektronik Electronic and more, digital decoders for MM and DCC
CT Elektronik Sound decoders and more.
Trix H0 and N. Also the DC name for Märklin's former HAMO-series.
Uhlenbrock The Intellibox, and decoders for Märklin locos.
Viessmann Signals, lights and also digital accessories. Their k83 equivalent is quite excellent. Great stuff...
Kibri Model houses and more, also cranes and other vehicle kits Now part of Viessmann
Weinert-modellbau Makers of fine signals, detail parts,autos
XR1 -innovative Modellbahntechnik Digital decoders,car lighting kits and accessories
Model railroad clubs/communities/organizations (33 links)
Forum Alte Modelbahnen A beautiful forum about the old model trains, in German. Very much Marklin, also other brands like Fleischmann, Lima, Trix etc. Gauge H0, old 0 and 1. Nothing digital!
Epoche2 Discussion group (German) belonging to the Epoche II web site listed in Prototypes section of links.
LCTM For Spanish speaking Märklin enthusiasts everywhere! Discuss all things Märklin and related subjects.. Enjoy!
Railways of Germany Forum English language forum for ALL aspects of German railways, model and prototype. Completely non-partisan.
IBX Exchange of information between users, programmers and developers of the Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno IntelliBox (IB). Questions and discussions about related subjects and components like IB-Control, IB-Switch, Fleischmann TwinCenter, IRIS, FRED, and interconnection of other manufacturers' components like Märklin, DigiTrax, Lenz, Roco, etc are welcome too.
Märklin Bar&Grill For Märklin enthusiasts everywhere! Discuss all things Märklin and related subjects.. Enjoy!
MarklinTalk The purpose of this group is to bring together individuals from all parts of the world who have an interest in exchanging ideas and information about Marklin (Märklin) model trains. SATURDAY-SUNDAY are Marklin-Swap days. INDIVIDUALS and DEALERS 'Worldwide' are invited to list up to 20 USED items they have For Sale. Used or Secondhand items only, one post per member per day please. Please post information on Marklin related events in your area. Our interests center around Marklin, AC model trains, European railroads, and things related to Germany, Switzerland and Austria...ONLY. If you want to talk about politics, sexuality, religion or Harry Potter please go somewhere else.
AmiciMarklin For Italian speaking Märklin enthusiasts everywhere! Discuss all things Märklin and related subjects.. Enjoy!
Marklin Model Railway Club Wellington NZ MMRC
NMRA The NMRA organization
traiN'ternet A French Internet train club doing US modeling in N-scale, great site - Märklin enthusiasts in Italy
Altezeitgruppe British modellers doing German Era II
ETE European Train Enthusiasts, US-based club for those interested in European trains and models. They have also developed a module standard for H0 train layouts.
Israel Model Railways Club Information about our club. Many pictures of our H0, Marklin and N layouts. Activities and plans.
LCTM Web Site The Web Site of the LCTM group. Lots of interesting stuff Märklin realted in Spanish.
Modell- und Eisenbahnclub Selb-Rehau e.V. We are a railway club in Nothern Bavaria (Germany). This site presents our club, our aims and all our vehicles (actually 28 original railroad vehicles: steam locos, electric locos, diesel locos and a lot of different wagons). This site also informs about events of our club and has links to a lot of other railway clubs (mostly) in Germany. The site is also available in English language.
Lundarallarna A Swedish model railroad club in the hometown of the webmaster. They don't run Märklin, though... Many Swedish models.
Italian Marklin Fan The first Italian site for all Marklinists! In Italian and English. High quality pics and a lot of useful information.
Joshi's Museum of Miniature Railways This is a layout in Pune India. It is an imaginary city built in HO gauge on an 18' dia revolving platform, using marklin M and K track and with digital controls
Wellington Märklin club An NZ Märklin club, among other things famous for their innovative ICE3000
Modellbahn-Links One of the leading ressources for model railway information in the net. Picture fom three dozen layouts, more than 1000 links and much more. The premier Swedish site for model railroading an everything that goes with it.
Modelspoorvrienden Brugge MR-club in belgium, dutch language only, nice pictures of the layouts.
NMRA organization The US National Model Railroad Association
New Zealand Model Railway Guild A New Zealand model railway club
Private Modellbahnervereinigung Winnenden A private model railroad club in Winnenden near Stuttgart. They have a very impressive layout, and a lot of nice pictures and videos on their website. Definitely one of the best sites on the Internet with lots of information on prototype and model (mainly DC, but still excellent...). Formerly known as the German Railways site.
WVMGRS The Washington, Virginia, & Maryland Garden Railway Society
Z-club 92 Märklin Z-scale club for fans all over the world
Ztrains Z scale site featuring regular updates.
Fleischmann Model Trains A Facebook page for Fleischmann Model Trains.
Trix Model Trains A Facebook page for Trix Model Trains.
Personal homepages (52 links)
Piet Brijs' Homepage A site packed with lots of good pictures of a Märklin layout and much more....
The Akron - Dorcherster RR Hello, my name is Louis Albert. I use this Web Page to communicate with the world. In May 1995 I had a severe stroke leaving me with "Fluent" Aphasia. Because of the stroke and the resulting aphasia I have trouble reading, WRITING and understanding. But I love my Märklin trains!
märklinbaan in opbouw dutch website about making a digital märklin-layout
Garden and Model Railroad Model railroad in Z-scale About model track in American style, model building and pictures. Interesting links. Colony garden in Stora Mossen Description about the association, my cottage and garden. Pictures of my garden and flowers.
Perrongeluk Digital Schematics and Software
Track plans Some track plans by Krister Johanneson for M-track
Bigio's Look at it!
Bogobit By Siegfried Grob, very good info on digital decoders
DerModellbahnChecker Great site with model tests, tips and much other interesting stuff
extrem-teppichbahning Extreme "on the fly" Layouts, german page.
Foxshaw Gardens Online This is a father and son site, designed to help wherever possible with all aspects of indoor and outdoor model railways,G,OO,HO,N,HOe,Z
Huib Maaskant's site Our regular site contributor Huib Maaskant has a very good site, mainly in Dutch with English text too.
Forsten Online By Frank Forsten, very good site with many layout construction tips.
Greateventtours European Railway destination and Marklin Model trains....very nice
Hanno's site Homepage of Hanno Brünninghaus, including his M layout with pictures This page is mainly about the building of a coffee table layout. There is also pages about an old Märklin H0 layout. Mainly in Norwegian, partly in English. Hundreds of pictures...
Eisenbahn: Vorbild und H0 *** UPDATED LINK *** A very good site with listings of Märklin models by prototype, by Helmut Kern.
Eisenbahn-Homepage von Hans-Peter Pfeiffer Digitalumbauten mit Fotos, Decodereinbauten, Anlagen, Dioramen, Vorbild, Modelle, Tipps, Tricks, u.v.a. Lots of information, but only in German.
Die Eisenbahn Seite Very good site with e g info on how to modify decoders and such... By Jürgen Schad. Great railroad site by Jürgen Herberger.
MSX computer and model railroad MSX computer and model railroad elektronics and relays
Steve Cook Personal Homepage My site
Steve Cook's Märklin pages A kiwi Märklin site Danish Site about building a Marklin Layout of 45 m2. Steering : Marklin CS2 (60215 with 60101 Transformer) / 2 Mobile Stations / Ipad / Iphone and Android Smartphone/Tablets. The Website will later include Techinal Information about Marklin/ESU Decoders and Marklin/ESU Units and a lot more....
Cochemer Bahn Epoche I A website by Frits Osterthun, who is an exceptional modeler and photographer of model railroads. Be inspired by the work that Frits has done with the Cochemer Bahn.
Kenneth Pallund's site A lot of digital info and more, very good
Per's model railroad pages Pictures of a modular Märklin M track layout.
choo Choo CHOO Layout of European HO AC Trains under development. Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria--Eras I through IV
Peter's Maerklin Trains Shows early childhood layouts, describes construction of current layout. Layout is purely analog with blocks for train control. In English.
Quarter 105 (Gino's Place) Personal website concerning my hobbies including a modular Marklin HO layout and a small Z-scale layout
Reichsbahn H0-Anlage mit zwei Stromsystemen nach DRG-Motiven Description of the layout (in German) , a lot of pictures Links and a special part about military transport (under construction)
Rob Hamerlings site A site with tips & software utilities for digital model railroads
Ron's Train Site Our layouts under construction.
German Railway Signal Systems Information of all types of German railway signals
St Georgen UK built private layout depicting a fictional town near the German/Swiss border
Karl's Model Railroad Page Personal viewpoint on model railroading and links to my layout design page, and to my current layout.
Øyvind Teig Models This is the Models overview page
Tigli's Layout Page Italian page by Filippo Tigli, pictures of a great layout...
Un réseau MARKLIN HO Allemand réseau Allemand époque II à IV, locomotives vapeur en digital
Train Doctor By Dennis Whitlock - offers service, repairs, digital conversions and more on his site. Site in New Zealand.
extended lok-tuning Site (in German) describing all kinds of optimisatations in Marklin loks.
Jun's @Gauge 1 Page The site about European Gauge1 modeling. Specially many tips for digital, sound and electronics work.
Dale Schultz's second layout site Gallery of small sub projects related to my layout building, such as digitising a loco, etc..
Oranda's Märklin rail layout H0 UK model rail
Sean Fanelli's site Models, models and more models... Lots of nice pictures.. Updated link 29 Oct 2023.
Ross Stewart's Marklin Site Tips on Marklin modelling and TrainController. Regular updates
My Rainy Day Railroad Video Enjoy
Steve Cook's Homepage Steve Cook Homepage
Svein's Märklin site The site features digital conversions and many images of Intruder's impressive collection of Marklin items. This is a copy of the original site.
Model Train Prices Compare Marklin prices across a lot of shops from all over the world.
Scheisse am Alln A little town in another dimension..
Xavier's Crocodile Video Here you can see one of my locomotives. Enjoy it!
Collector resources (18 links)
Helmut Kern Marklin Loco database A good site for 2005 and earlier loco information.
Homepage of Stefan Unholz The site for the collector of Swiss HO models with the unique HAG database
The Märklin Guide A Märklin reference database on the net A great site project to circulate information about Marklin trains and the history of the Marklin company.
American Collectors Insurance American Collectors Insurance can provide Marklin enthusiasts with extremely affordable insurance for their valuable collections. Visitors can receive an instant quote by visiting the website.
Helmut Kern Marklin Wagon Database A good source of information for 2005 and earlier wagons.
Bordertrain Website Summery of all Dutch Märklin Trains. Only the original "thing" is mentioned ,if it's not on this site , it is "fake" .Collector since 1985 !
Ciciesse Model The only Authorized Marklin and Trix Service Center in Italy
Dave's Trains Inc A great site for Lionel collectors, not Märklin but still 3-rail.....
A great place for used and unused European trains Buy from someone like you. I am a collector/operator of Marklin trains and have a nice selection of both used and unused items from several European manufacturers for sale.
M-gallery A very comprehensive collection of pictures of Märklin models. Covers almost everything Märklin have made up to date.
Modellbahn Collectors US site with Märklin special editions and such for sale, and also info on the MEA club.
Model Railroad Collector Wiki Collection management utility and crowd-sourced model railroad database.
Ritter restaurationen Restoration services, original paint, parts and such for older Märklin...
Sehling Restaurationen Restoration services, original paint, parts and such for older Märklin... Shop on line and special offers on Marklin items news and used. A very interesting site for all Marklinists!!! In Italian and English!!!
Classic Märklin coach database A database for the classic range of Märklin tin-plate coaches over the years.
3 rail wiki Tremendous resource, particularly for a newbi. (Dutch language only)
Prototype information and museums (24 links)
Aufbau und Technik der Dampflokomotive Excellent site with info on the German steam locos with lots of drawings of different loco types and loco details, explanations of the details of a steam loco and much more. Very good, but in German only.
Lokomotivhersteller in Deutschland A site with German locomotive manufacturers, past and present.
103er German site with a lot of info, and many pictures of the BR 103 electric loco
Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum Nördlingen The Bavarian Railway museum in Nördlingen, a place every steam train enthusiast must visit
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum The B & O Railroad museum in Baltimore, Ohio
european rail border crossings The site describes the voltages that are used by different rail lines in europe. Cross boarder stations and rail maps
Cape Cod Railways A scenic dinner train on historic Cap Cod
DB Museum The DB Museum in Nürnberg, formerly the Verkehrsmuseum.
German Long-distance Trains Excellent site with lots of info about German long distance trains. So far Epoch 2 is covered, and work is in progress for later Epochs.
Edaville Railroad A live steam 2 foot gauge railway
Finnisches Modellbahn Museum Das Modelleisenbahn Museum in Kouvola ist ein Treffpunkt wo die Lokomotiven Kopfstehen und auf dem Rücken fahren, mit echtem Sound pfeifen und schnauben und viele andere Überraschungen bereit halten.
Epoche II Great site with lots of info on German railroads in the Era II, the "DRG" period between 1920-45
The Canfranc railroad station In the middle of nowhere, in the Pyrenees mountain ridge between France and Spain, there is a huge train station... The line closed down due to an accident and the station just stands there in its own grandeur...
Gueterwagenkatalog An overview of different freight cars in use on German DB.
Ron Ferguson's Kriegslok Page A site dedicated to the BR52 Website for the big railway. Lots of information, pictures, links and much more.
Paartalbahn Augsburg - Ingolstadt Railway Web page of the section from Augsburg to Ingolstadt. Many information to the section as well as altuelle railroad-news and an EU Online-timetable.
Russian & Baltic Railway Picture Gallery Lots of pictures from the former eastern block railways. Very interesting, and well worth a visit...
The European Railway Picture Gallery Lots of pictures from European railways
Railway Museum of Pennsylvania A World-Class Museum of History, at Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA A data base with steam locomotives all over the world, but mainly in the USA. There are over 3000 different steam locos in the data base. A german site specialized on german Stellwerke and signaling. Lots of interior pics from different types of Stellwerke. Comprehensive descriptions of signal types and states, as well as special signs. In German only.
The Trains-and-other-Things-Page Lots of nice train pictures, by Robert Brütting
Trenes de Chile Pictures, history and stories of Chile's trains.
Web shops (45 links)
DCCTRAIN LLC Model trains Store in Cincinnati, OH
Lüssi Hobbyartikel An online shop with much interesting bits'n'pieces like digital replacement boards and such for older Märklin locos.
Modell Digital A nice and friendly shop in Malmö, Sweden. Märklin, Fleischmann and Roco. Good selection of N-scale and accessories too. Online shop in Swedish only.
Micro-Macro-Mundo Marklin (Z, HO, #1) and European trains dealer. Full stock and very good pricing. Prompt mail order delivery.
Annie Jewel & Charlie's KIDS USA online shop. User friendly search engine. SSL Secure online shopping and ordering.
Au Pullman This is the oldest shop in France and the biggest Märklin's shop in France
berchersternlicht. *** BROKEN LINK *** Swiss on-line shop
CC-Rails Belgian online shop for new & used, E-mail orders. Also on Ebay as CC-Rails. French and Dutch language only.
Comboios Elé Portuguese and Spanish online shop, with the best prices in the region. Marklin and Trix dealer with large Marklin stock. Delivers in 24h. Also has Brawa, RTrains (Portuguese hand made, limited), Faller, Pola, Busch, Noch, Wiking, Brekina and Summerfeld
Euro Model Trains Märklin, Trix and more! US online shop.
Euro Rail Hobbies & More Canadian online shop in Vancouver. The major European manufacturers are represented.
Helmuts Hobby Specialities US online shop
Hobby Center This is a really great store in Göteborg, Sweden. The owner, Anders, speaks excellent English and provides great service. The web store is not great for English speakers, so it is best if you give them a call.
hobbyco a hobby store in Sydney NSW.
Jim's Hobby The best dealer in the US (according to K Brady)
Leni's Lek & Hobby Swedish Märklin/Trix web shop. Only in Swedish.
LokShop German online shop. Online cart shopping, prices in both DM and Euro.
Matschke German on line hobby shop
MJ-Hobbyexperten Swedish online shop, also have their own models (Jeco). Vast selection of brands. Online cart shopping.
Modellbahn-Kramm German online shop. Online cart shopping.
ETS German online shop. E-mail orders.
"Pigi tou trenou" *** BROKEN LINK *** An interesting site in Greek which tries to cover the needs of Greek modelrailroaders.
OnTracks - The Internet Model & Hobby Store British retailer of Marklin, Trix and other brands in Z, N, HO and Gauge 1. Worldwide delivery. Winner Microsoft Innovation through Technology Award 2005
Railroad24 Modelleisenbahnfreunde rund um die Uhr *** BROKEN LINK *** Kleinanzeigenmarkt, verschiedene Eisenbahnshops, kostenloser Webkatalog und Informationsaustausch rund um das Thema Modelleisenbahn. Weiter bieten wir Ihnen Online-Shopsystem zum kleinen Preis.
Reynauld's Euro Imports Good selection of all the major european brands, especially marklin, roco, and fleischmann. prices are ok. website ok too.
RJFtrains Great Marklin dealer. Best prices I've found in the US, and excellent service.
European Model Trains Headquarters Marklin, Trix, Fleischmann, Vollmer, Faller and many other finest Manufacturers
Sidetracked Electronics *** BROKEN LINK *** Electronic products for model railways
SMDV German online shop with lots of model railroads & toys
Tågspecialisten *** BROKEN LINK *** Sweden's second on-line shop for modeltrains. Modelhobby Center Online (and offline) hobby store. Online Catalog contains many train items. Language Danish and some english. Suppliers of DCC/Marklin/ESU digital products to the New Zealand market. We are Web based in Christchurch with a shop based in Hastings.
ToToTrains Store specializes in Märklin, Trix and LGB. Attractive prices and good service. Deals in new and used trains. Owned by a life-time Märklin collector.
Jan Bröcker & his Märklin Märklin related site with pictures, stories, for sale and wanted items. Excellent online service , also in english lenguage AAA++
Trainsahead *** BROKEN LINK *** Online shop in the US. European Model Trains and so much more.. Swedish webshop with excellent märklin assortment.
TrainTrader *** NO LONGER A TRAIN SITE *** Good selection of Marklin and lots of other Model Rail things New&Secondhand Located at pymble Sydney NSW
VINTAGE TRAINS NORWICH *** BROKEN LINK *** Pre-war & new model train specialists / web-shop.
Westend Trains Canadian shop in Toronto
WSUM Modelbouw *** BROKEN LINK *** Dutch Shop, email order. Stocks a lot of new and older but new Marklin items.
Zevenspoor Dutch online shop. E-mail orders.
Modellbahnecke *** UPDATED LINK *** German online shop. E-mail orders.
Nathan's TrainsNToys *** UPDATED LINK *** Authorised Australian Marklin agent in Australia. A variety of model trains and accessories available.
Rechsteiner Spielwaren Toyshop *** UPDATED LINK *** Toyshop with modeltrains from all manufactures. Special Märklin Digital and more.
Model Railway Tools, Electronics and accessories (10 links)
All Electronics US electronics supply
Dremel Tools for the modeller
ESU Forum ESU Forum
LUCK Replacement wheelsets,for HO,N&TT
Micro-Mark Special tools for model railroaders, online ordering from the US
Miniatronics Electronics for the hobbyist, located in the US
Model making cardboard, architectural models Model making cardboard, architectural models, railroad models, dioramas, dollhouses, WarGames Miniatures and craft projects
Testors Makers of the Aztek airbrush, paint and supplies
UHU UHU is a well known manufacturer of model glues and such.... The site also has good basic lessons on the practical glue issues...
Scale Things Distance markers, cable ducts, platform items, etc.
Model railroad computer software (19 links)
Railroad & Co Train control software (Windows) for Märklin and almost all DCC too
WiniPro Decoder programming software to be used with the Lenz, Intellibox and TwinCenter control units. Almost all DCC loco decoders supported.
Railways This site is an official Railways mirror. The new 4.1.0 version is now available for download. Railways is a DOS-based layout drawing software with digital control capability.
Koploper Excellent train control software, unfortunately only available in Dutch
RailModeller - Modelrailrod Track Planning Presentation of this program, options, screenshots and downloads. It's a Mac program.
Railware Train control software (Windows) for Märklin and Lenz, formerly known as WinBahn.
RailX A computer control software supporting Märklin 6051, Intellibox and Fleischmann Twin Center. Wintrain 4.1 full version is now available as a free download. Used to be WinTrain
Raily A Windows-based track layout program with nice features. Now also 3d views of your track plans.
TPL Train control software (Windows) for Märklin, the site also contains a FAQ regarding the Intellibox.
SoftLok A classic train control software, has been around since '88
Tayden Design Tayden Design specializes in providing a wide range of Innovative Software Solutions for Model Railroaders. Among our products is: Train Trek - The Artificial Intelligence software, especially designed for Marklin Digital System.
3rd PlanIt A 3d track planning and simulation software. Has got quite good reviews by users.
TrainCAD Free, simply track planning software
WinDigipet - the new dimension of digital train control software WIN-DIGIPET is a far-reaching, intelligent and very user-friendly program to control model railroads, using Märklin-Digital/Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno Intellibox components.
WinRail Windows-based track layout program by Gunnar Blumert
WinTrack 3D track planning Windows software
Dale's Track Length Calculator Determine Märklin track pieces for any length.
Dale's RemoteSign site Split flat sign simulators and working platform signs.
c80PROX Train control software (DOS) for Märklin. Make good use of that old 286-based computer you have stored away..... Also do-it-yourself hardware kits for making equivalents to the Märklin stuff.
Model railroad magazines on the web (3 links)
Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine Online US model railroad magazine, free PDF-format downloads of the magazine.
MIBA German model railway magazine
Railway WEB Magazine At the site, a superb railway web magazine is published more or less periodically.
Downloads from this site (10 links)
Digital brake module A schematic of a digital brake module, similar to the Märklin 72441, by Huib Maaskant. (PDF document)
C-track difference A table of straight C-track length options to compensate and reduce gaps due to geometry, useful for making ends meet...
1 m C-track A table of possible straight C-track combinations up to 1 m by Lars Westerlind (PDF document)
Freight station A Zip file containing the part drawings for the Freight station scratchbuilding project presented on this site
The "Wigit" How to use it PDF Document on how to use the Wigit
Lissy manual A highly unoffical manual about the Uhlenbrock Lissy train recognition system, by Lars Westerlind
Signal bridge A Zip file containing the part drawings for the Signal bridge scratchbuilding project presented on this site
Switch Great decoder addressing help tool by Dieter Hinz, creator of WinBahn/Railware. Very useful for those darned switch settings..... Tested using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
The "Wigit" circuit An electronic circuit to ensure proper signal control with contact tracks in a block. Made possible by Dion Stevenson. PDF document.
Railways This site is an official Railways mirror. The new 4.1.0 version is now available for download. Railways is a DOS-based layout drawing software with digital control capability. The original site is no longer operating.
Other sites of interest (16 links)
Forum Alte-Modellbahnen German Forum
German Railways Forum A free discussion of anything about German Railways (in English)
Marklin Trader A place where we can sell our Marklin stuff for FREE For Marklin HO, Marklin Z and LGB
Interactive model railroad The classic Interactive model railroad at the university of Ulm.
Märklin "new" Motorola protocol Reference on the new Märklin protocol format by A Scorzoni
Répertoire ferroviaire directory of railsites (french)
MB1Q Website for modellers.Many interesting links to other sites on scale modelling.
Atlas HO Layout Information All Your Beginner Model Train Needs : Atlas, Bachmann, Lionel and other Model Railroad Makers. A German site portal for German model railroad sites. Lots of links, German sites only.... In German....
Models Buzz Models are the real thing !
Model & Train Service Importer of LokSound, LokPilot, WinTrack, WinDigital, Bauer, Edi (Benelux + France import)
RailServe RailServe, the Internet Railroad Directory, here you can search for anything that is railroad related... Really recommended.
Preislisten der Märklin-Neuheiten Märklin prices compared in German shops
Travel Ephemera Lots of pictures of old posters, travel brochures, advertisements and such from the Era II time. All travel oriented from different countries. Print them out in small scale and use as posters on your layout...
Model railroads and freight cars Collection of links to interesting model railroading documents
YouTube video of a BR 05 Cab forward loco. YouTube video of a BR 05 Cab forward loco.