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Offline Keyser  
#1 Posted : 27 June 2022 20:21:49(UTC)

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My brother has a mixed system of old and new components. M track, 6023 controller, 6040 keyboard and engines with decoders with dipswitches. He has purchased a 3046 locomotive and wants to upgrade (and has purchased) to a 60944 motor and a 60975 sound decoder. While I think I can handle the hardware, his 6023 controller has only four addresses that can be used for running the locomotive. Can we use my ms2 to program his decoder to one of his available addresses? If so, how exactly? I am old and not very adept at understanding some answers. “Changing from MFX to DCC and then handle it from there”, does not help me vey much and I cannot seem to find any detailed instructions on how to do this. Sending it off is always an option, except he is coming in from Korea for about a week.
Offline clapcott  
#2 Posted : 28 June 2022 03:46:26(UTC)

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his 6023 controller has only four addresses that can be used for running the locomotive.

While the 6023 unit itself has 4 buttons for addresses 10,20,30,40, it is able to control all 80 addresses with the addition of a 6036(Control-80) or a PC. (A 6037 Control-80F will also work for loco addressing but not its F1-4 buttons)
Originally Posted by: Keyser Go to Quoted Post
Can we use my ms2 to program his decoder to one of his available addresses?

If so, how exactly?

Reference MS2 manual https://static.maerklin....89bae8a62b1619688926.pdf

At a high level
- set the MS2 "Loco Protocol" to MM2 (MarklinMotorola) - PG12 (picture shows accessory protocol but there is also a Loco protocol

- Stop/Start with the loco on the track wait at least 20 seconds.
with the controller sending out only MM signal, the Loco will listen for a recognised protocol and switch out of its default mFX to MM mode

- manually create a (dummy) loco on your MS2 defining it as "MM2 programmable" PG9/10 "Entering a Locomotive Manually"
I suggest using the address you are wanting to set the address TO
(While not essential for programming, when it comes to testing you will have a reference ready to go)
Optionally you could select the default MM address of the decoder (as per its documentation) to do an initial test

- Reconfigure the address - PG14
If you had used the loco with its old address , leave it with its lights on.
As the programing is being done, you should observe the lights blink a couple of times.

Note: Programing MM2 devices "just writes" the data to the track, it does not check if anyone is there and nor can it read back any changes. Thus the indication of blinking lights is the best indication that a programming was being recognized by the Loco/Decoder

Return your MS2 to its prior setting. If this was mFX or DCC, by default the loco will respond to those addresses and not the one you have just set for MM.

As the 6023 only has one function button (F0), you may wish to alter the function mapping so that the most desired function is set to F0.
This might be two functions, one for F0-Forward and the other for F0-backward
And/Or the decoder allows you to set multiple functions to a button, e.g. Lights AND Running-Sound
For configuring this function mapping I would suggest not using a MS2 but finding a friendly CS2/3 Colleague/Dealer

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