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Are you confused by the abbreviations ?  We will try to sort it out for you.... 
LFCM Large Flat Commutator Motor, a classical motor used in many Märklin models since the 50:s, but is not used in any new model designs. It is a very powerful and reasonably smooth motor. 
It's the favorite motor for many Märklin modelers. Can run on AC and DC.
SFCM Small Flat Commutator Motor, also a 'classic' used in many smaller models as the 3000, 3003, 3031. Can run on AC and DC.
DCM Drum Commutator Motor, the motor that Märklin makes their new designs around since the late 70:s. The most common motor in today's models. Can run on AC and DC. The 6090 and 60901 digital sets are designed to be a direct replacement for this motor for digital operation. 
Faulhaber This is a pure DC motor used in many "high-end" DC models due to its smooth characteristics. It has been used in the "Württemberg C" models (3x11 and 3x14) by Märklin and is to be used in more Märklin models in the future (BR17 and BR55 are coming soon) . 

Some spare part examples for the motors are mentioned, but to get the correct spare part number for a particular loco you should visit some of the spare part sites listed on the left of this page.

This is how the LFCM motor could look like, the motor cover could look very different, depending on the loco type, but the guts are almost the same. The photo shows the motor in a 3094.  Here the motor cover is removed and you can see the commutator. As you can see it has a flat disc that the coal & brush have contact with. 

Motor spare part examples:
Commutator 217450
Stator 222180 (3022,3067 etc)
222000 (as in picture)
Motor cover 216730 (3022,3067 etc)
228500 (as in picture)
screws 785600
Coals 600300


This is the smaller version of the flat disc commutator. This is used in smaller models and is still present in some models, especially in the HOBBY-line from Märklin.
This photo shows a 35-year old 3000 motor..
Here you can see the smaller commutator with the smaller electromagnet. You may also see that the flat disc is not in a very good shape, and this motor should get a new commutator to work perfectly.

Motor spare part examples:
Commutator 200680
Stator 215330 (as in picture) 
214010 (3031)
214860 (3077)
Motor cover 204900, screws 750170
Coals 600300


This is the motor type used in most Märklin models today. It is about the same size as the SFCM. This motor uses rectangular coals inserted towards the motor axle from the sides. 
If you convert a loco with this motor to the digital system with a 6090-set, you simply replace the whole motor with the DCM DC motor in the 6090-set. 
As you can see, the commutator of this motor has got a drum shaped area where the coals have contact. There were also some 5-pole DCM AC motor models (35xx) for a while, but they were not very successful...

Motor spare part examples:
Commutator 231440
Stator 231390 (as in picture)
Motor cover 231350 (as in picture),
screws 785140 
Coals 601460


This is a "coreless" pure DC motor that has very good running capabilities if backed up by proper electronics. It is very good at running smoothly and silently. 
The best Märklin designs around this motor so far are the analog operation 3511 and 3514 models that have fantastic running properties. A new digital decoder will appear with the 37113 model.
The Märklin Faulhaber motor is not easily repairable and should be completely replaced. The motor itself is equivalent to the Faulhaber SB 1319 from SB-Modellbau.

Spare parts:
Motor 602620
Gearbox 280560, screws 756100 to attach it to the motor.

Here is a view of a few different commutators, a 5-pole rotor from the 6090-set on the right side. 

The coals... 
The round coal & brush (600300) are used in the flat commutator motors, and the rectangular coals (601460) on the right are used in the DCM-type of motors - including the 6090x high-efficiency digital DC motors.

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