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Many questions about starting out with digital model railroad operation have to come me as the webmaster of this site since we started the whole thing  back in 1998. I am very happy that we are regarded as site worth visiting, with info on several different aspects of the Märklin model railroading hobby. Now it's time to give something back to the beginners in our area... 

Why this section ?
Many questions have been of the "FUD" nature (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) from Märklin enthusiasts who have absolutely no experience with digital systems. 
I thought a kind of general introduction could be appropriate for those who feel that a little bit more of really basic information/explanation is needed before/if they are to take the deep plunge into the digital pond... 
  • So you have a conventional layout that you maybe wish to convert to digital?
  • Or you are maybe a newbie into the hobby and wish to go digital directly? 
  • Or you are just simply "confused" about the whole thing ?

Then read on... If you already are a professional digital model railroader, then you might not want to read this at all..  The articles are written very non-scientifically and there are many things that are described in a very general way. You might even be upset by description flaws....  :-) 

The scope & attitude of the articles
This article series is a very simplified description of the principles around the current model railroading technology, and many shortcuts have been taken... :-) Sometimes, I get shouted at by an imaginary "dummy" too.. :-) . Please read this article series for what it is - a kind of general introduction to digital railroading, with an open eye for the fun of it... However, I try to keep these articles as educational as possible.

Comments and suggestions for improvement on this article series are very welcomed by the webmaster

Article index:

A little history...

Track systems

Change of mind... 

More articles will be added when I have the time for it....

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