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#1 Posted : 01 December 2019 04:17:59(UTC)

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I am fairly new to this, but make slow progress with the help of the digital marklin newsletter and insider magazine and the digital book. I still am running an MS2. I ordered my first brake module so I could figure out how to make it work. Already had hobby signals , 2 of M83 and an M84 around so I thought let’s see what it can put together. Also had a 706491 MFX+ silgnal around. First I tried to hook up 76491 as part of this experiment but after some burning smell, it was clear that that thought was not going to work. Decoder shorted after I applied power on clearly the wrong connectors and slight burn on my finger.

So, next idea was to hook up an m83, on address 5-8, and connected the brake module to address 8, isolated the tracks and all seemed fine. Next was to hook up a signal. That’s were it got muddy. Instructions are available to hook up an MFX+ signal, but that requires the trafo and some other parts. Needless to say, didn’t have that available. So, next try was to set the M84 to the same address range as the M83 and connect the hobby light to the corresponding connector. Address 8. And visual, I now have it working. When I switch address 8 from green to red, it switches the visual signal to red and activates the brake module. And setting it to green, disables the brake module and train keeps going.

Not sure if that’s frowned upon , but it seems to work. So far so good., I think. Please correct me if that’s the dumbest approach you have heard of and how to make it better.

But now my actual question and I cant test this out because I only ordered 1 brake module. The brake module would be as part of a station and trains can come bidirectional Into the station. Can you have one brake module coming from left to right and one from right to left using the same track? Of course they would have different assigned addresses. But transitiontrack 1 becomes emergence stop track 2, braking area 1 = also braking area 2 and emergence stop track 1 becomes transitiontrack 2?

Has anyone tried this before? Going through the logic in my mind, I don’t think this would cause an issue. But I already losing signals and some other items to my faulty experimentation. Try first to confirm this with the knowledgeable individuals who have far more experience than me.

Please let me know if this can be done or where I need to adjust my thinking? Logic and processes are my strength, electrical engineering not so much.

Thanks so much in advance for any guidance

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