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Offline Don Morris  
#1 Posted : 20 July 2021 01:49:42(UTC)
Don Morris

New Zealand   
Joined: 14/01/2016(UTC)
Posts: 21
On the cs3 articles list there are 2 un-coupler icons, 1 identified as un-coupler the other identified as un-coupler G1. Does anyone know what there differences are? Cheers Don
Offline phils2um  
#2 Posted : 20 July 2021 05:44:02(UTC)

United States   
Joined: 12/01/2016(UTC)
Posts: 115
Location: Michigan, Ann Arbor
I answered this question before. The G1 uncoupler works with LGB (and I assume Märklin 1 scale) uncouplers that remain in the state commanded, either up (uncouple) or down. I don't run HO but the old HO uncouplers I'm familiar with only remained up only as long as the button was pushed.
Phil S.
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