What decoders can I use with the Märklin digital format ?  Are there any alternatives to the Märklin loco decoders, and who makes them ?

This is what this page is about...    If you know about more decoders or wish to report errors in the table, please e-mail the webmaster, so I can update the table correctly.

Abbreviations used in the table:
Acc/dec Adjustable Acceleration/deceleration
AC Alternating current motor, i.e. the Märklin standard motor
DC Direct current motor, like e.g. Roco, Fleischmann, HAMO and such
FH Faulhaber DC motor


Manufacturer Model Motor type Acc/dec Load regulation Functions Size (mm) Max motor current URL or comment
Arnold 81200 DC Yes Yes Lights 26x16x2,8 1500 mA http://www.arnold-digital.de/
  81210 DC Yes Yes Lights 15,5x11,5x3,5 750 mA N-scale suitable
Digitaltrain LDEC 16080 AC Yes No Lights + 3 37x20x4 1300 mA http://www.digitaltrain.de/
ESU Loksound DC/FH - Yes Lights + sound 43x16x8 900 mA http://www.loksound.de/
Lenz LE900 DC Yes No Lights 17x18x6,5 1000 mA http://www.digital-plus.de/
  LE911 DC Yes Yes Lights N/A 1000 mA (Not for resale yet)
  LE930 DC Yes Yes Lights+2 N/A 1000 mA LE130 for the Motorola format (standard in Roco locs from "news 200o") 
Märklin 6603 AC No No No 36x21x9 800 mA http://www.maerklin.de/
  66031 AC No No "Telex" 36x21x4 800 mA  
  6080 AC No No Lights 36x21x9 800 mA  
  6081 DC No No Lights 36x21x9 800 mA  
  6090 DC Yes Yes Lights 36x21x9 800 mA Includes motor armature
  60901/2 DC Yes Yes Lights + 2 36x21x9 800 mA 60901 also includes new motor armature
Uhlenbrock DAL770 AC Yes No Lights 19x16x5 900 mA http://www.uhlenbrock.de/
  DGL750/1 DC Yes No Lights 19x16x5 700 mA  
  DGR755 DC Yes Yes Lights + 2 26,5x15x4,5 1200 mA  
  DGF756 FH Yes Yes Lights +2 26,5x15x4,5 1200 mA Especially suitable for Faulhaber motors
XR1 Software Unidec XR1 AC Yes No Lights + 4 36x17,6x7 1500 mA http://www.xr1.de/
  Unidec GS DC Yes No Lights + 2 25x13x10 1500 mA  

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