The Delta system itself offers in total 5 addresses (4 + 1 handheld "Delta Pilot") to play with. But the Delta decoders in the locomotives offer many more addressing possibilities than those 5 supported by the Delta system.

Here we list the usable Digital addresses that can be set on the Delta decoder. Please note that there are 2 tables, one for newer Deltas with DIP-switches, and one for the older Deltas with solder bridges.

The Delta switches/bridges correspond to the DIP-switches 1, 3, 5, and 7 on a Digital decoder.  

It is also possible to modify the Delta to use all 80 addresses with some re-soldering of the circuit, but this is beyond the scope of this page. For more information on how to get all 80 addresses, please look at Dr König's digital site...

There is also a difference between the older and newer decoders, and it is that the older decoders automatically detect if you run digital or analog operation, and the newer ones require all DIP-switches to be set to the "off" position to run in analog operation.

Address table for Delta decoders with DIP-switches

(Digital DIP 1)
(Digital DIP 3)
(Digital DIP 5)
(Digital DIP 7)
Digital address Delta
Off Off Off Off Analog operation only  
Off ON ON ON 02  
ON Off ON ON 06  
Off Off ON ON 08  
ON ON Off ON 18  
Off ON Off ON 20  
ON Off Off ON 24 "Electric"
Off Off Off ON 26  
ON ON ON Off 54  
Off ON ON Off 56  
ON Off ON Off 60 "Railcar"
Off Off ON Off 62  
ON ON Off Off 72 "Diesel"
Off ON Off Off 74  
ON Off Off Off 78 "Steam"
ON ON ON ON 80 "Delta Pilot"

Address table for Delta decoders with solder bridges

This table presumes you have the Delta decoder positioned with the solder bridges towards you. The solder bridges are numbered from left to right. Please note that the addressing order is reversed compared to the DIP-switch Delta decoder.

Bridge 1
(Digital DIP 7)
Bridge 2
(Digital DIP 5)
Bridge 3
(Digital DIP 3)
Bridge 4
(Digital DIP 1)
Digital address Delta
Off Off Off Off 00 (Theoretical)  
ON ON ON Off 02  
ON ON Off ON 06  
ON ON Off Off 08  
ON Off ON ON 18  
ON Off ON Off 20  
ON Off Off ON 24 "Electric"
ON Off Off Off 26  
Off ON ON ON 54  
Off ON ON Off 56  
Off ON Off ON 60 "Railcar"
Off ON Off Off 62  
Off Off ON ON 72 "Diesel"
Off Off ON Off 74  
Off Off Off ON 78 "Steam"
ON ON ON ON 80 "Delta Pilot"


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