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Offline huttel  
#1 Posted : 27 May 2012 08:06:01(UTC)

Joined: 11/01/2006(UTC)
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi all

Thought I would give you a status of life with my new CS2 but first some background data:

- 200m of C-track and some 30 locomotives on the layout
- PC control with Windigipet 2009
- The CS2 is a model 60215 with SW 2.0.1
- Power is supplied through 3 Uhlenbrock Power3 boosters connected to 3 Uhlenbrock 70VA trafos. Common ground.
- Feedback is provided through 8 S88 Viessmann 5217 decoders
- 72 Switches and 21 signals mainly controlled by Viessmann 5211 decoders

The situation is, that I Friday had to switch back to my old Intelllibox solution due to instability and general annoyance with the CS2 because of:

1. The CS2 sometimes "forgets" mfx locomotives. I now understand that this is a known problem when not using the new generation Märklin boosters and there are workarounds
2. Problems with my 76391 Märklin signals. A few instances where I have lost connection and have had to restart the CS2. Very annoying. The signals controlled by the 5211 Viessmann decoders works well - have to consider changing the Märklin signals - another expense.
3. No indication on either PC (Windigipet) or CS2 in case of a power short cut and what is worse it sometimes makes WDP go down. This is highly annoying when you have more than 30 locomotives on the layout of which almost 50% is hidden. When starting WDP up again you have to update each locomotive's position within WDP
4. When activating the STOP function on the CS2 a result is often that WDP looses connection and have to be restarted

I guess the solution to all my problems is to get 3 Märklin 60174 boosters at 160€ each! Add that to the expense of the CS2 and trafo. Cost/benefit - and yes there are many benefits - does in my opinion not add value enough to justify an upgrade of the Intellibox solution.

I would very much like to hear if others have similar challenges when not using the new Märklin boosters and what they have decided. Basically what I am trying to figure out is, that if I change the boosters out will my problems then be solved.

Carpe Diem!
Märklin HO | Insider | C-Track | Digital | Primarilly DK & D | Era III+IV | PC Control with CS2 (60215), Intellibox & Win-Digipet | http://huttel.dk/marklin
Offline supermoee  
#2 Posted : 29 May 2012 10:33:22(UTC)

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Hello Thomas,

I have the CS2 with 4pcs 60174 and 3pcs 6015 Boosters running without any problems.

1. My CS2 forgets locomotives only if I make loco programming on the layout and this is not depending from where the loco is on a 60174 or 6015 booster section. It happens in both sections during programming probably something is disturbing the loco forcing them to re register quickly. Without any programming no re registering.
Before I hat a similar problem, but it was caused by a wrong wiring of a self made braking module. It caused electrical disturbs which forced the loco to re register every time they got power.

2. I had the problem on the new generation Märklin signals too. The cause: a wrong wiring in the S88 module caused electrical disturbs. I solved the wiring problem and since then the signals work fine. I was angry about those signals too until I solved the S88 problem.

3. if the power cut happens in a booster section with a booster which is not the 60174 is it clear. This is not the fault of the CS2 but of the concerned booster which is not giving th signal to the CS. This is happening on my 6015 too. But you cannot blame the central for something the booster is not doing. Here the compatibility is a must have if you want to have it. I look ond the LED of the booster to see if they are still working.

4. I use CS2 and WDP 2009 too and cannot confirm your experience. When I press Stop WDP reacts immediately asking if I want to continue or to stop the traffic completely.

As you can see, the first 2 problems were caused mostly by myself. Problem 3 is a logical consequence of not using compatible material and problem 4 is specific to you. Do you installed all updates of WDP?

kind regards

Offline huttel  
#3 Posted : 02 June 2012 10:25:57(UTC)

Joined: 11/01/2006(UTC)
Posts: 267
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Stephan

Thank you for your constructive answers.

I am curious. What was the faults you experienced with the S88 modules. When I start WDP the last of my 8 S88 modules doesn't register before I put a train on one of the feedback blocks. After that it works fine. I have all WDP updates installed but still experience unstability Crying I have connected PC and CS2 directly over a cross-connect cable. Will try to connect throug a LAN switch and see if that helps.

Kind regards,

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Carpe Diem!
Märklin HO | Insider | C-Track | Digital | Primarilly DK & D | Era III+IV | PC Control with CS2 (60215), Intellibox & Win-Digipet | http://huttel.dk/marklin
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